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The Family Surnames : Blakey - Bolding

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Blakey Ira Early Lillie Blakey 15 Apr 1907 Fayette
  Alphuo Hunter Mary Blakey 20 May 1919 Fayette
Blakley Ulysses Bass Geraldine P Blakley 1961 Fayette
Blanchard James L. Reed Elina Blanchard 22 Mar 1898 Fayette
  Charles T. Lucas Naomi Blanchard 17 Jun 1914 Fayette
  Jack L Skaggs Maxine Blanchard 1954 Fayette
  John Joseph Holovic Betty Jane Blanchard 1962 Fayette
Blanco Vincent T. Rivas Fidela S. Blanco 15 Nov 1930 Fayette
Bland Laurence Stout Ethel Bland 04 Feb 1913 Fayette
  Chas Twilty Mary Bland 29 Jan 1923 Fayette
  T.Kent Neal Margaret E. Bland 12 Apr 1924 Fayette
  John Brooks Mettie Bland 13 Sep 1926 Fayette
  E.M. Patterson Ella Bland 17 Feb 1927 Fayette
  Ed Harper Minnie Bland 20 Apr 1929 Fayette
  Delaware Trice Gladys Bland 01 Oct 1930 Fayette
  Alva Walker Christine Bland 1936 Fayette
  Ronald Highlander Lucille Bland 1937 Fayette
  Louis Wm Groves Allice Ellen Bland 1957 Fayette
Blaney Wm. Harris Alice Blaney 04 Nov 1897 Fayette
  Nathaniel Penn Helen Blaney 15 Aug 1920 Fayette
  C C Banner Nannie Mae Blaney 1937 Fayette
  Lynell Collins Teresa Blaney 1943 Fayette
Blankenship Joseph Wood Celia Blankenship 17 Aug 1888 Fayette
  John A. Foster Victoria D. Blankenship 18 Nov 1898 Fayette
  Charles Parsons Cora B. Blankenship 29 Jun 1903 Fayette
  Melvin M. Halle Katie H. Blankenship 27 Dec 1903 Fayette
  James Saddler Mabel Blankenship 15 Aug 1904 Fayette
  James M. Ramey Cynthia Blankenship 24 Nov 1906 Fayette
  Morris M. Minuis Rosa Blankenship 20 Dec 1908 Fayette
  Lincoln Massey Sallie Blankenship 14 Mar 1910 Fayette
  Geo.E. Harvey C.B. Blankenship 27 May 1916 Fayette
  James Jones Viola Blankenship 27 Mar 1918 Fayette
  Thos Franklin Bailey Susan J. Blankenship 04 May 1922 Fayette
  Chas A. Armstrong Mary A. Blankenship 15 Jul 1922 Fayette
  Jim Cristo Emma Blankenship 27 Jul 1931 Fayette
  Elgin O Preast Chessie F Blankenship 1937 Fayette
  George A Sergent Lucette A Blankenship 1938 Fayette
  Chas W Preast Lucile Blankenship 1938 Fayette
  Clifford Brown Mary Blankenship 1938 Fayette
  Sanger Rogers Myrtle Blankenship 1938 Fayette
  Carl C Donley Maxine M Blankenship 1940 Fayette
  Wilsie H Campbell Mary Blankenship 1943 Fayette
  John Waugh Bina Blankenship 1946 Fayette
  David Rinehart Magdaline Blankenship 1946 Fayette
  Wilby W Aliff Patsy E Blankenship 1946 Fayette
  Herbert Bragg Pearl Blankenship 1949 Fayette
  G W Adams Ruth Blankenship 1949 Fayette
  Harry Edward Burleson Beulah Marie Blankenship 1951 Fayette
  Bernard Ryan Ingles Loreda Blankenship 1952 Fayette
  Henry Pritt Lillian Blankenship 1953 Fayette
  William Clinton Talbert Mable Jane Blankenship 1954 Fayette
