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Craig P. Connor (1923)
Source: History of Wood County, Wisconsin (1923) compiled by George O. Jones, page 510-541

Craig P. Connor, lawyer, and real estate and insurance man, of Auburndale, was born in this village, July 15, 1887, son of Robert and Rebecca (Waite) Connor. His mother, a native of Canada, was his father's second wife, their marriage taking place in Canada; and Robert Connor, with his brothers John and James, was the founder of Auburndale. Here Craig P. was reared. A sickness in childhood left him with severe physical handicaps but had no effect in stunting his intellect or quenching his ambition. He early resolved to get a good education and to make the most of himself, and he has since gone much farther than many who had greater advantages, the power of his mind and will carrying him successfully over any thorny road he had had to travel. From the country school he went to the Marshfield High School, where he was graduated with the class of 1907. He then entered the University of Wisconsin at Madison, taking the law course, from which he was graduated in 1912. That fall, after his admission to the bar, he opened an office in Wausau, Wis., where he practiced until 1915, when he returned to his home town. Here he has since followed his profession, making a specialty of probate business, and also doing quite an extensive business in real estate and insurance. He has won the respect of the community, has served the village of Auburndale as its president and is now serving as village clerk. His political trend is Republican, but is he not a strong party man, voting independently whenever he sees good reason. In all things progressive, he maintains high ideals, both for himself and for the community in which he lives, and his fellow citizens know that they can depend on him to lend a helping hand in all practical movements for the public good.

James Connor (1881)
Source: History of Northern Wisconsin (Wood County, Wis.) 1881, page 1214

* JAMES CONNOR, lumberman and farmer, Auburndale, was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, April 15, 1849. He commenced farming in 1871, in Wellington Co., Canada. Continued there until 1873, when he came, in company with his brothers Robert and John, and settled on the farm where he now lives, on Sec. 23, 25, 4, east. His farm was heavily timbered, as was also the site of the village of Auburndale. He has cleared about sixty acres on his home farm, and erected good buildings. He was married, Feb. 11, 1870, to Miss Mary H. Thompson, daughter of Samuel Thompson, of Toronto, Canada. They have three children Thomas J., Albert A. and Daisy H. He is a member of the Good Templars, and is President of the Board of Trustees of the village of Auburndale.

John Connor (1881)
Source: History of Northern Wisconsin (Wood County, Wis.) 1881, page 1214

* JOHN CONNOR, lumberman and merchant, Auburndale, son of William and Margaret (nee Prentice) Connor, was born Feb. 29, 1844, at Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland. His father moved to Stratford, Canada, in 1855. In 1873, John, in partnership with his brothers Robert and James, came to Wood Co., Wis., founded Auburndale, and built there mills, store, hotel and dwellings, and settled there with their families. John Connor was married, Oct. 10, l869, to Miss Maria Thompson, of Richmond Hill, Ontario. They have six children James, Mary, Elizabeth, Robert, Charles and Franklin W. Mr. Connor is Supervisor, to represent the village of Auburndale in the County Board.

Reuben A. Connor (1923)
Source: History of Wood County, Wisconsin (1923) compiled by George O. Jones, page 665

Reuben A. Connor, cashier of the Auburndale State Bank, was born in Auburndale, this county, May 31. 1880, son of Robert and Rebecca (Waite) Connor. After graduating from the common school he attended high school in Indianapolis, and after that he was a student at St. Johns Military Academy at Delafield, Wis. Having finished his schooling at the age of 19, he took a position with the Connor Lumber Co., being employed in and about the yards in various capacities. He subsequently became superintendent of the mills at Auburndale and was with the same company for two years at Laona, Wis. For two years also he was timber cruiser for the company in the Ozark regions of Arkansas. In 1910 he became connected with the Auburndale State Bank as its first president, which office he held until 1912, when he took his present position as cashier. For many years he has been prominent in the affairs of the village, having held office as village president school clerk and treasurer; he was postmaster under Presidents Roosevelt and Taft, and he has represented Auburndale on the Wood County board. As a Free Mason he belongs to the Blue Lodge and Chapter and he is also a member of the Elks Lodge in Marshfield. Religiously he is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. Mr. Connor was married Nov. 18, 1916, to Joyce G. Hatteberg, daughter of Knute and Jacobina (Jacobson) Hatteberg. Her parents were born in Norway and after coming to this country about 1877, settled in Marshfield, Wood County, Wis., where Joyce G. Hatteberg was born Oct. 29, 1890. She subsequently graduated from the high school and was a teacher in the Wood County schools for seven years. Her father died in Marshfield in 1897, but her mother, now 74 years old, is living in Pittsville, this county. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben A. Connor are the parents of three children: Gene E., born Nov. 9, 1917; Rebecca R., born June 5, 1919, and Roger J., born April 4, 1921. As Auburndale was established by Mr. Connor's father and uncles, his family is the oldest in the village and they have promoted its interests in many ways, and the family name will be perpetuated forever in the annals of Wood County.

