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Adkins-Marcum Cemetery 375831N 0814854W Greenview on Spruce Fork
Allen Cemetery     located Low Gap on Spruce Fork - on the hill just above the Low Gap Bridge, on land originally owned by St. Clair Ballard
aka Low Gap Cemetery
Allen Grave     1 grave - Walnut Gap Mtn. near Wyo. Co.
Altman Cemetery 380951N 0815113W  
Antill Cemetery 380605N 0815553W  
Asbury Cemetery 375348N 0813334W Bailey Mountain on the Raleigh - Boone line
Bailey Cemetery 375259N 0813347W  
Baisden Cemetery 380029N 0815550W  
Baldwin Cemetery     Bias' Branch of Spruce Fork
Ball Cemeteries 375959N 0815048W  
Ball Cemetery 375754N 0814911W Near old Turtle Ck postoffice?
Ball Cemetery 375824N 0814915W  
Ballard Cemetery 380558N
Ballard's Branch near Foster
Marine Ballard Cemetery ? ? Located at Haddleton, across the river from the old homeplace of Marine Ballard.
Barker Cemetery ?
White Oak Branch below Ashford
Bell Cemetery 380047N 0815414W Big Ugly
Bias Cemetery 375652N 0815137W  
Bias Cemetery 375713N 0815102W  
Bias Cemetery 380103N 0815157W  
Bias Cemetery 380629N 0814211W  
Bowen Cemetery 380549N 0813659W Kirbytown on Big Coal River
Bradshaw Cemetery ? ? Foot of Short Ck. Mtn.
Burley Lucas Cemetery ? ? Greenview on Spruce Fork
Canterberry Cemetery 380108N 0815203W  
Chambers Cemetery 380509N 0815139W  
Cook Cemetery 375859N 0814949W  
Coon Cemetery 380721N 0813706W Comfort on Big Coal River Gap 
Cooper Cemetery 380439N 0814555W  
Courtney Cemetery 381036N 0813943W  
Danville Cemetery     Behind Danville Grade School
Dent Cemetery     Head of Mikes Fork of Hewett Creek, Hewett
Dolin Cemetery 380602N 0814728W  
Dolin Cemetery 380655N 0814533W  
Drawdy Cemetery 380729N 0814138W  
Echols Cemetery 380623N 0814912W  
Elkins Cemetery 375733N 0815227W aka Atkins-Elkins Cemetery
Left Fork of Williams Fork
Ellis Cemetery 380032N 0815606W  
Epling Cemetery 375728N 0815109W Main Hewett Creek
Evans Cemetery 380829N 0813919W  
Fauber Cemetery 380845N 0813754W Toney's Branch on Big Coal River
Ferrell Cemetery 380747N 0813623W Joe's Creek Hollow at Comfort, WV
Foster Cemetery 380850N 0813925W White Oak Ck. below Whitesville
Fowler Cemetery 375855N 0815516W  
Fowler Cemetery 380018N 0815542W  
Gomez Cemetery 380147N 0814632W  
Gore Cemetery 375735N 0815151W  
Green Bias Cemetery 380329N 0815154W  
Griffith Cemetery 380723N 0815044W  
Gunnoes Cemetery 380609N 0814814W  
George Hager Cemetery     Mouth of Mike's Fk. at Hewett
Montgomery Hager Cemetery     Six Mile Ck of Spruce Fork
Hager Cemetery 375804N 0815147W  
Hager Cemetery 375917N 0815150W  
Hager Cemetery 375921N 0815039W  
Hager Cemetery 375913N 0815707W  
Hager Cemetery 375925N 0815603W  
Halstead Cemetery 380609N 0814809W aka Atkins-Halstead Cemetery
Foot Drawdy Mtn./Hubbards Ck.
Harless Cemetery 380618N 0814400W  
Harvey-Toler Cemetery     Located at Upper Pond Fork
Hendricks Cemetery     Upper end of Orgas
Hill Cemetery ? ? Trace Fork of Big Creek
Hill Cemetery 375915N 0815634W  
Hill Cemetery 380921N 0815144W  
Hill Cemetery 380037N 0815721W  
Holstein Cemetery 381145N 0814315W  
Hopkins Cemetery 380525N 0815108W  
Indian Creek Cemetery 380737N 0813914W  
Jarrell Cemetery 380049N 0814615W  
Jarrells Cemetery 375428N 0813538W  
Jarrells Cemetery 380131N? 0814041W? Bald Knob on Pond Fork
Javins Cemetery 380811N 0814220W aka Atkins-Javins Cemetery
.1 mile from top Drawdy Mtn
Javins Cemetery 380813N 0814225W  
