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1785 Census of Harrison County, WV
(Transcribed from the book History Of Harrison County West Virginia by Henry Haymond 1910)

Donated by Barb Ziegermeyer

At the June Term, 1785, of the County Court, an order was entered that a list of all whites and buildings should be taken, distinguishing the dwelling houses, together with a list of the tithables subject to the payment of County or Parish levies

The inhabited parts of the County were divided into districts and an assessor appointed to do the work in each district.

The reports made by these officials are valuable as giving a list of names of those resident in the County at that time. Many of the names are illegible or so carelessly written and spelled that they cannot be deciphered. Some names are spelled three or four different ways, for instance Hughes, Hewes and Hues are intended for the same family name.
The tithables or men of lawful age aggregating 318. Several women are enumerated, they being owners of property. The most of the inhabitants are on the waters of the Valley and West Fork Rivers, there being but few west of the latter stream.

The reports of John Sleeth, Thomas Cheney, Benjamin Robinson John McCalley, George Jackson and John Powers cover the present limits of the county. These are all of the reports found for that year. It is possible that there were others for thinly settled parts of the County but if there were such they cannot be found.

John Sleeth list of tithables for the year 1785, from the mouth of Lost Creek,
including the whole of the Rivers in the West Fork settlement

Alex West

Thomas Hughes

James Tanner

John Runyon

Henry Flesher

Ellas Hues

Matthew Richards

James Campbell

John Richard

Joseph Kester

Christen Harrison

John Collins

Conrad Richards

William Hannan

John Brown

Samuel Borrls

Jesse Huse

George Brush

Jacob Harleson

David Wales Sleeth

Jacob Coad

Ebeneser Haley

Alex. Sleeth

John Hacker

James Sleath

John Sleeth

John Waggoner

Samuel Bonet

George Collins

Richard Clark

Thomas Doyl McCune

Adam Bush

Jacob Bush

Elizzah ???

Joseph ???

Abraham ???

Joseph Croxan

Isaac ???

Edmond West

Thomas Hughes

Edmund West, Constable.

Joel Lowther

Daniel Chat

James Schoolcraft

John Huggle

Adam O'Brien



Thomas Cheney, list of tithables for 1785, from the mouth of the
West Fork River up to Simpson's Creek including the Valley River:

Moses Holt

Robert Plummer, Constable

Edom Freeman

George Tetrick

William Tucker

Joseph Saxton

Nathan Tucker

Koonrod Koon

Henry Bucher

Joseph Koon

Enoch James

Jacob Biglar

Jacob Tetiick

John Tucker

Samuel Tucker

John Goodwin

John Goodwin, Jr.

Evan Thomas

Ezekel Thomas

John Wickwire

John Owens

Owens Owens

Lambert Flowers

Thos. Cheney

Henry Snider

John Davis

Jonah Edwards

George Moorehead

Evan Thomas


Benjamin Robinson list of tithables for 1785 from the County line
up the west side of the West Fork River to Limestone creek:

David Wamsly

Thomas Bartlett

Robert Bartlett

BenJ. Bartlett

Barns Allen

John Warmsley

Samuel Mclntire

Samuel Harbert

Edward Harbert

Joseph Wood

Edward Cunningham

Thomas Cunningham

Joseph Wamsley

Peter Cornelison

John Wood

John Outright

Christopher Carpenter

Ben J. Robinson

Levi Shinn


John McCalley's list of tithables for the year 1785 from the month of
Limestone up both sides of the West Fork River to Lost Creek.

John Cain

Abijah Ward

Jacob Richards, Jr.

Job Hughes

Joslah Davisson

John Hess

William Lowther

Thomas Barkley

James Meek

George Richards

Jacob Richards

Isaac Richards

William Runyan

Nicholas Bulgar

John Myers

Thomas Read

Thomas McCann

Cornelius Ward

Jonathan Coburn

William Tanner

Isaac Davisson

Nicholas Carpenter

John McCally

John Read

Robert Pike

Benjamin Richards





George Jackson list of tithables 18th. July, 1785,
on the waters of Elk Creek.

Samuel Beard

Christopher Nutter

Benjamin Shinn

Mathew Nutter

Daniel Fink

John Davlsson

Henry Rubs

John Wade Lovberry

Lewis Duvall

Hezekiah Davisson

Dinnes Murphy

John Gregory

Major Powers

Joseph Gregory

Wm Murphy

Obadiah Davisson

David Murphy

Benjamin Coplin

George Drake

Benjamin Cutter

Andrew Davisson

Levi Douglass

John Radcliff

James Shreve

John Murphy

Basel Williams

Wm Haymond

Jonathan Lambert

Daniel Davlsson

Gilbert Hustead

Notley Duvall

John Duvall

Joseph Hasting

Wm. Carder

Geo. Jackson

Sotha Hickman

John Wolfe

Thomas Nutter

Jacob Wolfe

Francis McCann

John Prunty

Wm. Davis

Amazlah Davisson



John Powers list of Tithables for the year 1785 on the waters of
Simpson's Creek and the Thompson settlement.