Robert Connor (1837 - 1896)
Source: History of Northern Wisconsin (Wood County, Wis.) 1881, page 1214

* ROBERT CONNOR, lumberman and merchant, Auburndale, was born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Nov. 25, 1838. His father, William Connor, who was a farmer and canvasser, came in 1855, with his three sons, Robert, John and James, to Belle Isle, then to Stratford, Canada; and the following year, the mother came to them, with the rest of the family, to Stratford, where they settled and followed farming. Here their father died, Nov. 11, 1860. The three brothers, Robert, James and John, came to Wood Co., Wis., in 1873, and commenced making clearings in the dense woods, for a place to build mills and dwellings. They were the first settlers in that immediate vicinity, and having built a steam saw-mill, a planing mill, a shingle, lath, stave and heading mill, a store and dwellings, they named the place Auburndale. Here their mother came to live with her sons, and her eyesight failing, she learned to read with her fingers in her raised-letter Bible they obtained for her, such as is printed for the blind. She returned to Scotland, in 1878, at the age of seventy-five years, where she still remains among the scenes of her childhood. Robert was married, Jan. 5, 1861, in Canada, to Miss Mary McLeish, of Perthshire, Scotland. They have eight children Maggie, Jessie, Willie, Annie, Mary, Lizzie, Aggie, and Robert. He has been Postmaster ever since an office was opened in Auburndale. He is also express agent, Town Treasurer, and School District Treasurer. He is the general manager of the business of the firm of R. Connor & Co.

Source: History of Wood County, Wisconsin (1923) compiled by George O. Jones, pages 664-665

Robert Connor, a pioneer of Wood County, who established a thriving mercantile business in Auburndale, which is now flourishing after he has passed away, was born in Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland, Nov. 25, 1837, son of William Connor and wife. The father was a farmer by occupation, and at times a canvasser. In 1855 he emigrated to Canada, accompanied by his sons Robert, John and James, and being joined a year later by his wife and the rest of the children. He settled first at Belle Isle and afterwards at Stratford on a farm, where he died Nov. 11, 1860. In 1873 Robert, with his brothers John and James, came to Wood County, then covered with dense forest, and located on the site of the present village of Auburndale, they being the first settlers in the locality. Having made a clearing, they erected a dwelling, also a sawmill, a planing-mill, a lath mill and a stave and heading mill. In addition they put up other dwellings and a store building for the sale of general merchandise, and having thus created a village, they called it Auburndale. Their mother, then about 70 years old, came to live with them. She was nearly blind and read only her bible, which was printed in Brail characters used for the blind. In 1878, when 75 years old, she returned to Scotland. Robert Connor was the first postmaster of Auburndale and was also the express agent, as well as being general manager of the entire business established by the brothers, which was conducted under the name of R. Connor & Co., and included, besides the mills, the large general store already mentioned. He also served as town treasurer and as treasurer of the first school district, and was actively engaged in looking after his business interests or public duties until his death on Jan. 5, 1896. He was first married Jan. 5, 1861, to Mary McLeish of Perthshire, Scotland who was born Feb. 28, 1842, of which union there were eight children born, namely: Margaret, Jesse, William, Annie, Mary, Elizabeth, Aggie and Robert. The mother, Mrs. Mary Connor, died Oct. 12, 1878 and not long afterwards Mr. Connor married for his second wife, Rebecca Waite, who was born in Canada of English ancestry. By her he had four children: Reuben A., now cashier of the Auburndale State Bank; Ruth, wife of Walter Drollinger, a hardware dealer of Stewartville, Minn.; Craig P., attorney of Auburndale, Roger, who is deceased, and Wallace, of Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Rebecca (Waite) Connor, died Sept. 25, 1915.

William D. Connor (1923)
Source: History of Wood County, Wisconsin (1923) compiled by George O. Jones, page 603

William D. Connor was born on a farm near Stratford, Ontario, Canada, March 24, 1864. When eight years of age he moved with his parents to Wisconsin and grew to manhood on a farm at Auburndale, Wood County, He was educated in the district schools and in the Wisconsin State Normal School at Oshkosh. In 1895 he moved to Marshfield, where he has since resided. To the lumber business he has devoted the greater part of his life. Since early manhood he has been interested in public affairs. For over 20 years he was a member of the board of supervisors of Wood County and for several years its chairman. He was a member of the Republican State Convention for many years, and in 1904 was a delegate from Wisconsin to the National Convention. In 1904 and 1906 he was chairman of the Republican State Central Committee and in the latter year was elected lieutenant-governor, in which capacity he presided over the deliberations of the state senate with considerable distinction. In Marshfield Mr. Connor was one of the prime factors in the move to establish a free public library and served as president of the library board for many years. He has been trustee of Carroll College and of the Wood County Normal Training School.


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