Cabell County West Virginia


Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Further Information
Adkins Cemetery 381432N 0821601W  
Adkins - Big Marion Cemetery      
Adkins - Claude Cemetery 38.31620 -82.22168 Salt Rock, WV
Adkins - Goba Cemetery 38.32065 -82.22237 Salt Rock, WV
Adkins - Jones Cemetery 38.31998 -82.22168 Salt Rock, WV
Adkins - Little Marion Cemetery 38.31715 -82.22168 Salt Rock, WV
Adkins - Lucian Cemetery      
Adkins - Vincent Cemetery 38.31971 -82.22134  
Arthur Cemetery 382903N 0821313W  
Bailey Cemetery      
Ball Cemetery     on Kilgore Creek Rd in Milton, WV
Balls Gap Cemetery     Milton, WV
Barboursville Cemetery      
Barker Ridge Cemetery 38.50780 -82.20250  
Bates Cemetery      
Bates Cemetery #2      
Baumgardner Family Cemetery 38.42001 -82.31702 Located at the end of Gideon Road in Barboursville
Baumgardner Cemetery      
Baylous Cemetery 381908N 0821630W Barboursville, WV
Beckett, A. L.      
Beckett Cemetery     Five miles from Ona, WV on Fudges Creek Road on the hill behind the Susannah Baptist Church. Located on the land once owned by James Beckett
Beckett, German      
Beckett, Samuel      
Beckner Cemetery      
Bethel Memorial Park 382401N 0822325W  
Bexfield Cemetery 38.38203 -82.30614  
Bias Cemetery      
Bias Chapel Cemetery 38.51332 -82.12529  
Bicker Cemetery      
Black Cemetery      
Blue Sulphur Burial Park 382502N 0821432W  
Boulevard Memorial Park 382424N 0822447W  
Brown Cemetery 382119N 0820752W  
Browning Cemetery      
Bryan Cemetery 38.53862 -82.17648 on Bryan Branch Road
Butcher Cemetery 38.39612 -82.25168 Hash Ridge Road
Caldwell Cemetery 383042N 0821623W  
Carpenter Cemetery      
Chapman Family Cemetery 382407N 0820928W  
Chestnut Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 38.50520 -82.13765  
Clark - Grimes Cemetery      
Clay Cemetery 381445N 0821602W  
Clark - Grimes Cemetery      
Cremeans Cemetery      
Crescent Ridge Cemetery      
Crooks Cemetery 382157N 0822225W  
Culloden Cemetery 382500N 0820352W  
Davidson Cemetery      
Davis Cemetery #1      
Davis Cemetery #2      
Dolen Cemetery      
Dudley Cemetery      
Dunkle Cemetery      
Earls Cemetery      
Eaves Cemetery 38.29869 -82.21362 Off Madison Creek, on Raccoon Creek. Just past a sign for Bethlehem United Baptist Church
Elliott Cemetery      
Enom Cemetery 382049N 0821101W  
Fairview Cemetery 383307N 0821551W  
Burl Farley Cemetery 38.21345 -82.13809 Roach Road across the Burl Farley Bridge.
