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The Family Surnames : Williamson - Wilshire

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Williamson William J. Davies Annie Laura Williamson 09 Feb 1887 Fayette
  E. W. Standback Mary S. Williamson 14-Dec-04 Fayette
  J. H. Meldrum Daisy Williamson 19-Dec-06 Fayette
  Joe B. Watts Laura M. Williamson 24-Jul-09 Fayette
  Frank Rice Martha Williamson 5-Feb-27 Fayette
  Elmer R Davis Mary Bell Williamson 1934 Fayette
  Charles Ray Painter Florence A Williamson 1946 Fayette
  Claude Broughton Lula M Williamson 1946 Fayette
  Harold William Duncan Marietta Williamson 1954 Fayette
  Joseph H Estep Thelma V Williamson 1963 Fayette
Willis Rickels Adkins Lorry Willis 27 Jul 1838 Fayette
  Henry White Martha B. Willis 1872 Fayette
  John B. Keenan Lucy Willis 29 Mar 1876 Fayette
  Henry Wright Lucy Willis 29 May 1881 Fayette
  Irving A McGraw Sarah B Willis 15 Dec 1881 Fayette
  Henry W. Coleman Rebecca Willis 24 Dec 1898 Fayette
  Peyton E. Myers Julia T. Willis 04 Feb 1899 Fayette
  William H. Brandon Mary E. Willis 05 Aug 1899 Fayette
  Walter Thurston Lula Willis 15-Aug-01 Fayette
  Lee Marshall Mary D. Willis 27-Aug-01 Fayette
  Rufus Hawks Emmer Willis 7-Sep-01 Fayette
  William Jopling Ella Willis 4-Mar-03 Fayette
  Herbert Campbell Abbie M. Willis 23-Dec-05 Fayette
  Eli Bickford Bettie Willis 23-Apr-13 Fayette
  David Lewis Alwilda E. Willis 30-Aug-13 Fayette
  Henry McQuade Dona B Willis 23-Oct-13 Fayette
  Elliott Newton Nonie Willis 15-Oct-16 Fayette
  David Rob Nowell Edna Mae Willis 21-Aug-17 Fayette
  Henry F. King Stella Willis 22-May-20 Fayette
  Theodore N. Coleman Hester E. Willis 25-Nov-20 Fayette
  Elija M. Johnson Mary Eveline Willis 1-Jan-21 Fayette
  Trog P. Phillips Ruby Lilly Willis 16-Jun-25 Fayette
  Russell Kelly Annie Willis 3-Oct-25 Fayette
  Larry H. Brown Bernice Willis 27-Dec-26 Fayette
  William A. Seacrist Lenia B. Willis 21-Feb-27 Fayette
  David L. Clark Mary E. Willis 29-Jun-27 Fayette
  Tomey Echals Effie Willis 31-Jul-29 Fayette
  Clarence Fortner Blanche Willis 16-Sep-31 Fayette
  Lee Rorabaugh Mable Willis 1932 Fayette
  R.E. Reynolds B.E. Willis 1934 Fayette
  William F Woods Mae Willis 1934 Fayette
  Fred Dabney Pauline Willis 1934 Fayette
  Harold Wood Verna Willis 1934 Fayette
  Dorsey Cohenaur Helen Willis 1935 Fayette
  George Clendennin Meda Willis 1935 Fayette
  Rudolph Parker Holliday Kathleen Willis 1937 Fayette
  Arnsed Harrah Nancy Willis 1937 Fayette
  Clarence Edward Wilburn Mary Eliz Willis 1939 Fayette
  George Dewey Atkinson Almeda Willis 1940 Fayette
  James C Wriston Jewell C Willis 1940 Fayette
  Gentsel B Weis Madge Lee Willis 1942 Fayette
  William Q Skaggs Ruth Willis 1942 Fayette
  Raymond G Bays Eloise Willis 1943 Fayette
  Harold Gore Beulah Willis 1944 Fayette
  Clarence Cook Amy Willis 1945 Fayette
  Lexie O Holliday Eileen Willis 1946 Fayette
  William E Sawyers Leona Willis 1946 Fayette
  Alva Hawkins Hester Willis 1950 Fayette
  John W Thomas Ramona Willis 1951 Fayette
  Clarence T Allen Joan Willis 1953 Fayette
  Bernard Edward Reber Ruby C Willis 1953 Fayette
  Forrest E Blume Wanda Gail Willis 1953 Fayette
  Jacob R Aleshire Dorothy Wanita Willis 1954 Fayette
  John H Meadows Irene Willis 1954 Fayette
  Frank Herman Bryson Margaret Elizabeth Willis 1954 Fayette
  John Thomas Stover Linda Marie Willis 1955 Fayette
  John Edward Banks Sharon Jacqualine Willis 1955 Fayette
  Nathaniel Utha Phares Emma Willis 1956 Fayette
  Elbert Loving Willie Mae Willis 1957 Fayette
  A C Comer Mary Jane Willis 1959 Fayette
  Richard Preston Bennett Mabel Alta Willis 1960 Fayette
  Julius Jerome Calhoun Marelene Joyletta Willis 1960 Fayette
  Thomas M Chattin Sandra Ann Willis 1961 Fayette
