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Smithers - Sorine

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Smithers Leve Early Nannie Smithers 1-Sep-10 Fayette
  Hollie Gore Claudia Smithers 19-Feb-28 Fayette
  Lonnie Jerome Payne Jo Ann Aphelia Smithers 1953 Fayette
Smithson L.C. Bibb Mabel Smithson 5-Jun-07 Fayette
  Frank B. Beckett Mary Smithson 26-Feb-08 Fayette
  Samuel Woods Rosa Lee Smithson 30-Oct-15 Fayette
  Wallace M. Johnson Elizabeth Smithson 16-Sep-19 Fayette
  Chester Twiggs Mamie Smithson 3-Apr-24 Fayette
  George Patrick Conley Bertha Rae Smithson 24-Dec-27 Fayette
  Harley Butrick Lillie Smithson 3-Jul-28 Fayette
  John Miller Mildred Smithson 25-Jul-31 Fayette
  W M Copeland Lillian W Smithson 1933 Fayette
  Delbert Fields Virginia Smithson 1933 Fayette
  John H Thompson Mildred V Smithson 1933 Fayette
  John Hutson Niday Dollie Frances Smithson 1948 Fayette
  Bobby Lee Nutter Inez Smithson 1948 Fayette
  Connie Persinger Mary Smithson 1949 Fayette
  Gabriel Sinka Elrie Smithson 1949 Fayette
  Franklin Riser Drema Jewel Smithson 1953 Fayette
  Samuel Albert French Madge Darlene Smithson 1954 Fayette
Smoat Boyd Shumaker Dolly Smoat 1958 Fayette
Smoiles George M Snyder Elsie Smoiles 1946 Fayette
Smoots George Martin Ida Smoots 26-Nov-19 Fayette
Smothers Hershal Patricks Hazel Smothers 1940 Fayette
  James H Mitchell Gracie Smothers 1944 Fayette
Smuils Elias C. Rogers Mary F. Smuils 02 Feb 1854 Fayette
Smyers Jerry Wade Bowser Mary Orda Smyers 1954 Fayette
Smyth Jessie A. Werland Clara B. Smyth 15-May-04 Fayette
  Seward Ramsey Ada Pearl Smyth 21-Aug-23 Fayette
Snaham Herbert Caloway Louis A. Snaham 6-Sep-04 Fayette
Snapaitis Charles Janisyewski Magdeleana Snapaitis 1946 Fayette
Snaykla John Sidek Teresa Snaykla 17-May-24 Fayette
Snead Edward Simins Susannah Snead 14-Jul-00 Fayette
  Filmore Wilsen Clara Snead 14-Nov-24 Fayette
  Cecil E. Roop Thelma Snead 30-Jun-26 Fayette
  Clarence Crawford Norma Lee Snead 1937 Fayette
  Orvall Crouch Alma Faye Snead 1948 Fayette
  Lawrence Arthur Coulter Zelia Dare Snead 1952 Fayette
  Ivan H. Bush, III Rebecca Jane Snead 1960 Fayette
Sneddon Rufus H. Neil May D. Sneddon 22-Aug-31 Fayette
  Owen William Deitz Martha Sneddon 1964 Fayette
Sneed J. C. Smith Callie Sneed 9-Mar-08 Fayette
  William Jones Katie Sneed 20-Apr-10 Fayette
  Melvin Merritt Viola Sneed 1937 Fayette
  Earl Woods Dorothy Sneed 1938 Fayette
  Carl W Smith Myrtle F Sneed 1943 Fayette
  Thomas L Ballard Dorothy Lee Sneed 1948 Fayette
  Delmar Sexton Lucille Sneed 1948 Fayette
  Freddie Green Workman Melba Mae Sneed 1948 Fayette
  Thomas Jennings Radford Sandra Leigh Sneed 1968 Fayette
Snell Simon Laudermilk Virginia F. Snell 04 Jul 1894 Fayette
  F. M. Shull S. M. Snell 4-Jul-06 Fayette
  Henry G Johnson Essie M Snell 3-Feb-12 Fayette
  John L. Boothe Lizzie Belle Snell 6-Sep-24 Fayette
  Arthur Edwin Hilton Marian Snell 22-Aug-27 Fayette
  Clifford Williams Irena Snell 21-Oct-28 Fayette
  Leroy Cook Phyllis Snell 1953 Fayette
  George Franklin Bennett Patricia Ann Snell 1965 Fayette
Snider John H. Hatcher Alice M. Snider 20-Jun-00 Fayette
  Lloyd Delp Laura L Snider 1943 Fayette
  Teddy Randall Gibson Ella May Snider 1955 Fayette
  Leonard Edward Jr Davis Judith Ellen Snider 1958 Fayette
  James M Dempsey Patricia Anne Snider 1963 Fayette
Snidiker Forest Hopkins Mary Anne Snidiker 1935 Fayette
Snodderly Eddie Preston Gravely Rose Ellen Snodderly 1937 Fayette
Snodgrass John Nary Eliza B. Snodgrass 27 Dec 1899 Fayette
  Edwin Smith Cynthia Marie Snodgrass 3-Nov-10 Fayette
  Clarence H. Legg Ruth Snodgrass 6-Mar-27 Fayette
  Charles Dean Bessie Snodgrass 5-Jul-28 Fayette
  Charles Bastem Barley Bonati Snodgrass 1937 Fayette
  Harry B Humphrey Helen Frances Snodgrass 1937 Fayette
