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The Family Surnames : Whited - Widener

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Whited Klase William Audrey N Whited 1946 Fayette
Whitehead Homer Leon VanCamp Elsie Collins Whitehead 9-Jun-23 Fayette
Whiteker Richard Whiteker Martha Whiteker 02 Feb 1875 Fayette
Whitenack Walker L. Reaser Maymie Whitenack 14-Oct-26 Fayette
Whiteriss A.C. Clahand Mollie Whiteriss 23-Mar-04 Fayette
Whiteside Goody Meadows Cardie Mae Whiteside 1937 Fayette
  Harry Douglas Mitchell Katherine Marie Whiteside 1949 Fayette
  Douglas C Jackson Anna Mae Whiteside 1956 Fayette
  Clarence L Bandy Nancy Carol Whiteside 1963 Fayette
  John Edward Massey Donna Ruth Whiteside 1965 Fayette
Whiting Willie O. Perkins Mary E. Whiting 29 Jun 1895 Fayette
  Luther Crum Edna May Whiting 1933 Fayette
  Bueford Cox Voneda Whiting 1933 Fayette
Whitington Lewis M. Trevillian Lucinda Whitington 03 May 1879 Fayette
  Homer R Inghram Lovena Whitington 1932 Fayette
Whitley John Louis Butler Sherry Lynn Whitley 1958 Fayette
  Daniel Bruce Pauley Patricia Ann Whitley 1966 Fayette
Whitlock Robert Smith Mertie Whitlock 11 Sep 1895 Fayette
  Moab McIver Sue Whitlock 23 Dec 1899 Fayette
  Ira Norman Carrie Whitlock 26-Mar-11 Fayette
  Daney Manly Ellen Whitlock 7-May-21 Fayette
  John A. Jordan Nora Whitlock 23-Aug-24 Fayette
  Tom Jeff Boyd Nettie May Whitlock 30-Oct-26 Fayette
  Paul Cain Louise Whitlock 27-May-27 Fayette
  Carl Stanley Anna Whitlock 1936 Fayette
  James Gibson Phyllis Whitlock 1944 Fayette
  Stinson Bryant Melba Whitlock 1946 Fayette
  Luther Gilliam Wickline Anna Frances Whitlock 1948 Fayette
  Loren Edward Neal Thelma LaViene Whitlock 1953 Fayette
  Kenneth Vaughon Wilder Anna Frances Whitlock 1958 Fayette
Whitlow Joseph O Stokley Mamie Victoria Whitlow 28-Nov-12 Fayette
  James E Blanks Helen Whitlow 1946 Fayette
  Clifford Polk Carolyn Whitlow 1958 Fayette
  George R Wriston Agatha Whitlow 1959 Fayette
Whitman Edgar Miller Alice Whitman 15-Mar-22 Fayette
  William R Lomax Lola H Whitman 1945 Fayette
  O R Terry Virginia Whitman 1946 Fayette
  Clarence N Smith Yarnette R Whitman 1952 Fayette
Whitmore Joseph Dewey Stone Glenda Jean Whitmore 1968 Fayette
Whitney Walter S Williamson Iola M Whitney 26 Jun 1892 Fayette
  Frank M. Garnitt Tina C. Whitney 16-Jul-21 Fayette
  Herbert Bumford Mabel Whitney 18-Jul-21 Fayette
Whitt John Rositer Eliza J. Whitt 17 Feb 1891 Fayette
  Homer Shepherd Lula Louise Whitt 14-Mar-23 Fayette
  Roy Smith Virginia Whitt 17-Sep-25 Fayette
  Dave Dorson Bertha Whitt 9-Apr-27 Fayette
  Chester O'Dell Grace Whitt 27-Aug-28 Fayette
  Andrew Clemons Dixie Whitt 2-Mar-31 Fayette
  Cecil R Jarrett Ollie Mae Whitt 1946 Fayette
  William T Crawford Hazel Whitt 1950 Fayette
  James Duncan Ann Whitt 1955 Fayette
  William Wagner Bertha Whitt 1956 Fayette
  Freddie Lee Dennler Lewanna Jo Whitt 1956 Fayette
  Estel Smith Nancy Pat Whitt 1962 Fayette
  James Bryan Pearlie Ann Rakes Whitt 1962 Fayette
  Elmer Lee Gilliam Katie Marie Whitt 1967 Fayette
Whittaker Robert Oliver Sarah Whittaker 7-Mar-01 Fayette
  William Mitchell Roxie Whittaker 17-Aug-14 Fayette
Whitten Edward L Shawver Jacquelin Whitten 1946 Fayette
  James Divita June Whitten 1947 Fayette
Whittington Tyler T. Elgin Blanche Whittington 24-Dec-27 Fayette
  John E. Lake Daisy Whittington 7-Jan-31 Fayette
  Royal E Estep Ellen C Whittington 1932 Fayette
  Roy Kapp E J Whittington 1933 Fayette
  G E Brooks Lillian Whittington 1936 Fayette
  Arba Skaggs Thelma Whittington 1936 Fayette
  L K Kepper Ethel Whittington 1937 Fayette
  Ronald Lambert Virginia Whittington 1937 Fayette
  James D Shieler Susie Whittington 1938 Fayette
  Franklin Dell Spangler Laura Louise Whittington 1957 Fayette
Whorley Eugene E. Thomas Ella Whorley 10-Mar-00 Fayette
Wiant Gary M Straughan Nancy Joan Wiant 1961 Fayette
Wicker Charles W. Lemmon Lucy J. Wicker 31 Aug 1899 Fayette
  James C. Harris Ada F. Wicker 10-Jun-00 Fayette
Wicklene Chester Legg Justine Wicklene 11-May-29 Fayette
Wickliffe Lawrence Gray Anita Wickliffe 1943 Fayette
Wickline George Beverage Florence D. Wickline 24-Dec-03 Fayette
  Leonard D. Candles Annie R. Wickline 2-Mar-04 Fayette
  Carl Marosky Bessie Wickline 9-Jul-24 Fayette
  Charles J. Noroskew Bessie Wickline 19-Aug-24 Fayette
  Lawrence Cumbow Lola Wickline 5-Sep-24 Fayette
  George Dewey Godby Viola V. Wickline 23-May-25 Fayette
  George W. Miller Ora Wickline 3-Dec-25 Fayette
  Marion Mitchell Lola Wickline 24-Dec-26 Fayette
  Claud Hess Annie Wickline Sep-27 Fayette
  Paul Pajik Alletta Wickline 26-Oct-31 Fayette
  Ray Lee Hoback Dana L Wickline 1932 Fayette
  Arthur McClatchey Garnet E Wickline 1933 Fayette
  Henry Franks Ida Wickline 1934 Fayette
  James Smith Margaret Wickline 1935 Fayette
  Lonie MV Tiuchen Katherine J Wickline 1938 Fayette
  F C Shuck Ida Wickline 1944 Fayette
  Harry Lackey Della Wickline 1948 Fayette
  William Jennings Arthur Alma Virginia Wickline 1950 Fayette
  Cletus Burgess Arlene Wickline 1950 Fayette
  Winfield Frederich Craig Marilyn Kay Wickline 1952 Fayette
  Kenneth Joe Johnson Anne Rogene Wickline 1968 Fayette
Wicks Robert E Gray Edith P Wicks 1941 Fayette
  Hamilton Turner Lucy Wicks 1943 Fayette
Widay Andrew Kocholek Kathleen Widay 1934 Fayette
Widener George C Conner R Virginia Widener 1948 Fayette
  Harry Kieth Price Norma Jean Widener 1953 Fayette


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