  Jennings Carl Grimmett Athylene Lee Willis 1963 Fayette
  Robert Larry Ewing Clara Faye Willis 1963 Fayette
  Larry Alexander Shortridge Betty Jo Willis 1964 Fayette
  Lowell Jackson Mollette Patricia Ann Willis 1964 Fayette
  Richard Lee Clark Ethel Frances Willis 1965 Fayette
  Linvell Workman Gayle Lou Willis 1966 Fayette
  Frank Miller Nancy Kathleen Willis 1966 Fayette
  Robert Gilbert Harrah Patricia Ann Willis 1967 Fayette
  Jack Hugh Barker Linda Kay Willis 1968 Fayette
  Ivan Edward Persinger Peggy Ann Willis 1968 Fayette
Willmeth Fred Cheek Helen Willmeth 29-Sep-28 Fayette
  Earl J Bowyer Lois A Willmeth 1946 Fayette
Willmuth John Gilliam Betty Willmuth 1948 Fayette
Wills Richard H. Hudson Lucy E. Wills 20 Apr 1892 Fayette
  C. Owen Ayers Ludie Wills 15-Apr-03 Fayette
  Evrette Boling Elizabeth Wills 14-Feb-04 Fayette
  Otto Clendennire Minnie Wills 28-Feb-05 Fayette
  Henry Craft Daisy Wills 4-Oct-06 Fayette
  James Drennon Lula Wills 3-Apr-08 Fayette
  Malcolm Casebolt Eliza Wills 5-May-10 Fayette
  Robert M Holliday Mary Wills 18-May-10 Fayette
  Vinson C Hatcher Ludie Wills 5-Jul-11 Fayette
  Sam B Smoot Sarah A Wills 7-Nov-11 Fayette
  Ernest R. Dempsey V. Lenora Wills 16-Nov-14 Fayette
  Elbert Evans Allie M. Wills 17-Dec-16 Fayette
  Stanley Bailes Nina Wills 5-Jan-17 Fayette
  P G Prather Ruth E Wills 15-May-18 Fayette
  C.R. Wilson Angeline Wills 23-Mar-19 Fayette
  Harry Lowe Mary V. Wills 3-Oct-20 Fayette
  Henry C. Hamilton Mary Ethel Wills 22-Dec-21 Fayette
  William Kilgore Lula Wills 1-Nov-22 Fayette
  Emmet Dickenson Annie Wills 20-Apr-26 Fayette
  P.M. Nutter Hanna Wills 27-Dec-30 Fayette
  Clarence Palmer Ruth Wills 4-Apr-31 Fayette
  Forest R. Duncan Darcill M. Wills 8-Apr-31 Fayette
  J.W. Scott Stacy Wills 25-Dec-31 Fayette
  Richard O'Dell Thelma Wills 1932 Fayette
  Jess A Anthony Inez M Wills 1933 Fayette
  Haden Aliff Beulah May Wills 1934 Fayette
  Toney LeRose Marjorie Wills 1938 Fayette
  Carmel Cole Mildred Wills 1938 Fayette
  William Ramsey Kincaid Eva Faye Wills 1940 Fayette
  Hulon Hendrick Gordon M Wills 1943 Fayette
  Arlie Lilly Margaret Wills 1945 Fayette
  Raymond Hartless Isabel Wills 1946 Fayette
  James C Petry Bettie Belle Wills 1947 Fayette
  John R Weese Linna Ann Wills 1951 Fayette
  Bernard Glenn Johnson Wanda Grace Wills 1953 Fayette
  John Fahry Mary Carol Wills 1954 Fayette
  Floyd Skaggs Myrtle O Wills 1958 Fayette
  Fredrick Perry Kincaid Ruth Elizabeth Wills 1958 Fayette
  James Lee Pennington Roberta Wills 1959 Fayette
  Richard Douglas Wallace Linda Ann Kincaid Wills 1968 Fayette
Willson Charles Johnson Annie Willson 19-Jun-00 Fayette
  George Comach Stella Willson 5-Feb-08 Fayette
  Donald Long Ruth Willson 1952 Fayette
  Horace Clay Hannabass Mildred Ruth Willson 1954 Fayette
Wilma Ira Blake Rosa Wilma 1-Jul-22 Fayette
Wilmer Leslie Burgess Ruth Wilmer 1-May-29 Fayette
  Howard Gentry Lois Wilmer 1937 Fayette
  John C Hartong Lucy Lee Wilmer 1937 Fayette
  John L Long Mary G Wilmer 1945 Fayette
Wilmette John H. Shreve Cora L. Wilmette 10 Oct 1882 Fayette
Wilmoth Hugh Ike Shott Gloria Rich Wilmoth 1957 Fayette
Wilmouth George H Moore Lilly Wilmouth 1940 Fayette
Wilmuth F. S. Holland Janney Wilmuth 09 Jan 1879 Fayette
  J. A. Dribler Mary J. Wilmuth 09 Jan 1879 Fayette
  Henry A. Carter Cora L. Wilmuth 24 Sep 1896 Fayette
Wilshire Joe Treadway Bertha A. Wilshire 17-Sep-21 Fayette
  Robert Wilkerson Sarah Wilshire 15-Mar-27 Fayette
  Claude Tatum Minerva Wilshire 16-May-28 Fayette
  Roy F Smith Margaret Wilshire 1933 Fayette
  Frances Bibb Sara Wilshire 1933 Fayette
  Joe Sproles Fay Louise Wilshire 1937 Fayette
  William Deward Mitchell Mary Wilshire 1940 Fayette
  Rudy Childers Sarah Jane Wilshire 1947 Fayette


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