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The Family Surnames : Terry - Thomas

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Terry Job Martin Dicy Terry 01 Dec 1831 Fayette
  Smith Ferel Martha Terry 12 Dec 1833 Fayette
  Charles Metzker Eliza Terry 20 Feb 1834 Fayette
  William Hess Cynthia Terry 24 Dec 1835 Fayette
  William Martin Susan Terry 17 Jun 1841 Fayette
  Shadrach Martin Elizabeth Terry 22 Jul 1841 Fayette
  Job Martin Mary Terry 25 Aug 1841 Fayette
  Joseph H. Guinn Allie Terry 16 Mar 1871 Fayette
  Eugene Blizzard Susan Terry 20 Mar 1874 Fayette
  Charles Campbell Ruth H. Terry 18 Nov 1875 Fayette
  Samuel C. Eary Sarah E. Terry 13 Mar 1884 Fayette
  Floyd E. McGraw Emma D. Terry 15 Jul 1888 Fayette
  William R. Leffew Annie G. Terry 02 Dec 1896 Fayette
  Calvin Keenan Annie W. Terry 17-Sep-01 Fayette
  James F. Byerly Letha G. Terry 29-May-07 Fayette
  Joe F. Farer Anne L. Terry 1-Jun-09 Fayette
  Robert W. Heis Bertha A. Terry 17-Nov-09 Fayette
  Hugh Parrish Bessie Terry 13-Jan-13 Fayette
  Hallie O. Legg Daisy Terry 22-Jun-14 Fayette
  Henry Brooks Cora Terry 13-Jun-15 Fayette
  Henry Ernest Painter Lana Terry 1-Nov-15 Fayette
  William H. Davis Rella A. Terry 20-Aug-16 Fayette
  L. D. Cales Larua A. Terry 21-Dec-16 Fayette
  Wilbert Ramsey Emma Z. Terry 19-May-18 Fayette
  Oscar R. Ramsey Lena F. Terry 28-Jul-20 Fayette
  Lee Savey Sadie Terry 27-Nov-24 Fayette
  Bobbitt Dempsey Fay Terry 26-Nov-25 Fayette
  George S. Johnson Martha E. Terry 18-Jun-27 Fayette
  Ernest Parrish Pansy Terry 18-Jun-28 Fayette
  Harry O. Painter Jenley Eula Terry 26-Aug-28 Fayette
  James W. Boles Clara Terry 16-Apr-29 Fayette
  William Cartwright Ruth Terry 4-Sep-31 Fayette
  William Mays Nellie Terry 1932 Fayette
  Walter Shockley Madeline Terry 1935 Fayette
  Will Thomas Nannie Terry 1935 Fayette
  Joe Fernandez Carrie Terry 1936 Fayette
  McGuire Fairfax Estell Terry 1936 Fayette
  Addison Hall Elvia Terry 1942 Fayette
  Harry Ramsey Bernie Terry 1945 Fayette
  Harold Z Tanquary Kathryn Terry 1946 Fayette
  C. Q. Roles Mary Terry 1946 Fayette
  John Preston Legg Erna Louise Terry 1947 Fayette
  Phillip D Bish Lorna Mae Terry 1947 Fayette
  George Crisp Mae Terry 1949 Fayette
  Wesley Moses Catherine Terry 1950 Fayette
  Fred Livesay Olrine Terry 1951 Fayette
  Russell Williams Phillips Rena Terry 1952 Fayette
  Ernest Leslie Hamley Mary Frances Terry 1955 Fayette
  Ronald Hodge Joan Terry 1957 Fayette
  Robert Propps Juanita Terry 1961 Fayette
  Curtis Elwood Adkins Lucille Marie Terry 1962 Fayette
  Robert Jennings Frazier Elsie Mae Terry 1964 Fayette
  Darryl Arilus Christian Bertha Lou Terry 1968 Fayette
  Earl Richard Snyder Mabel Symms Terry 1968 Fayette
