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County Records

Bethany- the village, seven miles southeast of Wellsburg, was laid out in 1847 by Alexander Campbell.

Wellsburg- the town was laid out by Charles Prather, and in honor of the proprretor received the name of Charlestown. it was established by legislative enactment, December 7, 1791, with William M'Mechan, Benjamin Biggs, George Cox, george White, James Marshall, James Griffith, John Green, John Connell, and Samuel Brown, trustees, By Act of the General Assembly passed December 27, 1816, the name of Charlestown was changed to Wellsburg in honor of Alexander Wells, who married the only daughter of Charles Prather. It became the county seat at the formation of the county.

The First Court in Brooke county convened May 23, 1797, at the house of William Thorpe, in Charlestown, now Wellsburg. the following were the justices composing it: John Beck, William Griffith, John Henderson, Alexander Stephenson, John Connell, Richard Elson, Francis McGuire, Issac Meek, George Hammond, Josiag Gamble, Robert Colwell, James griffith.

Sheriff - John Beck ~ Clerk - John Connell ~ Commonwealth's Attorney - John Relfe ~ Constables - Samuel Litton, Robert Hill, William Baxter
Elijah Rittenhouse, Jacob Walker, James Perry, Samuel Dunlap, Hugh Brown, Adam Sullivan ~ Granted License to practice Law - John Relfe,
Philip Doddridge

Source: History of West Virginia by Virgil A. Lewis 1889 Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

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