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Obituaries and Death Notices

Mr. Wm J. Briggs

Wellsburg, October 27,-- Mr. Wm J. Briggs, and aged and respected citizen, died t his home early this morning of heart disease. He was a native of England, but came to this country about 37 years ago and carried on the marble business here. He leaves a wife and five grown children to mourn his loss, beside numerous friends. Mr. Briggs was a correct and upright man. His age was 61. The funeral will take place from his late residence on Saturday morning at ten o'clock. Interment in Brooke cemetery, of which he was for many years superintendent. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Friday October 28, 1897  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

William J. Briggs
Wellsburg, October 29,-- The funeral of William J. Briggs took place this morning at ten o'clock from his late residence on North Main Street, it being largely attended by relatives and friends of the deceased. Rev Brown, of the Presbyterian church conducted the services. the pall bearers were John A. Briggs, William Briggs, Dr. J. M. Cooper, I. C. Wright, G. W. Russell, and R. F. Craig. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Sunday, October 30, 1887  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Sarah Carle
DIED, At the residence of W. H. Anderson, Peach Bottom, Sarah Carle, in the 81st year of her age. Funeral from Christian church, Wellsburg, on Tuesday, at 2 oclock. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Monday, May 11, 1885; transcribed by FoFG mz]

General John Connell
Connell Gen. John, died March 28 in the 71st year of his age. He was a native of Ireland, and came to this country when about 17 years of age. During the Revolution he served as a common soldier; also served 2 years in VA Legislature and was clerk of Brooke Co. In the last war, he commanded a Regiment of VA Militia under Gen. Harrison in the Northwestern Army. Shortly afterwards, he received the appointment of Brigadier General. (Pub April 15). [SOURCE: National Intelligencer, as pub. in the NGSQ, vol 55, No 1, March 1967, submitted by K. Torp]

Wm. M. DeCamps
DIED, At Wellsburg, W. Va., April 15, 1884, Wm. M. DeCamps, jr. Funeral on Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock from the residence of Mrs. H. W. Crothers, Wellsburg. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, April 16, 1884; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Miss Eliza Maria Doddridge
DIED -- in Wellsburgh, Brooke county, on 11th. ult., Miss Eliza Maria Doddridge, aged 15 years. The daughter of the Rev. J. Doddridge. ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 20 Feb 1820 - Sub by FoFG]

John Edginton
DIED --At his seat in Brooke county, Va., on Wednesday last, after a short illness, Mr. John Edginton.  ["Western Herald" - Steubenville, Ohio, 14 Apr 1820 - Sub by FoFG]

Miss Emily Good
Died Saturday morning after an illness caused by a fall on her head one week ago, having never recovered consciousness since her fall. The funeral will take place Monday at 2 p.m. Source:Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV), Sunday, August 30, 1896   Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Mrs. T. S. Hodgson
We regret exceedingly to announce the death of Mrs. Rev. T. S. Hodgson, which occurred in Brooke county, W. Va., yesterday morning. Mr. Hodgson was pastor of the M. E. Church here just prior to Mr. Toland, the present incumnbent, and his friends, who number all the citizens who were here at that time, will be pained to hear of his affliction. Reference to the death of Mrs. H. will be found in our Wellsburg letter. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, February 25, 1880; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Mr. Hugh Marsh
Died of diphteria last Tuesday, aged 18 years. Interment at Brooke cemetery on Thursday. Source:Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV), Sunday, January 3, 1897   Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Rebecca McColloch
At her residence on Short Creek, April 2nd, 1895, at 8:45 oclock p.m., Mrs. Rebecca McColloch, widow of the late Samuel McColloch, aged 77 years.Funeral notice hereafter. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Friday, April 3, 1896; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Joseph Mendal
WELLSBURG, April 15. Joseph Mendal, the cashier of the Wellsburg Bank, died here this morning at his home on Pleasant avenue, of typhoid fever, aged about thirty-one years. His death is very much regretted as he was a universal favorite. He leaves a wife and four children that have the sympathy of all classes. He will be much missed in business circles. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, April 16, 1890; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Maj. James Miller
Died.  --On Saturday the 12th of February, at his residence in Wellsburg, Va., Maj. James Miller, of dropsy of the chest, aged nearly 69 years. Mr. Miller was born in Berkely county, Va., on the 3d of April 1781; moved to Jefferson co., Ohio in 1817, and finally in the Fall of 1844 changed his residence to Wellsburg, where he closed up the scenes of his earthly life. He was brother of the late Governor John Miller of this State, and father of Mr. John Miller of this vicinity.  The Wellsburg Herald says:  The closing scences of his earthly career were such as the evenly and gentle course of his life would have indicated.  He was free from gloomy forebodings; and his mind was filled with heavenly hopes. --Fears of death found no harbor in the soul, which grace had occupied for years; but blissful prospects spread out along the great future --and when the hour of his departure came he sank gently, and with scarcely a pang, into the unbroken slumbers of the grave. [The Glasgow Weekly Times, Thursday, March 17, 1853 - Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