Teubert Levi Shelton Augusta Teubert 18 Jul 1882 Fayette
  M. B. Taylor Thelma Teubert 13-Mar-07 Fayette
  Russell F. Ware Lena Mary Teubert 20-Jan-29 Fayette
  Edwin Walter Zackoski Alice Marie Teubert 1966 Fayette
Tezicak John Barker Christine Tezicak 1954 Fayette
Thabet H G Kerbawy Evelyn Thabet 1938 Fayette
Thabit Samuel T Kerbawey Lucille Thabit 1942 Fayette
Thacker Lester Baker Irene Thacker 1937 Fayette
  Grant Sandy Loraine Thacker 1951 Fayette
  Thomas Jarrell Burgess Juaneita Ludelia Thacker 1954 Fayette
  Frank Anderson Swain Fannie Frances Thacker 1968 Fayette
Thader Earnest W. Amich Allie May Thader 24-Dec-05 Fayette
Thanas Emil J. Crom Desiree Thanas 10 Dec 1889 Fayette
Thaxton Louis Hicks Lydia Beatrice Thaxton 1956 Fayette
Thayan James Thompkins Ernestine Thayan 1937 Fayette
Thayer O.A. Rhodes Virginia Thayer 16-Jun-19 Fayette
  Everett Lacy Puckett Clara Thayer 7-Jun-24 Fayette
Thempem Leo Shiflet Susie Thempem 8-Jul-13 Fayette
Thewes Anthony Karl Schuller Mary Ann Thewes 1959 Fayette
Thiel Haven R.L. Shuck Rosina Thiel 1937 Fayette
Tholles Charlie McLain Sophia Tholles 17-Jul-16 Fayette
Thomas James Bowyer Elizabeth Thomas 25 Dec 1849 Fayette
  Felix Ellison Nancy Jane Thomas 15 Dec 1850 Fayette
  James Taylor Mary Thomas 01 Jul 1852 Fayette
  Israel E. Holliday, Jr. Elizabeth Thomas 16 Oct 1866 Fayette
  George  W. Holliday Eda J. Thomas 30 Mar 1870 Fayette
  Richard T. Lyree Melinda Thomas 13 Mar 1872 Fayette
  J. S. E. Gill Mary J. Thomas 29 Mar 1877 Fayette
  John H. Crookshanks Susan Thomas 08 Apr 1880 Fayette
  Nathan Robuck Dora Thomas 04 Aug 1881 Fayette
  C M Halliday Nancy R Thomas 15 Sep 1882 Fayette
  John A Carson Lydia Ana Thomas 16 Oct 1883 Fayette
  L. H. Bennett Nancy Thomas 1884 Fayette
  Richard H. Birks Alice Thomas 21 Jul 1887 Fayette
  Howard Halyburton Etta Thomas 23 Dec 1888 Fayette
  John W. Martin Florence J. Thomas 31 Aug 1889 Fayette
  James D. Burton Annie L. Thomas 30 Oct 1890 Fayette
  Samuel A. Miller Flora A. Thomas 25 Dec 1890 Fayette
  John Thurman Dora S Thomas 02 Jan 1891 Fayette
  Theodore Holliday Annie E. Thomas 27 Jan 1891 Fayette
  J. W. Harrison Celia J. Thomas 02 Mar 1891 Fayette
  Mack Carter Annie Thomas 07 Dec 1892 Fayette
  James Eldrige Adalade Thomas 15 Nov 1893 Fayette
  Charles E. Simms Susan Thomas 03 Jun 1894 Fayette
  George Reinhart Mary J. Thomas 01 Jul 1896 Fayette
  Charles Harvey Jennie Thomas 28 Apr 1897 Fayette
  Oliver P. Utterback Emma T. Thomas 19 Jun 1897 Fayette
  Daniel E. Stevens Annie B. Thomas 02 Jun 1898 Fayette
  Andrew J. Staton Myrtle Thomas 12-Sep-00 Fayette
  J. R. Hoback Cora A. Thomas 12-Dec-00 Fayette
  James W. Lewis Rachel W. Thomas 27-Dec-00 Fayette
