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Rent Rolls
encompassing the current counties of
Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan


Source: "Historic Shepherdstown", Chapter 4, By Danske Dandridge
Submitted by K. Torp

Formation Of Berkeley County

THE year that Henry Bedinger died, which was early in 1772, Berkeley County was formed out of a part of Frederick. The first court was held on the 19th day of May, 1772, in the house, probably a tavern, of Edward Beeson, who lived at Beeson's Mills, now included within the corporation of Martinsburg, then a scattered settlement.

The act creating the new County begins: "Whereas, Many inconveniences attend the inhabitants of the county of Frederick by reason of the great extent thereof, and the said inhabitants have petitioned this present General [Assembly that the said county may be divided into three distinct counties, Be it therefore enacted, etc., That from and after the 15th day of May, next the said county of Frederick shall be divided into three distinct counties."

The minutes of the proceedings of the first session of the County Court are, in part, as follows: "Berkeley County, ss.

"Be it remembered that at the house of Edward Beeson, the 19th day of May, 1772, a commission of the peace, and a commission of Oyer and Terminer, from his Excellency, Lord Dunmore, dated the 17th day of April, in the year aforesaid, directed to Ralph Wormeley, Jacob Hite, Van Swearingen, Thomas Rutherford, Adam Stephen, John Neville, Thomas Swearingen, Samuel Washington, James Nourse, William Little, Robert Stephen, John Briscoe, Hugh Lyle, James Strode, William Morgan, Robert Stogdon, James Seaton, Robert Carter Willis, and Thomas Robinson, Gentlemen, and also a dedimus for administering the oath directed to the same persons, or any two of them, were produced and read, whereupon the said Van Swearingen, having first taken the usual oath to his Majesty's person and government, repeated and subscribed the test, taken the oaths of a justice of the peace, of a justice of the county court in chancery, and of a justice of Oyer and Terminer, which were administered to him by the said James Nourse and William Little, he, the said Van Swearingen, then administered the same oaths unto Thomas Swearingen, Samuel Washington, etc., gentlemen, who severally took the same, and repeated and subscribed the test."

The partition of the inordinately large county of Frederick into three parts was done at the suggestion of Colonel Adam Stephen and others, followed by a petition from the inhabitants to the General Assembly. The county of Berkeley, as then formed, embraced the territory now included in the three counties of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan.

The honorable justices were selected from the principal gentlemen of the county.

Colonel Adam Stephen owned all the land upon which Martinsburg was laid out. Thomas Rutherford, Samuel Washington, James Nourse, and John Briscoe lived in the neighborhood of what is now Charles Town. The Swearingens and Colonel William Morgan lived near Shepherdstown. James Strode, Robert Stockton, and Robert Carter Willis lived between Shepherdstown and Martinsburg. Jacob Hite owned much land in the vicinity of Leetown, and the possessions of the other gentlemen were scattered over other parts of the county. .

William Drew was appointed clerk of the court, and Colonel Adam Stephen was commissioned High Sheriff. Alexander White produced a commission from the Attorney-General of the colony appointing his deputy King's Attorney for the county, and other attorneys present were James Keith, John Magill, George Brent, George Johnston, and Phillip Pendleton.

The names of the first grand jury, who served at the August term of court that same year, are: John Smith, foreman; Hezekiah Swearingen, Joseph Barnes, Martin Entler, Joseph Turner, Abraham Smith, John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Jonathan Simmons, George Cunningham, William McConnell, Jacob Beller, Andrew McCormick, Matt Duncan, John Sewell, Thomas Lafferty, and George Creamer.

The reader who wishes to know who were the landowners in Berkeley County at this time is invited to look over the following list of landowners in what are now the three counties of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan. Where the same name occurs more than once reference is made to new tracts of land purchased or inherited by the owners within those seven years.

