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Rosa A. Archer
     In the name of God Amen. I, Rosa A. Archer of Ravenswood, West Virginia, Make this my last will.
      I, give, devise and bequeath all my estate and property as follows: To my husband, M. O. Archer, the house in which I now reside ao Lot No. 106 on Ann Street, Ravenswood, West Virginia also lot No. 105 adjoining some on the North with all other buildings and appurtenances thereto.
      Also all my household and kitchen furniture, Fistures (sic) and Utensils and with all other affects within my home as located above. Also all my Reel Estate, Oil, Gas and Coal Interests and holdings in Calhoun and Hackson Countyes (sic). State of West Virginia and Meigs County, Ohio, and all other property of mine regardless of kind or where located.
      In Witness whereof, I have signed and sealed and published and declared this instrument as my Will at Ravenswood, West Virginia on this 4th. day of December A. D. 1923.
                                                                                                                Rosa A. Archer (Seal)

     The said Rosa A. Archer at Ravenswood, West Virginia, on the 4th day of December, A. D. 1923, signed and sealed this instrument and published and declared the same as and for her last Will and we at her request and in her presence of each other have hereunto written our names as subscribing witnesses
                                                                                                                F. A. Sayre
                                                                                                                H. W. Casto

The State of West Virginia, Jackson County Court Clerk;s office Oct 3, 1930 In vacation of said Court.
      This day came M. O. Archer, and produced a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Rosa A. Archer, Deceased, late a resident of Jackson County, West Virginia, and moved that the same be admitted to record.
      Then came F. A. sayre and H. W. Casto, two subscribing witnesses  and each on oath says that he was present and saw said Rosa A. Archer sign said paper writing as for her last will, that they and each of them signed as Witnesses thereto in the presence of each other and of said Rosa A. Archer and at her request that she was of a sound mind and over 21 years of age and a resident of Jackson County. It is therefore ordered that the said paper writing be and the same os probated and recorded as and for the last will and testement of said Rosa Archer, Deceased
                                                                                                               Teste Enoch Staats, Clerk
 Recorded October 3" 1939
                                                                                                               Teste Enoch Staats, Clerk
                                                                                                               By G. N. Casto, Deputy

West Virginia, Jackson County, to-wit:
      I, B. Cleo Casto, Clerk of the County Court of Jackson County, West Virginia, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of what it purports to be from the record.
      Given under my hand and seal of said Court this the 23 day of July, 1934.
 & amp; amp; amp;n bsp;                                          (Seal)            B. Cleo Casto, Clerk of the County Court of Jackson County, West Virginia

State of West Virginia, Calhoun County Court Clerk's Office. September 10, 1934. This Copy of Will was this day received by me in the said office and thereupon was admitted to record.
                                                                                                               Teste R. C. Hardman, Clerk

J. A. Arthur
I, J. A. Arthur, of Little Creek, being of sound and disposing mind and memory and desiring to make such disposition of my worldly estate as I deem best, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament, hereby revoking any and all former wills and codicils whatsoever by me made.
      First: I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my estate as soon after my decease as convenirntly may be and to the end charge my whole estate, real and personal, with the same.
      Second: I give, devise  and bequeath to my beloved wife, Martha S. Arthur all my property, both personal and real estate. That is to say, all lands, moneys and proprtiys (sic) of all kinds. To have and to hold the said property and lands together, with all the apprtenance (sic) thereto belonging unto the said Martha S. Arthur, her heirs and assigns forever.
      I nominate and appoint A. P. Walker ro be the executor of this my Last Will and Testament.
      In witness whereof, I ahve hereunto set my hand and seal ro this my last will and testament at my home, this Eleventh day of June, in the year of Lord One Thoudand None Hundred and Twenty Six.
                                                                                       J.A. (his X mark) Arthur (seal)

Signed , sealed, published and declared by the said J. A. Arthur as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who in his presence, at his request and in the presence of one anonther, all present together, have hereunto subscribed our naems at witnesses.
                                                                                       A. P. Walker
                                                                                       Martha Richards
West Virginia, To-Wit:
In vacation of the County Court of Calhoun county, in the Clerk's office, of said Court.

John Ball
Apprais Bill of John Ball, Deceased
Calhoun County Virginia December 15th 1860 persuant to an order of the County Court of Calhoun County we A. Huffman, A. J. M Fonald & Joseph Smith appointedby said Court to apprais the personal property of John Ball Deceased after being duly sworn for that purposedo hereby certify that the following List correct as given up to us by the personal Representative.

