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Treadwell Barney White, Jr. Norma Jo Treadwell 1953 Fayette
Trebble O. Fritzwater Waniss Trebble 2-Mar-25 Fayette
Trebuchan Salvatore Puglia Maria Trebuchan 7-Aug-16 Fayette
Tredaway Wiliam W. Blake Mary Tredaway 23 Apr 1848 Fayette
  Charles Meadows R. Mintie Tredaway 01 May 1878 Fayette
  George Smollock May Tredaway 1-Nov-15 Fayette
  Lee R. Thompson Icie M. Tredwary 7-Sep-20 Fayette
Tredway James W. Johnson Mary J. Tredway 30 Nov 1878 Fayette
  George Shuff Amanda Tredway 12 Mar 1897 Fayette
  Wyatt Foster Tena Tredway 19-May-09 Fayette
  John Brown Minnie Tredway 26-May-12 Fayette
  George A Foster Ida M Tredway 11-Sep-12 Fayette
  Vester Light Cordie Tredway 6-Jul-15 Fayette
  George Bowlen Darlie Tredway 6-Jan-18 Fayette
  Edgar Evans Bertie B. Tredway 31-Jul-20 Fayette
  James T. Carter Hopie Tredway 6-Nov-20 Fayette
  J. E. Thompson Hattie Tredway 14-Dec-20 Fayette
  Cheslie C. Cutright Claudie Tredway 31-Dec-23 Fayette
  Earl Thompson Icy Tredway 13-Jan-29 Fayette
  Delbert Boothe Georgia M. Tredway 16-Feb-29 Fayette
  Charles Lawhorn Maggie Tredway 7-Dec-29 Fayette
  Andy Wriston Constance Tredway 1933 Fayette
  Woodrow W Blackwell Freda F Tredway 1943 Fayette
  Russell J McKinney Phyllis Tredway 1944 Fayette
  William E Scott Mildred Mary Tredway 1950 Fayette
  Clarence T Burke Mary Lou Tredway 1951 Fayette
  Eugene Paul Griffith Francis Mae Tredway 1952 Fayette
  James E Smith Mary A Tredway 1952 Fayette
  Everett L Bagle Daisy Tredway 1953 Fayette
  Floyd H Burns Lealia Tredway 1955 Fayette
  Harold Wayne Jones Judith Gyale Tredway 1967 Fayette
Treiel Willard O Ewing Erma Mae Treiel 1949 Fayette
Treme Frank Kinsberger Sophia Treme 19-Oct-13 Fayette
Trencz Kenneth Eugene Dempsey Linda Lou Trencz 1968 Fayette
Trent William  Adkins Nancy Trent 06 Dec 1898 Fayette
  Marion Adkins Nancy Trent 11 Dec 1899 Fayette
  Alvy Allen Alice Trent 4-Dec-01 Fayette
  Henry Young Minnie Trent 15-Apr-06 Fayette
  Garfield Pugh Cara E. Trent 4-Oct-14 Fayette
  Fred Boggess Mamie Trent 23-Mar-16 Fayette
  Alex Lewis Belle Trent 18-Nov-26 Fayette
  H.A. Deitz Matilda Trent 27-Jun-29 Fayette
  John H. Cadle Manota Trent 19-Aug-29 Fayette
  Jennings Shaffer Sadie Trent 14-Jan-31 Fayette
  D.Wilbur Skaggs Reva Trent 7-Jun-31 Fayette
  Andrew Bailey Lena Trent 1934 Fayette
  Dennis Toney Goldie Trent 1936 Fayette
  Jack Akers Manota Trent 1936 Fayette
  Clyde Sizemore Zelda Trent 1946 Fayette
  William Carrick Lucas Joanne Byrd Trent 1950 Fayette
  George Proskin Ruby Trent 1952 Fayette
  Carter Ellis Evelyn Trent 1953 Fayette
  Claude Mack Gladys Trent 1954 Fayette
  Basil McKinney Delphia Trent 1956 Fayette
  Arthur H Hibbs Lucille F Trent 1960 Fayette
  Dennis Ray Pinkerton Charlotte Ann Trent 1966 Fayette
Treodway Robert Franklin Mize Shirley Fay Treodway 1959 Fayette
Trevey H. L. Hemmings Uzona C. Trevey 28-Apr-09 Fayette
Treynor Herman Huite Loulsy Treynor 10-Oct-06 Fayette
Trezona W. H. Pifer Mary A. Trezona 23-Apr-05 Fayette
Tribble Giles Whitbeck Lula Tribble 4-Jul-11 Fayette
Trice John Washington Mattie Trice 26 Dec 1894 Fayette
  Will Smith Annie Lee Trice 1937 Fayette