  Kenneth Jones Georgia Blankenship 1956 Fayette
  George Hicks Eva Blankenship 1957 Fayette
  Raymond D Epperly Mabel Jane Blankenship 1957 Fayette
  Harold Lawrence Hudson Janice Marie Blankenship 1959 Fayette
  Marrin Edward Ramsey Margaret Dot Blankenship 1959 Fayette
  Robert L Harrah Blanche Blankenship 1960 Fayette
  Robert W Ruff Mary Grace Blankenship 1960 Fayette
  Howard McAtee Dolly Frances Blankenship 1962 Fayette
  Fred Bennett Iva May Blankenship 1962 Fayette
  Charles Bryant Harmon Lillie Ann Blankenship 1962 Fayette
  Melvin Richard Harrah Mary Katherine Blankenship 1962 Fayette
  Robert Miller Jr Grivvle Carol Faye Blankenship 1964 Fayette
  Samuel Jones Delores Ann Blankenship 1964 Fayette
  Charles Lee Norton Emma Lou Blankenship 1964 Fayette
  Herbert Wilbur Penrod Gladys Irene Blankenship 1966 Fayette
Blankinship R.E. Burford Ida Blankinship 13 Nov 1915 Fayette
Blanks G W Smith Victoria Blanks 1934 Fayette
Blankship John Wm. Whitlock Grace E. Blankship 20 Dec 1911 Fayette
Blard Jas Solomon Cook Hallie Blard 02 Feb 1915 Fayette
Blasfield James Cavender Lucille Blasfield 1946 Fayette
Blaxton Austin Burgess Dora G. Blaxton 05 May 1897 Fayette
  Erskine M. Cumbor Mabel L. Blaxton 15 May 1915 Fayette
  Earl Vannatter Louella Blaxton 1951 Fayette
  Carington E Osborne Alice Jane Blaxton 1959 Fayette
Blaylock Carl Johnson Aretta Blaylock 1937 Fayette
Blayson Orlando W Johnson Earlie Mae Blayson 1942 Fayette
Blazer Frank N Bacon Oretha V. Blazer 08 Oct 1913 Fayette
Bleau John L Jones Dolores Doreen Bleau 1952 Fayette
Bledsoe Gary Alvin Perry Emma Lee Bledsoe 1959 Fayette
  William R Frazier Rochella Bledsoe 1962 Fayette
Blemins Paul Hurley May Blemins 15 Feb 1925 Fayette
Bleonis Chas. P. Irwin Clorrie A. Bleonis 01 Mar 1891 Fayette
Blerins Leslie E Green Kay Blerins 1957 Fayette
Blethen Thomas Hosten Hetty A Blethen 31 May 1911 Fayette
  Green F. Cendennin Linda Blethen 01 Oct 1917 Fayette
  Harry Burgess Mary Blethen 15 Dec 1923 Fayette
  Forest E. Wright Virginia L. Blethen 27 Dec 1926 Fayette
  Roy King Rachel Blethen 03 Feb 1928 Fayette
  Daniel Fugate Katherine Blethen 1942 Fayette
  Frank Trapasso Ruth Blethen 1943 Fayette
  Arnold Walter Adkins Peggy Jane Blethen 1955 Fayette
Blethens George Phillips Susie Blethens 09 Jun 1910 Fayette
  Cassius Grayson Lillie M. Blethens 06 Feb 1931 Fayette
  Ray Barker Rozie M Blethens 1932 Fayette
Blethon Melvin L Kelly Margaret Blethon 1950 Fayette
  David L Mahood Virgie Mae Blethon 1959 Fayette
Bleuins William Arthur Fleming Willa Mae Bleuins 1950 Fayette
Blevins James P. Cash D. Blevins 21 May 1907 Fayette
  William Gullett Amanda Blevins 21 Mar 1908 Fayette
  Jack Asbury Susie Blevins 27 Oct 1912 Fayette
  Tom Gentry Bessie Blevins 16 Jul 1928 Fayette
  Lloyd E. Eller Lucy Blevins 24 Dec 1929 Fayette