Bill of Articles
(The following is as follows: Articles, Value)
1 Roan horse, $45.00
6 pieces of tin ware, $1.35
1 hand saw, $1.50
1 Black horse, $50.00
1 brass kettle, $1.25
1 auger & chisel, $.60
1 Field of corn, $75.00
1 Smoothing iron , $.35
1 Trawing knife, $.50
5 Yoke of oxen & odd steer, $325.00
1 Coffee mill, $25.00
1 Shot gun, $25.00
1 Rick of wheat straw, $112.00
4 pieces of wooden ware, $.75
3 Iron kettle,$5.75
1 Cats stack, $116.00
1 Table, $1.45
1 pair of Shellyard (sp???), $1.00
1 Lot of threshed oats in pen, $119.00
4 pieces of pot mettle, $2.75
2 Iron wedges, $1.00
Stack of cuts straw, $111.50
1 plow, $2.00
Sundry pieces of old iron, $2.00
1 heifer, $7.00
1 Set of double & single clevis trees, $2.00
2 pack saddles, $75.00
4 two year old heifers, $34.00
4 broad hoes, $1.00
3 pieces of Stoneware, $.90
3 Cows, $56.00
1 Grain Shovel, $.75
1 lil barrell, $1.00
1 Cow and calf, $15.00
1 iron fork, $.50
7 Barrels, $1.95
1 yearling heifer, $5.00
3 axes, $2.00
1 Gun, $37.00
4 cows, $50.00
2 guns with shot bags, $11.50
1 old brass kettle, $.10
1 yearling steer, $2.50
6 Beds Steds and beding, $59.00
5 bells, $2.50
1 Lot of hay and straw, $45.00
1 bedsted & chord, $.75
1 key, $.50
1 Lot of flax, $3.00
1 Loom and appertainences, $4.00
1 Cattle seive, $.75
2 Cribs of corn, $36.00
1 Churn and tub, $1.00
1 broad ax, $.75
Lot of fodder, $3.00
1 Side Saddle, $7.00
12 of win mill, $4.00
4 Calves, $9.00
1 Chest, $1.75
1 field fodder, $1.50
1 bee stand, $1.00
Looking glass, $.40
8 chairs, $3.50
4 hay stacks, $6.00
1 Clock, $5.00
part of Library of books, $3.30
27 head of sheep, $33.75
1 Violin, $2.50
2 Razors, $.50
1 beef hide, $1.50
1 Slate, $.20
1 oil cloth, $.57
1 Lot of hay in mow, $2.00
2 Spinning wheels, $3.00
1 Lot of yarn, $9.50
2 Cribs Corn, $18.75
1 maddox, $.75
1 Lot of reals, $18.00
1 Grinfd Stone,$1.00
1 Shovel plow stock & 2 moles, $1.75
1 Dirt shovel, $.25
2 Syths & Cradles, $.50
1 patent plow, $5.00
1 old ax, $.12
2 Sets of horsr geers, $3.50
1 harrow, $1.50
1 Lot of geese, $1.00
1 cupboard & Cupboard wane, $6.75
1 Grass cut saw, $2.00
Total, $1221.21

A Huffman

A. J. McFonald

Joseph Smith

West Virginia Calhoun County
Recorders office April the 15th 1866 the foregoing appraiser's Bill not haveing been Recorded in consequence of the Request of the administration it this day admitted to Record in said office.

Test Wm. McCully, R.C.C.

Alpheus Ball Admiistrator of John Ball Dec. Settlement

Calhoun County W. Va.

Amounts of Receipts produced by A. Ball administrator of John Ball Deceased April the 11th, 1866.

(The following listing is as such: No.,Whole amount elusive of interest,Whole amount with interest)