Kentucky Knoll Cemetery 375952N 0814910W  
Kinder Cemetery 381002N 0814251W  
Kirk Cemetery 381034N 0813941W  
Lawson Cemetery 380019N 0814500W  
Maroney Cemetery     Round Bottom Branch at Peytona
McDerment Cemetery 381106N 0814133W  
McNealy Cemetery 380814N 0815620W  
Meadows Cemetery 380743N 0813655W  
Mechanics and Miners Cemetery 380828N 0813814W Blooomingrose on Big Coal River
Memory Gardens 380140N 0814956W  
Middle Ferrell Cemetery 375657N 0813910W  
Miller Cemetery     Located near the head of the Right Hand Fork of Turtle Creek, on the hill at the old home-place of Daniel and Dortha (Miller) Johnson.
Unknown Cemetery, possibly Miller Cemetery 38.0200005 -81.8711014 near Post Office of Turtle Creek, WV
Miller Cemetery 380810N 0815547W  
Miller & Brineger Cemeteries ? ? Together at Morrisvale
Miller Cemetery 375934N 0815345W  
Miller Cemetery 380112N 0815215W  
Miller Cemetery 380311N 0814951W  
Miller Cemetery 380433N 0814545W  
Miller Cemetery 380523N 0814630W  
Miller Cemetery 380524N 0814621W  
Miller Cemetery 380201N 0815339W  
Miller Cemetery 380559N 0814343W  
Moore Cemetery 380839N 0815039W  
Mordue Cemetery 375858N 0813222W  
Morris Cemetery 381149N 0814349W  
Morris Cemetery 381154N 0814406W  
Mullins Cemetery 380508N 0814905W  
Nelson Cemetery     on Mike's Fork, Hewett, WV
Old Barrett Cemetery     on Pond Fork
Old & New Stollings Cemeteries     Hollywood Branch off Corridor G
Oxley Cemetery 380431N 0813632W  8.2 (air) miles from Whitesville
Pauley Cemetery 375555N
Big Branch near Greenview
Pauley Cemetery 375957N or
0815114W or
Perdue Cemetery 380551N 0814705W  
Perry Cemetery 381106N 0814121W  
Pettry Cemetery 380708N 0813229W  
Pineview Cemetery 380423N 0813435W  7.26 air miles from Whitesville
Porter Cemetery 380838N 0813759W  
Powell Cemetery 375940N 0814923W  
Price Cemetery 380225N 0814807W  
Price Cemetery 380559N 0815048W  
Price Cemetery 381023N 0814005W  
Reuben Conley Cemetery     Big Branch near Greenview
Riley Hill Cemetery 380700N 0815024W  
Rock Lick Cemetery     located in Greenwood, WV on Pond Fork
Ryan Cemetery 380806N 0815422W  
Sander Cemetery 375927N 0815235W  
Smoot Cemetery     Washington Ave. Madison
Snodgrass Cemetery 381037N 0814120W aka Buck Snodgrass Cemetery
Foot of Short Ck. Mtn.
Snodgrass Cemeteries (2)     Right & Left of hwy at Short Ck.
Stanley Cemetery 380502N 0815726W  
Stark Cemetery 375440N 0814434W  
Stolling Cemetery 375922N 0815216W aka Berthel Stollings Cemetery
Hubert Hill Rd. off Corridor G
Tamplin Cemetery     Peytona on Big Coal River
Tawney Cemetery 380421N 0815325W  
Three Mile Cemetery     White Oak Ck. near Orgas
Vandelinde Cemetery 380605N 0814822W  
Wade Cemetery 380905N 0814101W  
Wallen Cemetery     Mike's Fk. of Hewett's Ck.
White Cemetery 380937N 0815124W Between Cazy and Bim on Pond Fk.
White Oak Cemetery 380348N 0813356W  6.43 air miles from Whitesville, WV
Williams Cemetery 380527N or
0814601W or
Williams Mtn. btw Van & Prenter
Williams Cemetery 380143N or
0814026W or
Wills Cemetery     Located below and adjoining the Marine Ballard Cemetery.
Old Workman Cemetery

There are 4 Cemeteries in GNIS records with the name of "Workman"
Their coordinates are:
375920N 0815134W
375919N 0815521W
380822N 0813903W
375639N 0814628W

 Bald Knob
Workman Cemetery  
Workman Cemetery  
Workman Cemetery  
Z.P. Ball Cemetery     Seacoal on Spruce Fork

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