  Harvey W Smith Thelma Lenore Blevins 1937 Fayette
  John H Clendenin Clementine Blevins 1946 Fayette
  James Agee Helen Blevins 1946 Fayette
  Harold W Forren Eleanor M Blevins 1947 Fayette
  Marvin C Settle Susie S Blevins 1949 Fayette
  Charles Ash Sylvia Blevins 1950 Fayette
  Lenie Brook Browning Sarah Blevins 1951 Fayette
  Clyde Gentry Deloris Blevins 1952 Fayette
  Aubrey Miller Charlotte Blevins 1954 Fayette
  Denza Lee Cooper Nancy Ann Blevins 1956 Fayette
  Wilbur Toney Ruby Blevins 1959 Fayette
  Larry Earl Lucas Anna Louise Blevins 1963 Fayette
  John P Jr Kandrick Lucille Blevins 1963 Fayette
  Donald Clyde Elder Patricia Carol Blevins 1963 Fayette
  Joseph Oden Valliana Patricia Ann Blevins 1964 Fayette
  Roy Earl Fleming Barbara Ann Blevins 1966 Fayette
  Larry Carl Pennington Shelia Maxine Blevins 1967 Fayette
Blithen George C Pomeroy Jo Ann Blithen 1949 Fayette
Bliuens Lewis Richard Wood Jaunita Bliuens 1949 Fayette
Blizard W.A. Stull Nora M. Blizard 19 Jul 1893 Fayette
Blizzard Elizar Gill Ellen Blizzard 19 Dec 1871 Fayette
  Jas A Sonailes Joana B Blizzard 05 Apr 1882 Fayette
  Henry T. Plater Myrta B. Blizzard 30 Nov 1898 Fayette
  Raymond Gill Bessie Blizzard 24 Feb 1921 Fayette
  Benjamin Pinion Kate E. Blizzard 09 May 1927 Fayette
  Harold Jackson Casto Mary Louise Blizzard 1958 Fayette
Block Albester Mitchell Josephine Block 1935 Fayette
Blodwin Leo Hall Owens Blodwin 18 May 1915 Fayette
Bloefeld Albert Allison Emma J. Bloefeld 10 Feb 1906 Fayette
Blofeld James A. Lee Martha J. Blofeld 04 Jun 1895 Fayette
  Jennings E Hughes Cora Mae Blofeld 1932 Fayette
  Herman Holcomb Edith Blofeld 1941 Fayette
  Ted H Rider Elizabeth Blofeld 1941 Fayette
  Wm Morris Toler Helen Blofeld 1943 Fayette
Blofield Wendell Christian Cora Margaret Blofield 1938 Fayette
Blogg John Layton Irene Blogg 1941 Fayette
  Jock Steward Fox Maxine W Blogg 1943 Fayette
Bloir C. A. Gotterfrid Katie Bloir 15 Apr 1885 Fayette
Blosser J.H. Wilson Alma C. Blosser 24 Jun 1919 Fayette
  Thomas Carol Whitten Jean Marie Blosser 1948 Fayette
  Charles Gilcrest Minnie Francis Blosser 1953 Fayette
Blount Jesse F. Tucker Rosella Blount 14 Dec 1899 Fayette
Bloxsan William Holland Nathalia Bloxsan 1944 Fayette
Blume David H. Witmer Cora M. Blume 11 Nov 1896 Fayette
  Naman A. Fitzwater Bertie B. Blume 24 Sep 1913 Fayette
  Homer A Hensley Nellie Blume 13 Jun 1914 Fayette
  Ben L. Harroon Mary Blume 08 Jun 1916 Fayette
  Charley Dixon Martha F. Blume 16 Dec 1917 Fayette
  Clarence Fannin Lyda Blume 27 Jun 1927 Fayette
  Arthur J. McCutcheon Cleo Othelo Blume 15 Sep 1928 Fayette
  Leffie Powell Laura Blume 1935 Fayette
  George Richard Phillips Cardelia Ann Blume 1950 Fayette
  Lewis Ernest Holliday Retta Ida Blume 1950 Fayette