William Bartlett

William Thompson

Thomas Webb

Watson Clark

Elizabeth Webb

Aaron Smith

David Edwards

George Stewart

William Asa

James Anderson

Thomas Bartlett

Jonathan Stout

Caleb Stout

Walter Everet

John Stackhouse

Joseph Davieson

John Nutter

John Sailor

William Robinson

Joseph Wilkinson

Isaac Shinn

Samuel Shinn

Samuel Smith

Jacob Kees

Samuel James

Jacob Kees

Joseph Davis

Isaac Edwards

Thomas Stout

Ralph Morrow

William McKenney

Bonham Stout

Ann Davisson

John Bartlett

Samuel Wilkinson

Joseph Wilkinson

John Allen

James Anderson

Daniel Stout

Henry Thompson

Isaac Stackhouse

Thomas Wilkinson

John Bowers



A list of taxable and tithable property and tithables as per order of Court 1785.
Salathiel Goff's Cheat River District and Horse Shoe Bottoms.

James Parsons

William Parsons

Mlckle Parsons

George Richardson

James Shaw

William Shaw

Salathial Goff

Hannah Cuper

David Mlnear

Philip Mlnear

Adam Hinear

Edward Johnson

Thomas Wilmoth

Nerlah Gandy

Philip Fisher

Patrick Magonagan

H. Delay's list of tithables for 1785 from
Petty's Ford up to Joseph Crouches.

Anthony Chevelear

Charles Persons

John Crouch Sr

George Westfall

Henry Delay

Lidda Currance

John Crouch Jr.

Jonathan Crouch

William Currence

John Currence

Ebenezer Petty


The tithables and taxable property of Brickhannon River
settlement taken by Edw. Jackson, 1785.

Charles Foransh

John Jackson

John Bosart

Henry Fink Sr

David Casto

Henry Runyan

John Cutrite Jr.

Henry Fink Jr.

John Cutrite Sr

John Bush

Joseph Hall

John Jackson, Jr.

Edward Johnson




Jacob Westfall list of tithables 1785 from Leading Creek up to Petty's Ford,
including both sides of the Valley River.

Aaron Richison

Jacob Stalnaker Sr

Samuel McHenry

Abraham Kittle

Jacob Stalnaker Jr.

Samuel Quick

Anthony Smith

Jacob Westfall Sr

Thomas Philippe

Ben J Wilson

Jacob Westfall Jr.

Thomas Bore

Benj. Outright

John Johnson

Valentine Stalnaker

BenJ. Jones

John Yoakum

William Cassity

Cornelius Bogard

John Kittle

William Smith

Daniel Westfall

Jacob Kittle

William Levit

David Cassity

John Cassity

William Blair Sr

David Henderson

Matthias Whitman

William Briggs

David Philipps

Michael Toner

William Blair Jr.

Elizabeth Springstone

Nicholas Smith

Zachariah Westfall

George Bredin

Nicholas Pettro

William Anglin

Henry Prettloc

Nicholas Wolf

George Teter

John Trubles

Peter Bredin

Jacob Shook

John Pauly

Peter Casity

Samuel Eberman

John Wilson

Phineas Wells

Alexander Blair

Isaac McHenry

Philip Clem

Elizabeth Shaver

Jonathan Smith

Richard Kittle

Hezekiah Rosecronts

Jacob Wolf

Solomon Ryan

Jacob Shaver

Joseph Donahue

Jonas Friend

Jacob Brinkle

Thomas Holder

Benjamin Hornbeck

Joseph Friend

George Reeding

Andrew Skidmore

James Bodkin


C. Westfall list of tithables for 1785 taken from
Leading Creek down to the County line including or
comprehending those between the East Side of the
Valley River and Cheat Mountain.

Cornelius Westfall

Daniel Booth

George Westfall

John Westfall

Philip Washburn

Hannah Wire

Robert Maxwell

Samuel Cole

Wm Haddix

William Westfall

Wm Wilson

Wm. Clark

Aaron ???


Patrick Hamilton's list of tithables 1785 from
Jacob Crouches up to the County Line:

George Allford

Margaret Bare

Joseph Crouch

John Alexander

Richard Elliott

Patrick Hamilton

Judy Crouch

Wm Hamilton

John Hamilton

Robert Henderson

David Hadden

James Lecky Jr.

John Hadden

Thomas Lecky

James McClain

James Lecky Sr.

James Moor

Joseph Milton

Franceys McDonald

James Prathor

Jacob Riffel

Charles Nillson

Daniel Simerman

George Shavers

Elmer Riffel

John Warrick

George Willson

Christopher Truby

Peter Shavers

Benj. Abbot

John Allford


Population of Harrison County for the years given below.

17902080 185011728
18004848 186013790
18109958 187016714
182010932 188020181
183014722 189021919
184017669 190027690


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