1 Tax receipt for the year 1860. Lifted of P. Hays $14.35, $18.94
2 Receipt from George H. Smith Oct the 6th 1862 $22.50
3 Joshua Smith April the 26th 1861 $1.00, $1.29
4 fees to C. B. Conrad February 1865 $1.40, $2.25
5 account with Wiiant and Fell Dec. 9, 1858 $2.37, $2.45
6 account with C. Bets Mar. 17, 1866 $8.65, $9.75
7 Receipt John Stump jan 9th 1863 $2.54, $3.20
8 Single Bill C. B. Conrad Sept 8th 1856 $166.11, $261.62
9 Single Bull Thomas M. harris Jan. 22, 1861 $2.00, $2.49
10 Martin Stump Receipt May 12th 1862 $20.21
11 Tree bill C. B. Conrad Jan1855 $.20, $.21
12 Tree bill C. B. Conrad Nov 1855 $1.25, $2.22
13 Tax receipt for the year 1860. Lifted of P. Hays $6.25, $6.86
14 -----------------------------------------
15 account with J. Siglen May 13th 1865 $3.16, $3.34
16 paid to Em, L. Steveson Atorney to Settle up the estate Jan. 29th 1861 $13.00, $13.00
17 account with C. Chessingen Oct. 2nd 1865 $2.65, $2.75
18 Receipt from Wm. T. Wiant Jan. 5th 1864 $55.44, $62.92
19 Single Bill to M. Jackson & Co. Oct. 6th, 1860 $15.98, $21.25
20 account with Wm. G. Bennett Dec. 27th, 1860 $1.25, $1.37
21 Receipt J. H. Hadox Sep 1st 1862 $5.60, $6.77
22 A. Huffman Jan 15th 1861 $2.00, $2.07
23 A. J. MFonald Jull 25th 1861 $1.00, $1.29
24 account with Wm P. Haverty Nov 10th, 1865 $13.77, $14.11
25 Tree Bill N. M Bennett Oct 4th 1865 $.65, $.68
26 Tree Bill J. N. Talbert 1850 $.61, $1.22
Receipts by heirs
27 Racheal Ball widow June the 2 1861 $94.07, $94.07
28 Franklin Ball June the 3 1861 $59.05, $59.05
29 Solomon Kelly June the 3 1861 $15.95, $15.95
30 Peter Johnson June the 3 1861 $32.60, $32.60
31 Albert H. Stump Jan 2nd 1866 $10.00, $10.15
32 Albert H. Stump Aug. 5th 1865 $28.00, $29.12
Total amount of money paid besides the payment to the heirs $489.32
Amount of number (31) & (32) to A. H. Stump $39.27
Total $528.59
Amount of funds due from Alpheus Ball Sail Bill $971.78
Amount of hay and corn bought at the sail $131.00
Total $840.78
Amount of Receipts paid on the day of sail $204 70
(Remaining Total) $636.08
Interest to the 11th April 1866 $161.99
Total amount of interest and principal $768.07
Amounts of debts paid by A. Ball administration including interest to this date $528.59
(Remaining Total) $269.48
To Amount coolected on old debts $100.00
Amount of expences times and commission & paid by administration $369.48
Widows Dower $88.44
totalamount to be divided among six heirs $176.88
Amount to each heir Viz $29.48
Levi Ball $29.48
Alpheus Ball $29.48
Franklin Ball $29.48
Solomon Ball $29.48
Peter Johnson $29.48
Albert H. Stump $29.48

We the under signed Recorder and Commissioner have settled the Estate of John Ball deceased to the best of our judgement and find the results as above stated April the 11th 1866 Wm McCully R.C.C., John Benett Com., a Copy Test WmM. Culley R. C. C.

George Jarvis
Apprais Bill of George Jarvis

State of West Virginia Calhoun County to wit I Sarah Jarvis widow and relict of George Jarvis Deceased hereby claim and ask to be set aside for my own use the following articles of property belonging to the Estate of George Jarvis Deceased that I the said Sarah Jarvis widow as aforesaid claim the benefits of Chapter 29 passed March the 1st 1864 . See acts of 1864 page 17 according to the 5th Section  of said chapter as appraised by the Lawful appraisers of said Estate Viz
1 bay horse worth $60.00
1 brindle cow worth $25.00
1 brindle white faced cow worth $26.00
1 red and white cow and calf worth $30.00
2 head of sheep worth $5.00
Total $146.00
household 7 kitchen furniture $15.00
1 side saddle worth $5.00
1 lot of farming utensils $7.00
Total $22.00
Total $168.00

Given under my hand and seal this 11th day of Jun 1866.
Charles A. Arnold
William May
R. J Chenoweth
A copy test Wm. MCutty, R.C. C.

Thomas B. Jarvis
Apprais Bill Of Thomas B. Jarvis

1 dark bay mare 
1 mily cow 25.00
household and kitchen furniture 20.00
1 side saddle 15.00
3 head of sheep 6.00
1 handsaw 1.50
1 mattock 1.00
1 drawing knife .37
1 grindstone 1.00
dark bay mair 17 years old not present 45.00

We the undersigned apraisers after ebing duly sworn have proceeded to apprais all the personal property of Thomas B. Jarvis deceased as shown to us by his personal  Representative and submit the above as a fair valuation of said property.

Chas A. Arnold
James J. Siers
David W. Chenoweth

A copy test Wm. McCutty


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