Blunt Robt Coleman Georgia Blunt 25 Oct 1911 Fayette
Boalt Kelly V. Legg Edna M. Boalt 19 Aug 1922 Fayette
  James H. Pailey Hester May Boalt 03 Jan 1929 Fayette
Board John E. Plumley Minnie J. Board 17 May 1888 Fayette
  Goode Board Lillie Board 05 Jul 1900 Fayette
  Will Wilson Gracie Board 1933 Fayette
  Robert Bryant Katherine Board 1950 Fayette
Boarden Robert D. Daniel Ellen Boarden 30 Nov 1888 Fayette
Boardman Harry Henderson Mary Boardman 04 Oct 1923 Fayette
Boardwine Curtis C Bragg Shirley Ann Boardwine 1953 Fayette
  Edward Jr Beverly Patty Jean Boardwine 1960 Fayette
  Charles Thomas Withrow Lula Marie Boardwine 1961 Fayette
  Raymond Willis Wriston Rosemary Boardwine 1961 Fayette
  David Okey Wood Mary Jane Boardwine 1965 Fayette
  Charles Matthew Robinson Barbara Allen Boardwine 1968 Fayette
Bobbet Daniel W. Combs Stella Bobbet 23 Oct 1914 Fayette
  Henry Brooke Estella Bobbet 1950 Fayette
Bobbit John Cowans Hattie Bobbit 21 Feb 1921 Fayette
  Earl Abshire Elizabeth Bobbit 14 Nov 1922 Fayette
Bobbitt William H. Bough Mona B. Bobbitt 24 Dec 1908 Fayette
  William Bowling Norma E. Bobbitt 11 May 1909 Fayette
  Lewis Hall Martha Bobbitt 27 Jun 1910 Fayette
  Wm. E. Welch Icy Bobbitt 26 Dec 1923 Fayette
  Dennis Peters Ruth Bobbitt 1936 Fayette
  Harry McArdle Ruth Bobbitt 1937 Fayette
  Harold L Hartwell Marceria Leigh Bobbitt 1948 Fayette
  George Gillespie Virginia Bobbitt 1950 Fayette
  Ralph J Downey Betty Sue Bobbitt 1960 Fayette
  Thomas Eugene Carelli Nancy Pat Bobbitt 1962 Fayette
Bobics Paul Dervalics Anna Bobics 05 Oct 1911 Fayette
Boch William H Neal Janes A Boch 1960 Fayette
Bock James Baxter Parrish Elizabeth Lucinda Bock 1954 Fayette
  Hugh Burdette Vivian Bock 1962 Fayette
Bockovich John Huston Pricilla Bockovich 05 Feb 1919 Fayette
Bocook T.L. Kidd Saida Maude Bocook 05 Oct 1924 Fayette
  Donald Lowe Ruth Bocook 1938 Fayette
Boddun Balt Smith Olga Boddun 07 Dec 1911 Fayette
Boder Ambrose W Binns Alma S Boder 1932 Fayette
  Carl A Dorsey Edith Boder 1943 Fayette
Bodhia Auguste J. Roche Mary J. Bodhia 30 Oct 1911 Fayette
Bodie Frank Tuggle Elizabeth Bodie 03 Jul 1912 Fayette
Bodinni James W Turner Lillie Bodinni 1946 Fayette
Bodnar John W Dodson Elizabeth Bodnar 1943 Fayette
Bogden Pete Burba Helen Bogden 1935 Fayette
Boggen Wm. L. Hundley Julia B. Boggen 14 Aug 1890 Fayette
  Jas. E. Fitzpatrick Leona A. Boggen 24 May 1894 Fayette
Bogges John Shanuahan Rebecca Bogges 03 Apr 1850 Fayette
  Geo. W. Richmond Malinda J. Bogges 25 Dec 1890 Fayette
  Wm.E. Jones Minnie F. Bogges 06 Feb 1915 Fayette
Boggess Owen F. Blake Loretta F. Boggess 08 Sep 1887 Fayette
  Levi A. Blake Sabina Boggess 20 Mar 1890 Fayette
  John L. Blake Sarah C. Boggess 05 Apr 1894 Fayette
  Thomas A. Cameron Bertie A. Boggess 13 Jul 1902 Fayette
