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The Family Surnames : Hie - Hill

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Hie Emery Hughes Dashia Alice Hie 20-Dec-11 Fayette
Hieatt Thomas B Kelly J Eleanor Hieatt 1940 Fayette
Hieney Samuel R. Wright Maggie Hieney 04 Sep 1898 Fayette
Hiepe Harold Eagle Vonda Hiepe 1946 Fayette
Hiers Walter C Jones Virginia D Hiers 1952 Fayette
Hiert Lee J. Bragg Roxy Hiert 15 Nov 1877 Fayette
Higen D. D. Harris Virgie May Higen 8-Oct-05 Fayette
Higer Walter King Violet Higer 1944 Fayette
Higgenbotham Alex Thomas Helen Higgenbotham 16-Jun-31 Fayette
  Samuel Taylor Florence B. Higgenbotham 5-Sep-31 Fayette
Higginbaltan Garland Hicks Ruth Higginbaltan 1942 Fayette
Higginbotham Enos Guinn Jane F. Higginbotham 08 Jul 1847 Fayette
  George Amick Tabitha Higginbotham 3-Oct-07 Fayette
  George Roberson Lora Higginbotham 17-Apr-10 Fayette
  B.W. Blofield Annie E. Higginbotham 2-Apr-15 Fayette
  Mose Blackburn Lillie Higginbotham 6-Mar-26 Fayette
  Wilson Willard Jessie Higginbotham 29-Nov-28 Fayette
  James Brown M.A. Higginbotham 24-Dec-28 Fayette
  Russell Miller Corrense Higginbotham 27-Mar-29 Fayette
  Leonard E Harrah Clara Higginbotham 1932 Fayette
  Grover A Watson Louise Higginbotham 1932 Fayette
  Robert Howard Millie Mae Higginbotham 1935 Fayette
  Delmer Whittington Flossie Higginbotham 1936 Fayette
  John A Bailes Arbutus Higginbotham 1942 Fayette
  Everette R Richmond Margie E Higginbotham 1943 Fayette
  John William Ritter Hilda Higginbotham 1944 Fayette
  Virgil Berry Ida V Higginbotham 1945 Fayette
  Virgil Fleming Mildred Higginbotham 1945 Fayette
  Eugene Crawl Helen Higginbotham 1946 Fayette
  Cary Donald Houchins Jessie Ann Higginbotham 1947 Fayette
  Claude L Combs Hilma R Higginbotham 1947 Fayette
  Odbert Dorsey Pearl Higginbotham 1949 Fayette
  Clinton Elmer Criss Ruby Mae Higginbotham 1950 Fayette
  Carl Wallace Quick Mary Higginbotham 1956 Fayette
  Paul Dean Kincaid Sarah Rose Higginbotham 1957 Fayette
  Jennings Victor Jr Helton Virginia Ruth Higginbotham 1960 Fayette
  Arlan Roger Lafferty Margie Uldine Higginbotham 1960 Fayette
  Robert L Morris Barbara J Higginbotham 1960 Fayette
  Charles Edward Clemins Nila Fay Higginbotham 1961 Fayette
  Elton Claypool Christine Higginbotham 1961 Fayette
  Claude Norman Wood Charlotte Uldine Higginbotham 1962 Fayette
  Kenneth Junior Beals Elizabeth Ann Higginbotham 1963 Fayette
Higginbothan Leonard Dorsey Betty Jane Higginbothan 1948 Fayette
Higginbottom Alex Caraway Ellen Higginbottom 25-Sep-21 Fayette
Higgins Roy McCutcheon Elizabeth R. Higgins 22-Oct-12 Fayette
  Pryor C. Brown Thelma Higgins 30-Jun-23 Fayette
  Fred Pennington Junior Higgins 22-Mar-28 Fayette
  Larry Clinton Eugene Cole Mary Jane Higgins 1968 Fayette