James G. Moore
At Wellsburg, W. Va., June 27, 1876, at 8 oclock A.M., James G. Moore, of the late firm of James McCulloch & Co., of this city, and eldest son of Captain E. F. Moore. The funeral will take place at 5:30 oclock this afternoon, at Wellsburg. Persons desiring to attend from this city can leave on the 2:45 P. M., train, C. & P. R. R., and return at 8:25 P.M. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, June 28, 1876; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Joseph R. Naylor
Was born at Smithfield, Jefferson county, Ohio, in 1817 and removed to Brooke county in 1840. About the first occupation he engaged in was that of a school teacher, and his record as a tutor has never been excelled in Brook county. In 1852 he was chosen Clerk of the County Court, and held the office for the ensuing six years, being also Clerk of the Circuit Court a part of the time. He was always prominent in polities, being firmly wedded to the beliefs of the Democrat party, and his counsel and advise was often called for in Brooke. He took an active part against the old Know-Nothing organization, and aided greatly in the overthrow of that organization in this neighborhood. For the past year he has been postmaster at Wellsburg. Mr Naylor married, Hester C, daughter of John Kimberland, his wife dying about five weeks ago. Ten children were born during their wedded life, eight of them being now living, and all of whom were at their father’s bedside at the time of his death. Two of the sons, John S. and Grafton Naylor, are well-known Wheeling business men.  Mr, Naylor was a member of the Disciples church for many years, and at the time of his death was one of the elders of Wellsburg congregation. He was one of the oldest members of the Masonic order in Brooke county, and was held in high esteem by the brethren of the lodges in the upper end of the State. Mr. Naylor was kind father and an exemplary Christian, and his loss will be severely felt by the people of Wellsburg. Death occurred at his home at wellsburg, at an early hour yesterday morning, was on old and respected citizen of Brooke county. The funeral will take place this afternoon at half past two o’clock. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Tuesday, October 4, 1887  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Lidie N. Ray
DIED, Tuesday, October 9, 1888, at 4 oclock p.m., Mrs. Lidie N., wife of Robert M. Ray, of Bellaire, O., and daughter of the late Joseph R. Naylor, aged 43 years. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, October 10, 1888]

Hester Tate
At Wellsburg, W. Va., Sunday, March 8, 1891, at 10 oclock a.m., Hester youngest daughter of Edward and Nancy E. Tate, aged 1 year, 7 months and 12 days.Funeral services at residence of Mrs. Alex. Johnston Bridgeport, Ohio, this (Sunday) afternoon (15th inst., at 2 oclock. Internment at Rvierview cemetery, Martins Ferry. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Sunday, March 15, 1891; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Thomas C. Wheeler
Wheeler - On Monday, Feb 27, 1922, a t  5 a. m.,  Thomas C. Wheeler, aged 69 years. Funeral services will be held at his late home in Brook county,West Virginia, on Wednesday, at 2 p.m. Friends invited. Internment St. John;s Cemetery, in Brooke county.[Steubenville Herald Star, Feb. 27, 1922 - Transcribed by AFOFG]

Thos. White
Wellsburg, W. Va., August 15 Capt. Thos. White died at his home at an early hour this morning, upward of 90 years of age. His illness extends back nearly 20 years. He was captain of Company K West Virginia Vol, Inf. Of four sons in the late war, two others were also captains, George M., of this place, and James, of Cincinnati. He was a member of the M. E. Church for 70 years. Next spring would have been the half century since he united with Brooke Lodge No. 5, I.O.O.F. He will be buried on Saturday afternoon at 3 oclock, under the auspices of the Pletpoint Post and the Odd Fellows. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Friday, August 16, 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz]

William Williamson
Who was perhaps the oldest living resident of Brooke County, West Virginia, at the time of his death, died on Tuesday morning at his home in Brooke county, two miles east of the river, in his ninetieth year. Mr. Williamson was born in Ireland, and has lived in Brooke county for fifty years. He moved there when the country was entirely new. Very few men in the county were as well known as Mr. Williamson, and none more highly respected. Two children survive him, Matthew Williamson, of Wellsville, and Mrs. Robert Boyd, of Brooke county. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, West Virginia) Friday, January 2,1891  Transcribed by: Debbie O. 

Winn and Miller
Diphtheria seems to be the prevailing disease in Wellsburg at present, Two sudden deaths have occurred within the past three days. the six year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Winn died very suddenly Wednesday afternoon, having been sick only a few hours. John, a two year old son of Mr. John Miller, was the other victim, he died Friday morning and was buried in Brooke cemetery this Saturday afternoon
. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV), Sunday, August 30, 1896   Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

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