1774, 1775, 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, and 1781

Thomas Adam, 316 acres.
Catherine Anderson, 200 acres
John Ariss, 150 acres
Thomas Aiken, 216 acres.
Robert Ayre, 200 acres.
Jacob Alimong, 370 acres.
Robert Ayre, 318 acres.
Catherine Ambrose, 180 acres.
William Bailey, 628 acres,
Stephen Boyle, 400 acres.
Henry Ambrose, 400 acres.
James Buckles, 147 acres.
James Ariss, 226 acres.
Francis Baldwin, 629 acres.
Robert Aldridge, 262 acres.
William Boggs, 518 acres.
Robert Buckles, 2090 acres.
Parmenius Brisole, 413 acres.
Douts Brisole, 403 acres.
James Brisole, 445 acres.
Benjamin Beeler, 528 acres.
Anderson Bowman, 241


Edwin Beeson, 450 acres.
Edwin Beeson, 531 acres.
Edwin Beeson, 784 acres.
Benjamin Bryan, 391 acres.
Peter Burr, 400 acres.
William Baldwin, 1510 acres.
Michael Bruner, 66 acres.
William Burns, 1518 acres.
Joseph Barnes, 414 acres.
William Brown, 108 acres.
Caleb Booth, 170 acres.
Jacob Beeler, 366 acres.
Peter Bradford, 100 acres.
William Boyd, 110 acres.
William Boyd, 275. acres.
Peter G. Bear, 100 acres.
John Banner, 183 acres.
Henry Bedinger, 390 acres.
Henry Bedinger, 100 acres.
Peter Bedinger, 250 acres.
Pearce Becker, 200 acres.
Thomas Boydstone, 196 acres.
Casper Bauer, 191 acres.
Casper Bauer, 365 acres.
Walter Boswell, 200 acres.
George Briscoe, 270 acres.
John Blair, 444 acres.
Robert Brownfield, 67 acres.
William Bazel, 160 acres.
Benjamin Bowman, 29 acres.
John Bailey, 300 acres.
Anderson Brouse, 897 acres.
Andrew Beard, 407 acres.
Joseph Blackford, 171 acres.
Henry Bower, 370 acres.
Jean Bilmyres, 225 acres.
Baruch Basenort, 271 acres.
Isaac Bell, 400 acres.
Richard Beeson, 149 acres.
Haines Beeson, 276 acres,
Michael Burket, 200 acres.
Wm. & Henry Boyle, 372 acres.
Wm. & Henry Boyle, 74 acres.
Edwin Beeson, 60 acres.
Walter Baker, 400 acres.
John Boyd, 200 acres.
Anderson Bazel, 200 acres.
Robert Bull, 150 acres.
George Brunt, 365 acres.
Joseph Barnes, 94 acres.
John Baldwin, 159 acres.
Robert Boquet, 44 acres.
John Brown, 50 acres.
Ross Bell, 316 acres.
Jonathan Britain, 50 acres.
John Brown, 136 acres.
Richard Butt, 200 acres.
George Briscoe, 555 acres.
William Baldwin, 143 acres.
Wm. Baldwin, 364 acres.
Walter Baker, 100 acres.
Presley Boydstone, 41 acres.
John Bond, 185 acres.
John Baily, 206 acres.
John Boyd, 190 acres.
William Barn, 206 acres.
George Boyd, 100 acres.
John Berkeley, 252 acres.
Wm. Bailey, 411 acres.
Robert Cunningham, 647
Robert Cunningham, 300 acres.
Thomas Cawen, 286 acres.
William Clineworth, 271 acres.
Thomas Caton, 275 acres.
Joseph Cairney, 320 acres.
Joseph Coomas, 876 acres.
Isaac Chapline, 465 acres.
Douglas Campbell, 270 acres.
Robert Campbell, 418 acres.
George Cunningham, 726 acres.
Cloophas Chambers, 427 acres.
Henry Cookis, 125 acres.
Lewis Coffenbary, 282 acres.
Henry Cookis, 125 acres.
Lewis Coffenbary, 282 acres.
Henry Cookis, 64 acres.
George Carger, 172 acres.
Henry Chaplain, 430 acres.
Henry Chaplain, 365 acres.
Colonel Chambers, 110
Abram Clineworth, 100 acres.
Thomas Cuswick, 306 acres.
Job Curtiss, 200 acres.
Jacob Coonts, 212 acres.
Thomas Crow, 265 acres.
William Curry, 143 acres.
Colonel Chambers, 100 acres.
Adam Cooper, 186 acres.
Thomas Clawson, 90 acres.
Alexander Caldwell, 354 acres.
John Coffman, 216 acres.
George Cloak, 115 acres.
John Carpenter, 70 acres.
Conrad Claycomb, 130 acres.
George Chapman, 448 acres.
Wm. Caldwell, 180 acres.
John Corinham, 212 acres.
Robert Creghton, 428 acres.
Michael Cookiss, 155 acres.
John Campion, 319 acres.
John Campion, 20 acres.
Duncan Campbell, 184 acres.
Isaac Campbell, 230 acres.
John Crane, (indistinct).
Michael Copenhaven, 496 acres.
Benedict Crouchman, 72 acres.
Benedict Crouchman, 197 acres.
George Coreman, 420 acres.
Robert Crosly, 385 acres.
William Cochran, 294 acres.
William Cochran, 660 acres.
William Cochran, 194 acres.
Stephenson Champion, 309 acres.
George Caveman, 304 acres.
Thomas Crow, 33 acres.
George Check, 143 acres.
Edward Crab, 432 acres.
Wm. Caldwell, 824 acres.
James Cochrane, 904 acres.
Cornelius Conway, 170 acres.
John Chaffin, 367 acres.
Wm. Catlett, 145 acres.
Edmond Collins, 220 acres.
Absolom Chenoweth, 59 acres.
Wm. Cunningham, 500 acres.
Walter Clark, 196 acres.
Alexander Catlett, 239 acres.
John Chapin, 276 acres.
Wm. Davis, 240 acres.
John Darke, 466 acres.
Motte Duncan, 318 acres.
Motte Duncan, 441 acres.
Isaac Dawson, 546 acres.
Isaac Dawson, 635 acres.
Daniel Davis, 193 acres.
John Duke, 164 acres.
Jacob Davis, 200 acres.
John Davis, 515 acres.
John Dawkins, 150 acres.
John Danold, 390 acres.
Matthew Dick, 690 acres.
Joseph Dark, 380 acres.
John Dusk, 214 acres.
Abram Davenport, 185 acres.
Abram Davenport, 77 acres.
Samuel Davenport, 200 acres.