Higginsbothan Lewis D. Bales Lizzie A. Higginsbothan 10-Sep-06 Fayette
Higgs Edward Deporter Sarah J. Higgs 24-Jul-04 Fayette
High Abe Ratliff Willie A. High 24-Feb-10 Fayette
Highberger William B Pendleton Virginia Highberger 1946 Fayette
Highlan Noie F. Smith Eva Highlan 8-Oct-00 Fayette
Highlander Frank Wilson Gill, III Brenda Sue Highlander 1966 Fayette
Hightman Herbert R Ellison Bettie F Hightman 3-Jun-11 Fayette
Hightower Cecil J. Smith Lillian Hightower 24-Dec-29 Fayette
  Virgil H Workman Charlotte R Hightower 1940 Fayette
  Robert Eugene Day Olivia Hightower 1951 Fayette
  Benjamin Alfred Johnson Starlet Rosetta Hightower 1968 Fayette
Higinbottom John Harris Cynthia I. Higinbottom 20 Jun 1896 Fayette
Hilbert Ray Childress Lillian Hilbert 1934 Fayette
  Gillis Miller Marcella Hilbert 1934 Fayette
Hildah Homer Foster Wills Hildah 18-Apr-19 Fayette
Hildebrand Earl James Bowyer Lula Victoria Hildebrand 1937 Fayette
  Charles Ralph Bryant Lilia Ann Hildebrand 1946 Fayette
Hiler William Arthur Patricia Hiler 1953 Fayette
Hiles John Brinton Holmes Barbara Jean Hiles 1955 Fayette
  Carl David Capps Rebecca Hiles 1963 Fayette
Hill Benjamin F. Spyker Mary Hill 25 Dec 1834 Fayette
  James E. Kendall Margaret Hill 16 May 1849 Fayette
  James H. Phillips Mary E. Hill 04 Jul 1850 Fayette
  Henry Wooluine Margaret E. Hill 29 Jul 1866 Fayette
  James Burgess Carry C. Hill 15 Dec 1869 Fayette
  Burk Prince D. Z. Hill 14 Apr 1875 Fayette
  A. C. Hartman Sarah V. Hill 20 Jun 1877 Fayette
  James Arnold Clarissa Hill 09 May 1883 Fayette
  Simon White Melvina Hill 22 May 1883 Fayette
  Dexter S. Roten Susan Hill 26 Oct 1884 Fayette
  C. D. Backers Cynthia Hill 28 Feb 1886 Fayette
  Green Casy Mary Hill 04 May 1887 Fayette
  William L. Reffetor Annie E. Hill 02 Oct 1887 Fayette
  Henry Stokes Mary Hill 08 Sep 1891 Fayette
  Thomas Carter Angeline Hill 27 Dec 1891 Fayette
  Ruben Owens Nannie Hill 27 Apr 1892 Fayette
  Adrain M. Butcher Martha C. Hill 04 Jul 1894 Fayette
  Wally Rule Emma A. Hill 27 Jan 1895 Fayette
  Corneluis Latton Florence Hill 08 Feb 1896 Fayette
  John Akers Felicita Hill 16 Apr 1896 Fayette
  Harry Mills Nora Hill 25 Jun 1896 Fayette
  William S Wilson Beatrice Hill 17 Aug 1896 Fayette
  Jacob Richardson Addie Hill 28 Feb 1898 Fayette
  Frank Johnson Polly A. Hill 13-May-01 Fayette
  Lorain Strain Ola Hill 25-Nov-01 Fayette
  C. E. Brown Effie Belle Hill 23-Sep-02 Fayette
  Anthony Thompson Lottie Hill 17-Jul-04 Fayette
  W.A. Barnhart Girtie Hill 3-Jan-05 Fayette
  N.E. Graves Katharine P. Hill 11-Apr-06 Fayette
  Adison Garhart Florence Hill 15-Aug-06 Fayette
  Ed Anderson Lelia Hill 29-Jan-08 Fayette
  Jesse E. Haynes Princess Neola Hill 26-May-08 Fayette