  Rufus Hairston Pearl Trice 1963 Fayette
Trimble Charles Rakes Alma Trimble 1936 Fayette
Trimomett Joe J Mensauage Roxie M Trimomett 1937 Fayette
Triplett Robert J Crist Geraldine Triplett 1947 Fayette
  Ralph Crist Lucille Triplett 1948 Fayette
  Thomas Simms Helen Triplett 1949 Fayette
  Rodney Richard Jones Victoria Marie Triplett 1958 Fayette
  Dennis Edward Bess Marie Jeanne Triplett 1968 Fayette
Tripp George E. Cale Rose Tripp 29 Nov 1898 Fayette
  Thomas George Cyrus Estha Lena Tripp 3-Oct-00 Fayette
Trippett Robert Leonard Kidd Patricia Ann Trippett 1957 Fayette
Tritt Israel E. Hollady Margaret Tritt 23 Nov 1849 Fayette
  Royce Dial Margaret Tritt 1965 Fayette
Triu Zacking Clayton Janet Bright Triu 30-Dec-23 Fayette
Trizanowskn John Prymak Anlaura Trizanowskn 2-Aug-09 Fayette
Troeddle W. B. Pettit Isabella Troeddle 14-Jul-04 Fayette
Trotter Ed Cardwell Jolana Trotter 31-May-20 Fayette
  Eddie Hill Wilonna Trotter 31-Dec-31 Fayette
  Buster Curry Lula Mae Trotter 1937 Fayette
Trout Courtney M. Little Willie M. Trout 8-Dec-08 Fayette
  Murrel Dorsey Veldia Trout 1935 Fayette
Troy Verginia Archie Ruby Troy 1958 Fayette
Trucher Tildon Gibson Delia Trucher 17-Oct-05 Fayette
  John Bonnie Elizabeth Trucker 22 Jul 1886 Fayette
Truehart Le Poindexter Laura Truehart 30 Nov 1895 Fayette
  Robert Miller Lizzie Truehart 26 Dec 1897 Fayette
  William Perkens Mary Truehent 14 Aug 1890 Fayette
Truman Vernon Helm Rosa Truman 1-Sep-26 Fayette
  Ernest Hauck Doras Truman 12-May-31 Fayette
  Emmett Beane Gladys Truman 1936 Fayette
  Eugene C Nichols Carmelita Truman 1948 Fayette
  Eugene Danell Skaggs Shirley Mae Truman 1950 Fayette
  Henry Arthur DeCuba Sonja Henie Truman 1966 Fayette
  Francisco Kock Shannon Jean Truman 1967 Fayette
  Terry Lee Arthur Archie Lynn Truman 1968 Fayette
Trump John H Cadle Mary E Trump 25 Jan 1881 Fayette
  Roy. H. Brown Luellen J. Trump 21 Aug 1895 Fayette
  William. E. George Maude Trump 24 Apr 1896 Fayette
  S. W. McDonald Ada Trump 23-Jun-03 Fayette
  Clinton H. Childress Emma J. Trump 28-Dec-04 Fayette
  Edward Rowe Martha Trump 1932 Fayette
  Robert McCarthy Eulah Mae Trump 1934 Fayette
  Eugene McClure Madeline Trump 1934 Fayette
  Richard Harold Ford Emma Lou Trump 1959 Fayette
  Lewis Kent Tyree Nancy Ruth Trump 1965 Fayette
  Daniel Ruffner Ruby Blake Trump 1968 Fayette
Truslow J. W. Straughan L. M. Truslow 23-May-17 Fayette
Trustle Harvey Campbell Marie Trustle 8-Jun-14 Fayette
Trusty Bud Workman Pearle A Trusty 21 Jan 1892 Fayette
Trzeciak S D Ketron Helen L Trzeciak 1933 Fayette
Trzicak Charles Robert Hamilton Juanita Lee Trzicak 1950 Fayette
  James Preston Holbert Brenda Lou Trzicak 1956 Fayette
Tsicher John H. Miller Mary M. Tsicher 02 Jan 1896 Fayette
Tubarb Edgar Zimmerman Ella Tubarb 13 Dec 1882 Fayette
Tubec Andrew B. Gunnoe Annie Tubec 10-Apr-15 Fayette
Tuck Woodam Mitchell Florence Tuck 2-Jan-09 Fayette
  Robert W. Blake Feba Tuck 21-Dec-19 Fayette
  Leonard L Sigler Dixie Lee Tuck 1956 Fayette
  Joseph Gene Phillips Linda Lou Tuck 1960 Fayette
  Harris Allen Estep Linda Lou Tuck 1962 Fayette


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