John Davis, 70 acres.
Edward Davis, 70 acres.
George Deigh, 402 acres.
Daniel Davis, 160 acres.
James Dillon, 146 acres.
Fred. Duckwald, 490 acres.
John Davis, 280 acres.
Joseph Edward, 639 acres.
Isaac Evans, 409 acres.
Evans (of Fairfax), 216 acres.
Joseph Evans, 289 acres.
Isaac Evans, 401 acres.
John Evans, 967 acres.
Enos Ellis, 308 acres.
John Evans, 190 acres.
Thomas Ewing, 145 acres.
John Eakins, 50 acres.
Thomas Ellis, 220 acres.
John Ellis, 149 acres.
Thomas Embly, 162 acres.
Isaac Edmondson, 449 acres.
Isaac Edmondson, 190 acres.
William Ervin, 300 acres.
Mordecai Ellis, 235 acres.
Isaac Evans, 200 acres.
Bartholemew Fryatt, 320 acres.
Robert Filson, 216 acres.
John Fletcher, 150 acres.
Alexander Fryatt, 383 acres.
Alexander Fryatt, 151 acres.
Alexander Fryatt, 200 acres.
James Forman, 200 acres.
Isaac Foster, 203 acres.
John Fletcher, 200 acres.
Peter Fleisher, 240 acres.
Alex. Foutz, 50 acres.
Wm. Forrester, 300 acres.
Joseph Frazer, 59 acres.
Bolsar Fox, 296 acres.
Lodowick Fry, 442 acres.
Vendol Freshhover, 400 acres.
Vendol Freshhover, 141acres.
William Fairis, 40 acres.
Stephen Fenner, 382 acres.
Michael Fritz, 149 acres.
Thomas Fallmer, 181 acres.
Jacob French, 200 acres.
Henry Fink, 150 acres.
Daniel Fairiss, 247 acres.
Bowman Forman, 145 acres.
Frederick Fouse, 142 acres.
Andrew Fairis, 90 acres.
Reuben Forman, 220 acres.
Benj. Forman, 196 acres.
Joseph Forman, 196 acres.
Henry Foster, 34 acres.
Henry Foster, 405 acres.
Peter Fleisher, 407 acres.
Arthur Fairis, 202 acres.
Robert Friol, 148 acres.
John Friol, 10 acres.
Simons Fields, 357 acres.
Thomas Falkner, 279 acres.
Thomas Foster, 239 acres.
Wm. Glen, 353 acres.
John Glen, 399 acres.
Berkeley Glen, 40 acres.
John Gerrard, 437 acres.
David Gerrard, 240 acres.
Wm. Glen, 231 acres.
Wm. Grubb, 291 acres.
Christian Grubb, 400 acres.
John Gillespie, 331 acres.
Hugh Gray, 407 acres.
John Grantham, 527 acres.
Joseph Grantham, 304 acre.0.
Jacob Gates, 203 acres.
Wm. Green, 130 acres.
Reynold Green, 63 acres.
Hugh Gilbreath, 78 acres.
George Grundy, 400 acres.
Horatio Gates, 659 acres.
Isaac Graham, 533 acres.
Philip Glover, acres.
Joseph Gist, 231 acres.
John Grier, 187 acres.
Lewis Grace, 50 acres.
Matthew Gossett, 100 acres.
Charles Gordon, 184 acres.
Henry Gardner, 258 acres.
Wm. Guinea, 331 acres.
