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Wills and Probate Documents

Andrew Hager 
I, Andrew Hager of the County of Boone and State of Virginia, do make this to be my last will and testament in manner and form as follows.  Viz.  First I give and bequeath to my four sons Roland, Burwell, Benjamin and John all my land estate lying on Mud River imbraced in these several track one of which I now live on is to be equally divided between them, the said Roland, Burwell, Benjamin and John Hager.  I desire further that owing to the circumstances of my two oldest sons, Roland and Burwell, soldiers in the Confederate service which resi___ their lives being most precarious and uncertain.  Therefore, in the event that the said Roland or Burwell Hager or either of them should be killed while in said service or otherwise die and not return home then in that case I devise that their portion of the above bequeathed land shall pass into the possession and ownership of my other sons Benjamin and John Hager to be equally owned by them.  I further will and to my five daughters Roxanna, Venila, Elizabeth, Martha, Francis and Louisa Allice Hager the sum of one dollar to each of the above named daughters.  In witness whereof I the said Andrew Hager do hereto set my hand and seal this 14th day of September 1865.  
Andrew Hager                                                                     
Teste:  James Mitchell   -    Joshua Mitchell

At ____held in the recorders office 11th day of Dec 1865.                                                                              
The last will and testament of Andrew Hager deceased was this day fully proven by Joshua Mitchell and James Mitchell subscribing witnesses thereto and admitted to probate.
Jos. F. Blazer, Recorder
[Tr. by by Jo Chavers]

Isaac Vance
The last will and testament of Isaac Vance and dated the 25th day of September eighteen hundred and fifty nine.  In the first place I want my body decently buried and funeral expenses paid.  I bequeath to my wife Virginia my young sorrel mare and the bay colt and the 2 milk cows and all my hogs and sheep and one yearling heifer and all the bees and all my household and kitchen furniture and all the grain that is on my land and the farming utensils.  All the balance of my personal property I want sold and the proceeds to go to my wife Virginia to have this and the property above mentioned as long as she lives single.  If she marries I want the property sold to go to the use of the children.  I want my brother James to have his lease and the benefit of all the land he clears as long as he wants to live on it while he is using it as land ought to be used  .  If he does not use it that way he is to leave it or pay rent.  I want my wife Virginia to have the land to manage it as she can to make something to maintain the children till she marries.  If she marries she is to have no more control over the place but is to be rented out and the proceeds of the same to go to the maintenance of my children until they come of age.    
Given under my hand this day & year above written.    
Isaac Vance
Sarah X Vance (her mark)
James X Vance (his mark)
John F. Ball 
At ru___ held in the recorders office 11th day of Dec 1865     The last will and testament of Andrew Hager deceased was this day fully proven by
[Tr. by by Jo Chavers]

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