Ferguson Cemetery      
Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens 38.40670 -82.41310 Huntington, WV
Foster Cemetery 38.20983 -82.25074  
Forest Memorial Park 382542N 0821104W  MIlton, WV
Frye Cemetery      
Gill Cemetery 381911N 0821301W  
Greenbottom Cemetery 383315N 0821700W  
Green Valley Cemetery      
Grimm Cemetery      
Gue Cemetery (aka Gue-Gibson Cemetery) 38.31028 -82.22083  
Guyandotte United Methodist Church Cemetery 382542N 0822324W  
Gwinn Cemetery      
Hagley Cemetery      
Hall Cemetery      
Hammond Cemetery      
E.H. Hannan Cemetery      
Harless Cemetery      
Harrison Cemetery      
Harveytown Cemetery 382402N 0822825W  
Hatfield Cemetery 382127N 0821415W  
Herrenkohl Cemetery 382806N 0821816W  
Hickman Cemetery      
Highland Cemetery 382421N 0822317W  
Hohnberger Cemetery      
Holroyd Cemetery      
Howell/Rimmer Cemetery      
Jarrell Cemetery      
Jenkins Cemetery      
Johnson Cemetery      
Keenan Cemetery      
George Keesee Cemetery      
Walter Keesee Cemetery      
Kelley - Morrison Cemetery      
Killgore Cemetery (Morris Memorial)      
Kyle Cemetery      
Love Cemetery 382533N 0821246W  
Lucas Cemetery      
Lunsford Cemetery      
Martin Family Cemetery      
Martin Family Cemetery #2      
Massey Cemetery 381415N 0821620W  
Maupin Cemetery 382603N 0821134W  
May Cemetery      
Donald Mays Cemetery 38.30691 -82.21584 Salt Rock, WV
Mays Cemetery #2      
John McCallister      
McClure Cemetery      
A.J. McComas Cemetery      
Elisha McComas Cemetery      
Rita McComas Cemetery      
Meade/Smith Cemetery      
Merritt Family Cemetery      
J. Merritt Cemetery      
Midkiff Cemetery      
Miller Cemetery 381407N 0821729W  
Milton Cemetery 382612N 0820736W  
Morris Cemetery 382457N 0820422W  
James Morrison      
J.T. & Nancy Morrison Cemetery      
John Morrison      
John E. Morrison Cemetery      
N.B. Morrison Cemetery      
Washington Morrison      
Wesley Morrison      
Mount Zion Cemetery 381732N 0821318W  
Mt. Zion Cemetery      
Mud River Baptist Church Cemetery 382503N 0821424W  
Neal Cemetery 382723N 0820648W  
Nease-Hatten Cemetery      
Oaklawn Memorial Park 382501N 0821829W  
Old Hannan Cemetery      
Oak Hill Cemetery      
Parsons Cemetery 381449N 0821538W  
Parsons Cemetery [#2]      
Perry Cemetery      
Peyton Family Cemetery      
Peyton Family Cemetery [#2]      
Plybon Cemetery      
Porter Cemetery 381914N 0821321W  
Ramey Cemetery 381444N 0821642W  
Rece Cemetery      
Ridgelawn Memorial Park 382431N 0821952W  
Riggs Cemetery      
Ronk Cemetery      
Ross Cemetery 381754N 0821408W  
Ross Cemetery [#2]      
Ryder Cemetery      
Sanders Cemetery      
Saville Cemetery      
Scott Cemetery      
Shelton Cemetery      
Shelton Cemetery      
Shepherd Cemetery 381426N 0821712W  
Sifford Cemetery      
Smith Cemetery      
Sovine Cemetery      
Spring Hill Cemetery 382433N 0822457W  
Spurlock Cemetery      
Stanley Cemetery      
Stowasser Cemetery      
Sunrise Methodist Church Cemetery      
Susie Chapel Cemetery      
Swann Cemetery 382145N 0821458W  
Templeton Cemetery      
Templeton Cemetery [#2]      
Thornburg Burial Place      
Toney Hill Cemetery      
Triplett Cemetery      
Union Ridge Cemetery 383203N 0821251W  
Wallace Cemetery 382007N 0822148W  
Wallace - Davis Cemetery      
Warden Cemetery      
Waugh Cemetery 382313N 0821207W  
Wheeler Cemetery      
White Chapel Cemetery 382452N 0821552W  
William Jennings Bryan Memorial Cemetery     off of U.S. Highway 60
Wilson Family Cemetery      
Woodmere Memorial Park 382418N 0822352W  
Wyont/Irwin Cemetery      
Wysong Cemetery      
Yates Cemetery      
Yates/Yatesmont Cemetery      
Zoar Cemetery 382315N 0820701W  


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