  James Melvin Hodge Ada Mae Snodgrass 1947 Fayette
  Bobby Thomas Norma Faye Snodgrass 1952 Fayette
  Dominick Costa Wanda Lee Snodgrass 1958 Fayette
  Rodie Hatfield Lena Snodgrass 1960 Fayette
  Douglas Kilpatrick Brenda Snodgrass 1961 Fayette
  Lawrence Henry Hicks Betty Jane Snodgrass 1963 Fayette
Snotgrass R. M. Storck Myrtle Snotgrass 6-Aug-04 Fayette
Snow William Conley Board Pearl Snow 29-Jun-22 Fayette
  Marvel Smith Milanie Snow 3-Mar-25 Fayette
  Jesse E. Cole Beatrice Snow 1-Oct-27 Fayette
  George M. Ballard Katie Snow 24-Dec-28 Fayette
  William H McGinnis Dana Faye Snow 1933 Fayette
  Paul Carte Marie Snow 1936 Fayette
  Samuel P Davalos Marie Snow 1938 Fayette
  Warren T Cattle Opal Lee Snow 1944 Fayette
Snowball Sampson Cook Annie Snowball 31-Mar-10 Fayette
Snuffer E.L. Clover Barbara E. Snuffer 28-Feb-06 Fayette
  G L Herron Sadie Snuffer 1933 Fayette
  Lewis C Terry Delma D Snuffer 1934 Fayette
  Leolis Maynard Bennett Lula Alice Snuffer 1942 Fayette
Snyder J. C. Warren M. E. Snyder 24 Dec 1885 Fayette
  William Bensley Annie Belle Snyder 08 Dec 1887 Fayette
  Berry L Stine Mollie E. Snyder 30 Sep 1896 Fayette
  Thomas F. George Mamie A. Snyder 19 Jul 1899 Fayette
  L. W. Taylor L. B. Snyder 10-Dec-05 Fayette
  W. T. Bragg Alma G Snyder 8-Jun-10 Fayette
  Paul Winston Mamie Snyder 30-Apr-13 Fayette
  Lonis Shishim Opal A. Snyder 9-Sep-17 Fayette
  John Gurant Lula Snyder 1-Jun-20 Fayette
  P.C. Graney Thelma Snyder 20-Oct-20 Fayette
  William F. Schnider Allie Snyder 29-Mar-23 Fayette
  Robert Nukiell Amy Snyder 26-Jun-25 Fayette
  Price M. Bailey Edith Snyder 25-Sep-29 Fayette
  I.Dan Richmond Beulah Snyder 20-Aug-30 Fayette
  Alta M. Raines Margaret Snyder 2-May-31 Fayette
  Sherman Clemmons Letha Snyder 1934 Fayette
  John A Carr Alice Adair Snyder 1936 Fayette
  William Carrington Mae Snyder 1937 Fayette
  Everett Shearer Sylvia Snyder 1937 Fayette
  Robert A Hatcher Rochel ? Snyder 1943 Fayette
  Elmer H Lantharn Ruth E Snyder 1943 Fayette
  Chester A Lynch Margaret E Snyder 1943 Fayette
  Lawrence Settle Gladys Snyder 1945 Fayette
  David MacMillan Marylene Snyder 1946 Fayette
  Frank Cavendish Charlotte Snyder 1948 Fayette
  Audrey Neale Painter Betty Lou Snyder 1954 Fayette
  Jerry P Frishy Charlotte M Snyder 1958 Fayette
  Lewis Manning Muntzing Nancy Emmaline Snyder 1959 Fayette
  James Howell Williams Charlene Snyder 1961 Fayette
  Bobby Gene Wright Mary Marie Allen Snyder 1966 Fayette
  Elmer Lee Roat Sharon Kay Snyder 1968 Fayette
Soard Frank Butrick Lothe Soard 19-Jan-11 Fayette
Sodder Charlie Lacy Susie Sodder 1938 Fayette
  Grover Howell Paxton Sylvia Ann Sodder 1963 Fayette
Sofko Mike Salaga Eilona Sofko 29-Mar-21 Fayette
Soil Atey Mitchell Mattie Soil 29-Aug-28 Fayette
Sokoff Charles Eugene Collins Iva Jane Sokoff 1954 Fayette
Solacz Vincent S Figiel Jennie Solacz 1954 Fayette
Solbury F. T. Donnold H. E. Solbury 12 Mar 1883 Fayette
Solomon Bobby Coleman Donna Solomon 1963 Fayette
Soltes E L Hudnall Margaret Soltes 1933 Fayette
Sommersville Hezekiah Rich Julia Sommersville 16-Jun-19 Fayette
Sonales Davis Smith Nancy C Sonales 05 Oct 1881 Fayette
Sonder Ira J. Sonder Julia Sonder 26-Dec-06 Fayette
  Joseph Huber Nannie Sonder 1907 Fayette
  James W Hewlett Daisy Sonder 21-Jul-12 Fayette
  Sidney Humphreys Lena Sonder 10-Feb-20 Fayette
  Joseph Bigjak Maggie Sonder 28-Feb-20 Fayette
  Thomas Hancock Effie J. Sonder 21-Nov-20 Fayette
  Roy Davis Madelene Sonder 7-Mar-25 Fayette
Songer John Settle Mitzi Songer 1948 Fayette
  George Dotson Layne Songer 1949 Fayette
  Bobby C Morris Joan L Songer 1952 Fayette
Sonnenburg Alexander Kobielka Thlophila Sonnenburg 1915 Fayette
Sonner John S. Smith Rosa B. Sonner 21 Mar 1893 Fayette
Sorine Harold Eagle Gilda Sorine 1952 Fayette


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