  William R. Dickerson Nettie Thomas 29-May-01 Fayette
  Henry Hollen Martha J. Thomas 5-Sep-01 Fayette
  George J. Pinson Margaret N. Thomas 25-Sep-01 Fayette
  Robert Richardson Sada Thomas 2-Dec-01 Fayette
  Walter S. Hendrickson Lucy E. Thomas 25-Dec-01 Fayette
  James West, Jr Sallie Thomas 10-Apr-02 Fayette
  L. P. Bower Laura Thomas 12-Jun-02 Fayette
  James L. Richards Masella A. Thomas 15-Jun-02 Fayette
  Harvey Burks Hollie Thomas 3-Feb-03 Fayette
  Carter Williams Rosa Thomas 1-Sep-04 Fayette
  Jack Robinson Edna Thomas 1-Jan-05 Fayette
  Charles Fultz Mollie Thomas 3-Oct-05 Fayette
  E.P. Copenhaver Florence Thomas 8-Nov-05 Fayette
  John Hill Nannie Thomas 10-Jul-06 Fayette
  J. L. Larabee Susie Thomas 8-Jan-07 Fayette
  George D. Coleman Pearl Thomas 25-Apr-07 Fayette
  W. M. Tyler Minnie F. Thomas 30-Jun-07 Fayette
  W. E. Owens Ella M. Thomas 4-Sep-07 Fayette
  William C. Green Ella Thomas 16-Sep-07 Fayette
  Lester Green Hattie Thomas 26-Dec-07 Fayette
  James Walter Ray Agnes A. Thomas 15-Jul-08 Fayette
  Simon Smith Vinnie Thomas 27-Dec-08 Fayette
  James Crawford Rebecca J. Thomas 5-Apr-09 Fayette
  William Hackett Sallie Thomas 17-Sep-10 Fayette
  Frank Flaberty Gwenn Thomas 31-Oct-10 Fayette
  Herman M. Wilkinson Sarah R. Thomas 29-Aug-11 Fayette
  Fred Ohlinger Serena Thomas 4-May-13 Fayette
  Stanley Golbert Ona C Thomas 7-May-13 Fayette
  John B. Young Sarah R. Thomas 14-Dec-13 Fayette
  Robert Ailiff Macie Thomas 16-Aug-14 Fayette
  Emmett A Huffman Elsie C Thomas 28-Oct-14 Fayette
  Hezekiah Dow Bertha Thomas 10-Apr-15 Fayette
  Walter Newton Rose Thomas 6-May-15 Fayette
  Eugene T. Fairfax Barbara Thomas 1-Jul-16 Fayette
  Ben S. Malcolm Lula E. Thomas 21-Dec-16 Fayette
  W E Plumb Susan Thomas 17-Jan-17 Fayette
  Charley Leftrict Edna Thomas 11-Jul-17 Fayette
  William G. McNamee Mary J. Thomas 23-Sep-17 Fayette
  Will Avery Mabel Thomas 9-Sep-18 Fayette
  Elliott Taylor Pearl Thomas 25-Nov-18 Fayette
  Herman M. Reed Desta Thomas 9-Jun-19 Fayette
  W. M. Maxwell Ethel Thomas 1-Sep-19 Fayette
  Richard Staple Anna Thomas 1-Apr-20 Fayette
  John W Painter Effie Thomas 15-Jun-20 Fayette
  Will Robinson Annie Thomas 15-Dec-20 Fayette
  L. E. Blume Effie Thomas 13-Jan-22 Fayette
  Harvey Tucker Margie Thomas 3-Jul-22 Fayette
  Henry O. Dilly Junie Thomas 30-Jan-23 Fayette
  Clayton Flowers Sylvia Thomas 2-Aug-23 Fayette
  Ottie Hess Hazel Thomas 18-Nov-23 Fayette
  Homer E. Kirk Ethel Thomas 4-Dec-23 Fayette
  Homer E. Kirk Ethel Thomas 4-Dec-23 Fayette
  Herbert Duncombe Cora Gladys Thomas 1-Jan-24 Fayette
  David Smith Mary Thomas 9-May-25 Fayette
  Alex Dotson Flossie E. Thomas 31-Oct-25 Fayette