  Robert E. Lawson Lula Hill 8-Dec-08 Fayette
  Walter Lewis Princess Hill 1-Feb-11 Fayette
  John Miller Felicity V. Hill 22-Mar-14 Fayette
  Nicholas H Ramsey Lottie M. Hill 5-Sep-14 Fayette
  Willie Massey Francis Hill 5-Mar-17 Fayette
  Vanis Carrington Betty Hill 8-Jun-20 Fayette
  Luther Rollins Mattie Hill 3-Oct-20 Fayette
  Henry Knapper Caldonia Hill 20-Aug-24 Fayette
  Claude Woodrum Nellie Mae Hill 25-Apr-25 Fayette
  James B. Warwick Wilda E. Hill 11-Jan-26 Fayette
  Charlie Taylor Ocie May Hill 27-Sep-26 Fayette
  Macellus Spead Cora Estelle Hill 15-May-27 Fayette
  Sam Workman Susie Hill 12-Jan-29 Fayette
  Frank Swagzdis Viola Hill 6-Apr-30 Fayette
  Jason Allen Stella Hill 9-Apr-30 Fayette
  Benjamini Arthur Hall Ruth K. Hill 9-Nov-30 Fayette
  Iva D. Fritzgerald Kline C. Hill 25-Dec-30 Fayette
  Rupert Alexander Marie Hill 24-Dec-31 Fayette
  Talmage Cline Zella Hill 1932 Fayette
  D Roy Hill Anna Hill 1932 Fayette
  S W Gunter Rose Hill 1933 Fayette
  L S Griffith Hazel Hill 1934 Fayette
  Elfie Wardensky Myrtle Hill 1934 Fayette
  Lawrence Hicks Hazel Hill 1937 Fayette
  Arthur Lang Thelma Hill 1937 Fayette
  Hugh L Garrett Ernestine Hill 1939 Fayette
  James D Bower Virginia Ruth Hill 1941 Fayette
  Earl Sims Virginia Hill 1941 Fayette
  Mike Jr Baker Geraldine Hill 1942 Fayette
  Nutie Miller Irene Hill 1942 Fayette
  W.O. Gilchrist Roberta Hill 1943 Fayette
  James Edward Johnson Ellen Hill 1943 Fayette
  Dan C Lilly Freda Hill 1945 Fayette
  John George Fox Millicent Brazie Hill 1946 Fayette
  John D Branham Barbara L Hill 1947 Fayette
  William Day Hutchison Mary Alice Hill 1947 Fayette
  John W Sears Marina Hill 1947 Fayette
  Stacy Groscup Marguerite Hill 1948 Fayette
  James Taylor Erlean Hill 1949 Fayette
  Tracy H Martin Ethel Lucille Hill 1950 Fayette
  Alvin Vernon Keefer Hilda Lee Hill 1950 Fayette
  Wilbert Lewis Susie Hill 1951 Fayette
  Hershel Coleman Virginia Hill 1952 Fayette
  Frank Anthony Dinita Nancy Mae Hill 1953 Fayette
  John Higginbotham Marion Hill 1953 Fayette
  Robert E Bradford Clara Mae Hill 1954 Fayette
  Juan Antonio Faria Carolyn Anita Hill 1954 Fayette
  Buren Martin Hydrith Hill 1955 Fayette
  Levi Hampton Staunton Annie Lou Hill 1956 Fayette
  Clyde H Shawver Nadine Hill 1957 Fayette
  Robert L Jones Carrie Hill 1958 Fayette
  Olaf Murphy Betty Hill 1958 Fayette
  Vernon L Martin Linda Mae Hill 1961 Fayette
  Paul Thomas Elswick Patricia Ann Hill 1963 Fayette
  John Paul Gray Mary Elizabeth Hill 1964 Fayette
  John Alfred Hunter Esther Jean Hill 1964 Fayette
  Paul Maxwell Blake Ruth Ann Hill 1968 Fayette
  William Franklin Lawson Karen Sue Hill 1968 Fayette
  Hugh Rexrode Linda Gay Hill 1968 Fayette

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