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Baker Ridge Cemetery 383725N 0803907W  
Barrett Cemetery 385240N 0803909W  
Bealls Mill Cemetery 383923N 0804552W  
Big Run Cemetery 384653N 0803508W  
Boone Cemetery 384152N 0805156W  
Bourn Cemetery 384358N 0805545W  
Braxton County Cemetery 384039N 0803935W  
Brown Cemetery 384750N 0803609W  
Camden Hill Cemetery 384058N 0804114W  
Canfield Cemetery 383608N 0804521W  
Carr Cemetery 384213N 0805106W  
Casto Cemetery 385130N 0803439W  
Centralia Cemetery 383651N 0803312W  
Chop Fork Cemetery 385021N 0803233W  
Currycomb Cemetery 384731N 0805100W  
Cutlip Cemetery 384116N 0804357W  
Dickey Cemetery 383959N 0805227W  
Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery 383558N 0804047W  
Ellison Cemetery 383917N 0804126W  
Elmira Baptist Church Cemetery 383916N 0805918W  
Engel Cemetery 384604N 0804910W  
Fairview Cemetery 384401N 0804916W  
Fisher Cemetery 384342N 0803144W  
Fisher Cemetery 384224N 0804021W  
Fleming Cemetery 384905N 0803331W  
Frame Cemetery 383848N 0805105W  
Frame Cemetery 383856N 0804428W  
Gibson Cemetery 384400N 0803055W  
Goad Cemetery 383330N 0805336W  
Green Hill Cemetery 384546N 0802900W  
Hall Cemetery 383654N 0805649W  
Hamner Cemetery 384351N 0803507W  
Hamner Cemetery 384354N 0803507W  
Harris Cemetery 383514N 0804020W  
Highwood Cemetery 384554N 0803345W  
Hoover Cemetery 383607N 0804041W  
Houston-Carr Cemetery 384100N 0805113W  
Jack Cemetery 384915N 0804727W  
James Cemetery 383932N 0805144W  
K of P Cemetery 385121N 0803959W  
Keener Cemetery 383750N 0805145W  
Knawl Creek Cemetery 384945N 0803059W  
Kniceley Cemetery 384254N 0803047W  
Kraft Cemetery 384326N 0803020W  
Little Kanawha Memorial Gardens 384625N 0803828W  
Lyons Cemetery 383352N 0805451W  
Mick Cemetery 385329N 0803754W  
Middle Run Cemetery 383531N 0804827W  
Mollohan Cemetery 383748N 0805857W  
Morrison United Methodist Church Cemetery 384158N 0803719W  
Morton Family Cemetery 383912N 0803932W  
Mount Hebron Cemetery 384210N 0803332W  
Moyers Cemetery 384751N 0804557W  
Murphy Cemetery 383512N 0805416W  
New Fairview Cemetery 384410N 0804916W  
Newville Cemetery 384120N 0803539W  
Otter Cemetery 384055N 0804542W  
Point Cemetery 383708N 0805703W  
Ratcliff Cemetery 384903N 0803642W  
Riffle Cemetery 385051N 0803539W  
Right Hand Fork Cemetery 384912N 0804142W  
Shaver Cemetery 384256N 0804112W  
Starkey Cemetery 384217N 0805054W  
Stone Run Cemetery 384356N 0803714W  
Strange Creek Cemetery 383347N 0805339W  
Stumble Run Cemetery 383859N 0805009W  
Sutton Cemetery 384006N 0804234W  
Sutton Cemetery 384242N 0803909W  
Ware Cemetery 384211N 0803400W  

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