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Greenbrier County, WV Churches

Church Name
Source: GNIS



Early Churches    
Advent Church 380338N 0804342W
Alderson Church 374451N 0803602W
Alderson Church of God 374342N 0803856W
Amwell Baptist Church 375710N 0804028W
Anthony Baptist Church 375346N 0801954W
Band of Hope Church 380148N 0802330W
Beaver Creek Baptist Church 375625N 0803624W
Bethel Church 380232N 0801912W
Beulah Church 380537N 0802056W
Calvary Baptist Church 374900N 0802526W
Calvary United Methodist Church 375037N 0802853W
Cemetery Hill Church 380437N 0805216W
Chapel Hill Church 374803N 0804024W
Charmco Church 375931N 0804402W
Chestnut Grove Church 380336N 0804415W
Church of Christ 374659N 0802716W
Coffman Hill Chapel 374559N 0802456W
Cold Spring Church 375636N 0803157W
Community Church 375038N 0802317W
Eckle Church 375004N 0801649W
Edgewood Chapel 375001N 0802345W
Elizabeth Chapel United Methodist Church 374232N 0802827W
Enon Baptist Church 375359N 0802124W
Episcopal Church of the Incarnation 374450N 0802809W
Feamster Memorial Freewill Baptist Church 374551N 0803622W
First Baptist Church 374238N 0803039W
First Baptist Church of Trout 380100N 0802806W
First Baptist Church of White Sulphur Springs 374733N 0801756W
First Church of God 374453N 0802827W
First Church of God 374748N 0801755W
First Presbyterian Church 374724N 0801810W
Free Church 374600N 0802340W
Green Church 374724N 0803844W
Greenbrier Valley Baptist Church 374903N 0801617W
Henning Church of God 375319N 0802150W
Highland Baptist Church 374943N 0803158W
Hilltop Baptist Church 374548N 0802634W
Holiness Church 374358N 0803742W
James Chapel United Methodist Church 375343N 0803426W
James Memorial Church 374218N 0803115W
Janes Chapel 374750N 0803213W
John Weslty United Methodist Church 374759N 0802641W
Ketron Church 374331N 0802959W
Lewisburg United Methodist Church 374801N 0802634W
Liberty Baptist Church 374622N 0802642W
Little Country Church 374943N 0802317W
Little Creek Church 375823N 0801200W
Little Creek Church 375539N 0804738W
Little Sewell Church 375357N 0804519W
Mary Immaculate Church 375733N 0802656W
Maude Chapel 375030N 0804212W
May Chapel 380233N 0800153W
McClain Church 374503N 0802513W
McElhenney Church 374937N 0804300W
McMillion Church 380051N 0802534W
Meadow Grove Baptist Church 375158N 0804349W
Morgan Memorial Church 380004N 0801950W
Morris Fork Church 375100N 0804456W
Mount Pleasant Church 380049N 0802916W
Mount Tabor Baptist Church 374807N 0802650W
Mount Vernon United Methodist Church 374358N 0803328W
Mount Zion Church 374535N 0803949W
Mount Zion Church 374237N 0803037W
Mount Zion Church (historical) 375123N 0803624W
Mount Zion Primitive Baptist Church 374442N 0802625W
Muddy Creek Church 374612N 0803705W
Namo Chapel 380927N 0803502W
Neola Church of God 375755N 0800740W
New Bethel Church 375542N 0803251W
New Covenant Sanctuary Church of God 374658N 0802708W
New Ellis Chapel 380310N 0802300W
New Salem Church 375938N 0803005W
Oakhurst Church 374942N 0801652W
Old Greenbrier Baptist Church 374343N 0803831W
Old Stone Presbyterian Church 374805N 0802654W
Pentecostal Church 375037N 0803828W
Pentecostal Church 374405N 0801650W
Pilgrim Rest Church (historical) 375705N 0802428W
Rockcamp Church 380427N 0802236W
Rome Church 380229N 0804332W
Ronceverte Baptist Church 374451N 0802807W
Ronceverte Christian Church 374456N 0802755W
Ronceverte Church of the Nazarene 374452N 0802806W
Ronceverte Presbyterian Church 374452N 0802809W
Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Church 374452N 0802814W
Saint James Episcopal Church 374759N 0802700W
Saint Johns Church (historical) 375330N 0803905W
Salem Presbyterian Church 374233N 0802625W
Sam Black Church 375356N 0803752W
Shuck Memorial Baptist Church 374811N 0802651W
Sinking Creek Baptist Church 375414N 0803235W
Soule Chapel 375517N 0804148W
Sunrise Chapel 375340N 0803557W
Trinity United Methodist Church 374454N 0802812W
Unus Church 375616N 0802509W
Walnut Grove Church (historical) 375710N 0802211W
Wesley Chapel 375544N 0802632W
West Point Baptist Church 374926N 0803339W
Whatco Church 375001N 0801523W
White Sulphur Baptist Church 374746N 0801757W
Wild Meadow Baptist Church 375126N 0801439W
Woods Memorial Church 374932N 0803103W
Zions Light Baptist Church 374431N 0802550W

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