  John W. Harris Delcie Thomas 29-Nov-25 Fayette
  Galveston Spencer Ophelia Thomas 19-Jan-26 Fayette
  Percy Spedding Jenkins Rosa Martha Thomas 9-Feb-26 Fayette
  Perry W. Allen Susan D. Thomas 2-Jan-27 Fayette
  George Henry Mason Beatrice M. Thomas 11-Jan-27 Fayette
  Grove L. Osborne Opal E. Thomas 23-Jun-27 Fayette
  Roy E. Settle Alice Virginia Thomas 14-Aug-27 Fayette
  Jesse Byrd Florence Thomas 19-Oct-27 Fayette
  John Jacob Pingon Russie B. Thomas 25-Dec-27 Fayette
  Oscar W. May Hancie A. Thomas 8-Aug-28 Fayette
  Oscar Wood R.V. Thomas 7-May-29 Fayette
  Andrew Nagge Erma Thomas 17-Mar-30 Fayette
  Henry Steed Bessie Thomas 25-Mar-30 Fayette
  Jesse W. Cowart Nora M. Thomas 15-Jan-31 Fayette
  George Low Viola Thomas 14-Feb-31 Fayette
  Howard Watson Elsie Thomas 7-Nov-31 Fayette
  John Wagner Ada L Thomas 1932 Fayette
  William H Musselman Beatrice Thomas 1932 Fayette
  John L Moore Lizzie Thomas 1932 Fayette
  Vincent Payne Margaret E Thomas 1932 Fayette
  James H Gaddy Mary V Thomas 1932 Fayette
  Rupert Jenkins Olive Thomas 1932 Fayette
  Clarence Boles Audry Thomas 1934 Fayette
  R S Latham Doris Thomas 1934 Fayette
  Paul Leffew Edna M Thomas 1934 Fayette
  Ben Price Wintefred Thomas 1934 Fayette
  Fred Haught Alma Louise Thomas 1935 Fayette
  John Herring, Jr. Martha Thomas 1935 Fayette
  Seymour Stickler Bessie Thomas 1936 Fayette
  Clifford Peters Bettie Thomas 1936 Fayette
  Edmond D Barnett Betty Thomas 1936 Fayette
  Clarence W Parrish Carrie D Thomas 1936 Fayette
  Jack McArthur Lois Evelyn Thomas 1937 Fayette
  Kelmar D Green Vetrice Thomas 1937 Fayette
  Edward L Clark Alice Va Thomas 1938 Fayette
  James D Lafferty Nora Mae Thomas 1938 Fayette
  Louis Yale Peskoe Mildred Thomas 1939 Fayette
  William Penn Bethel Thomas 1940 Fayette
  Lloyd C Crawford Della Thomas 1940 Fayette
  Robert H Huff Florence F Thomas 1940 Fayette
  Norman Spradling Nellie Thomas 1940 Fayette
  James Howard Bennett Zela Ruth Thomas 1940 Fayette
  John Harvey Masel Va Thomas 1941 Fayette
  William Bennett Clara Thomas 1942 Fayette
  Walter E Adams Claudia Lee Thomas 1942 Fayette
  W E Kincaid Helen Thomas 1942 Fayette
  Frank P Smith Elsie Lee Thomas 1943 Fayette
  W E Baldwin Frances A Thomas 1943 Fayette
  Edward F Gilmer Chlstial Thomas 1944 Fayette
  Henry H Walls Kathryn Thomas 1944 Fayette
  William David Sexton Naomi Thomas 1944 Fayette
  Daniel E Frazier Elizabeth Thomas 1945 Fayette
  Roy Jenkins Pearl Thomas 1945 Fayette
  Robert Johns Vernie Thomas 1945 Fayette
  Glenn Kinder Audrey Marie Thomas 1946 Fayette
  Eddie Medley Edith Thomas 1946 Fayette
  Joseph E McCoy Georgia M Thomas 1946 Fayette
  John Lee Settle Edna Lorraine Thomas 1947 Fayette