  Macklin Everett Simms Mary Dixie Boggess 29 Jun 1907 Fayette
  Anderson Johnson Virgie Boggess 25 Dec 1909 Fayette
  John H. Perry Zella Boggess 14 Nov 1914 Fayette
  C.B. Hutton Sylvia Boggess 21 Apr 1918 Fayette
  Wm.B. Gibson Annie E. Boggess 03 Jul 1919 Fayette
  Norman Arthur Kathleen Boggess 18 Jan 1922 Fayette
  Horace Roberts Bulah Boggess 03 Aug 1922 Fayette
  Julian Morris Lora Boggess 23 Aug 1924 Fayette
  Russell Adkins Virgil Boggess 1933 Fayette
  Lewis Barker Alpha Boggess 1934 Fayette
  Stanley D Lewis Esther Boggess 1934 Fayette
  Donald A Rogers Virginia B Boggess 1934 Fayette
  Wm Arnold Phillips Phyllis Maxine Boggess 1940 Fayette
  Charley Bennett Benny Boggess 1944 Fayette
  Kemp Gerwig Mary M Boggess 1945 Fayette
  Arthur Lee Harrah Louise Violet Boggess 1960 Fayette
Boggs George W. Boyce Viola F. Boggs 29 Jul 1899 Fayette
  Charles D Skaggs Deallie Boggs 04 Jul 1902 Fayette
  Henry Baker Phoebe Boggs 15 Oct 1907 Fayette
  J. W Sampson Emma Boggs 30 Sep 1914 Fayette
  Alvie Williams Maudie Boggs 27 Jan 1917 Fayette
  Jennings Vaught Eva Boggs 22 Sep 1928 Fayette
  Eugene Cochran Hazel Boggs 20 Aug 1929 Fayette
  Lawrence Coleman Myrtle Boggs 1933 Fayette
  Forest Bridgett Alice Lee Boggs 1935 Fayette
  Vernon Mayes Alice Boggs 1937 Fayette
  Horace J Petry Ruby Opal Boggs 1943 Fayette
  Lonzo Slayton Ella Lee Boggs 1946 Fayette
  James Wilbur Nitz Willadeana Orpha Boggs 1947 Fayette
  Lester Harkless Evelyn Boggs 1954 Fayette
  David Ernest Miller Etheleen Hope Boggs 1959 Fayette
  William K Kenner Naomi Boggs 1961 Fayette
  Charles Edward Waugh Eva Faye Boggs 1966 Fayette
Boggus Wilbur M. Bell Martha Boggus 23 Oct 1916 Fayette
  Charley R. Taylor Belle Boggus 01 Apr 1925 Fayette
  Charlie Robinson Taylor Fannie Pauline Boggus 1966 Fayette
Bogle Elra Leon Totten Roca Lee Bogle 1954 Fayette
Bohanna James Smith Jeanette Bohanna 1937 Fayette
  George Thomas Kimbro Lillie Ruth Bohanna 1957 Fayette
Bohanna Cecil James Booker Rebia Claudette Bohanna 1966 Fayette
Boicean John Pedro Marion Boicean 1935 Fayette
Boid Fleming Vest Jane Boid 16 May 1847 Fayette
Bok Steve Sipes Sophia Bok 04 Sep 1920 Fayette
Boker John Hatfield Ruth Boker 04 Nov 1922 Fayette
Boland Ernest Mills Mary Boland 1950 Fayette
  Alfred Joaran Calmet Thelma Olean Boland 1951 Fayette
Bolavich Jesse Garcia Della Bolavich 1937 Fayette
Bolden Doctor Jackson Susan B. Bolden 04 May 1899 Fayette
  Emmet Logan Sally Bolden 07 Nov 1906 Fayette
  Caleb Chambers Julia Bolden 27 Sep 1910 Fayette
  Thomas Mitchell Mabel Bolden 20 Jul 1921 Fayette
  John A Burke Lola Bolden 1932 Fayette
Bolden Jesse Bean Christine Bolden 1947 Fayette
Boldin Walter Hainston Alice Boldin 02 Apr 1906 Fayette
Bolding Frank Taggart Mary Jo Bolding 1966 Fayette


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