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Lawyer Has Two Natures
Judge says it is shown in arrest of State attorney for begging.
Baltimore, Jan. 17.- "If there is such a thing as a dual personality in every man, it is shown in this case," said Justice Grannan in the police court yesterday when E. Marshall Johnson, charged with begging on the street, came before him. Johnson is state attorney for Grant county, West Virginia, and also counsel for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. He is editor and owner of the Grant County Press, a weekly publication. he is 35 years old, of refined appearance and dresses well. Last night he was arrested while begging at Baltimore and Hanover streets. "Why do you beg on the streets?" asked the justice. "I don't know," replied Johnson. At times something come over me and I cannot resist it, Then I go out on the street and beg money. "I am not going to let you go," said the justice, "because this other self may get the best of you again." Source: The Forest Republican (Stationery, Pa.) January 18,1911  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Dual Personality
Baltimore, Md., Jan. 25.- Medical students and scientists who for more than a week have been studying the mysterious dual personality of E. Marshall Johnson, today are unable to explain why at times his is the typical gentleman and at other times a common street beggar. Johnson is attorney for Grant county, West Virginia, besides being editor of the Grant County Press. Recently he was arrested in Baltimore for soliciting alms. He was unable to explain what prompted him to beg, but said that frequently the nonpluses was irresistible. Scientists so far have been unable to advance any explanation for this peculiar malady. Source: Daily capital journal (Salem,Or.) January 25,1911  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

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