  Howard Lee Medley Hattie Bell Thomas 1947 Fayette
  Emery Miller Josephine Thomas 1947 Fayette
  Clarence E Cart Alice Thomas 1948 Fayette
  Clarence Daniels Betty June Thomas 1948 Fayette
  James Edwin Griffith Doris Lee Thomas 1948 Fayette
  Clyde Gillinwater Mammie Thomas 1948 Fayette
  Enos Cunningham Celia Thomas 1950 Fayette
  Robert Teaster Lois Thomas 1950 Fayette
  John D Blake Lorena Thomas 1950 Fayette
  Jordan B Evans Margie Thomas 1950 Fayette
  Vernon Daniel Lanham Oretha Mae Thomas 1950 Fayette
  Eugene B Sears Edna E Thomas 1951 Fayette
  James Howard Osborne Letha Mae Thomas 1951 Fayette
  Roy C Brewer Mabel Thomas 1951 Fayette
  William J Berry Mary Elizabeth Thomas 1951 Fayette
  William Ralph Sydnar Maxine Elizabeth Thomas 1951 Fayette
  Roy Sery Viriginia Thomas 1951 Fayette
  Sherman McComb Evelyn Thomas 1952 Fayette
  John Vohaletz, Jr. Delores Thomas 1953 Fayette
  David Ferrell Mattie Thomas 1953 Fayette
  William Edward Creighton Callen Thomas 1954 Fayette
  Earl Vaught Jane Thomas 1954 Fayette
  Robert L Reynolds Jean Monna Thomas 1955 Fayette
  Charles Edward Simms Frances Ellen Thomas 1956 Fayette
  James B Miller Nancy Lee Thomas 1956 Fayette
  William Thomas Dora Thomas 1957 Fayette
  Walter Andrew Jackson Lillie Thomas 1957 Fayette
  Harold Eugene Perry Marion Ray Thomas 1957 Fayette
  Mary Herbert Maggie Thomas 1958 Fayette
  Clinton Carlos Claypool Georgia Ellen Thomas 1959 Fayette
  Owen William Deitz Clara Thomas 1960 Fayette
  Edward Thomas Irene Tolven Thomas 1960 Fayette
  Cleo Lee Christian Barbara Jean Thomas 1961 Fayette
  Danny Rinehart Brenda Kay Thomas 1961 Fayette
  Jack Donald Edwards Elaine Craley Thomas 1961 Fayette
  Boyd Ray Lively Brenda Lou Thomas 1962 Fayette
  Darrell Eugene Stegel Dixie Lee Thomas 1962 Fayette
  Lewis Clay Stout Louise Ernestine Thomas 1963 Fayette
  John W Pannell Mary P Thomas 1963 Fayette
  Otis Edward Marcum Shirley Mae Thomas 1963 Fayette
  Thomas Abe Comer Betty June Thomas 1964 Fayette
  John Sterling Williams Evelyn Laverne Thomas 1965 Fayette
  James Richard Mitchell Anna Pearl Thomas 1966 Fayette
  Fred Calvin Evans Blenda Maxine Thomas 1966 Fayette
  James Edward Brown Nancy Elizabeth Thomas 1966 Fayette
  Delbert Garnet Coles Ramona Thomas 1966 Fayette
  Paul William McCracken Leah Sharon Thomas 1967 Fayette
  Robert Dean Vest Barbara Ann Thomas 1968 Fayette
  William Douglas Sweeney Brenda Kay Thomas 1968 Fayette
  Frederick William Early Carroll Ann Thomas 1968 Fayette
  Howard Calvin Hammontree Connie Sue Thomas 1968 Fayette
  Floyd Franklin Ward Dreama Grace Thomas 1968 Fayette
  Leroy William Jr Brooks Jacqueline Evon Thomas 1968 Fayette


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