Isaac Greenham, 300 acres.
Michael Gray, 185 acres.
Thomas Guffinlyea, 280 acres.
Norman Gannt, 1550 acres.
George Kite, 292 acres.
George Hite, 202 acres.
Reece Hastings, 208 acres.
Moses Harland, 174 acres.
John Harland, 234 acres.
Peken Harland, 445 acres.
Elisha Harland, 238 acres.
Thomas Harmison, 247 acres.
Alex. Henderson, 240 acres.
Alex. Henderson, 403 acres.
Alex. Henderson, 275 acres.
Peter Hedges, 300 acres.
John Hillard, 95 acres.
John Hood, 303 acres.
Wm. Heit, 400 acres.
Simon Heit, 150 acres.
Thomas Hains, 456 acres.
Abram Haines, 284 acres.
Joseph Hite, 452 acres.
Thomas Hilliard, 100 acres.
Robert Harper, 1001 acres.
Thomas Hayton, 189 acres.
Matthew Hains, 314 acres.
John Hiet, 489 acres.
John Hamlin, 443 acres.
James Hendricks, 360 acres.
Wm. Hall, 348 acres.
Joseph Hall, 334 acres.
Joshua Hedges, 491 acres.
Joshua J. Hedges, 200 acres.
Sam. Hodge, 200 acres.
Jonas Hedges, 200 acres.
John Hall, 100 acres.
Wm. Hall, 332 acres.
Stepehn Harland, 200 acres.
Josiah Hulse, 548 acres.
Thomas Hamlin, 416 acres.
George Houte, 254 acres.
Sam. Harrison, 300 acres.
Michael Halligas, 609 acres.
Haven Howard, 164 acres.
John Hay, 368 acres.
Samuel Handley, 243 acres.
Captain Hancler, 388 acres.
Captain Hancler, 328 acres.
Captain Hancler, 384 acres.
Adam Hay, 184 acres.
Henry Hayne, 25 acres.
Nicholas Hane, 15 acres.
Edward Herd, 165 acres.
Wm. Hart, 300 acres.
Isaac Hughes, 250 acres.
Matthew Hoover, 312 acres.
George Hall, 121 acres.
John Hart, 201 acres.
Lucas Hood, 133 acres.
John Harper, 300 acres.
Benjamin Hedges, 137 acres.
Samuel Hedges, 131 acres.
Thomas Hite, 668 acres.
Thomas Hite, 256 acres.
Thomas Hite, once Granfield, 270 acres.
Thomas Hite of John Wilton, 200 acres.
John Hood, 284 acres.
Thomas Hart, 323 acres.
John Hite, 932 acres.
Major Hunter, 275 acres.
Anthony Hall, 100 acres.
Isaac Holliday, 100 acres.
George Hagley, 400 acres.
Isaac Heaton, 204 acres.
Nicholas Harmon, 200 acres.
Morgan Hughes, 196 acres.
Daniel Hunter, 19 acres.
Joseph Hall, 106 acres.
Michael Haswell, 27S acres.
James Hannah, 20 acres.
Wy. Hannah, 261 acres.
John Hannah, 260 acres.
Benjamin Hains, 120 acres.
Martin Houseman, 130 acres.
John Hays, 153 acres.
Wm. Jackson, 135 acres.
Jeremiah Jack, 513 acres.
Samuel Johns, 289 acres.
Wm. Johns, 286 acres.
George Jenkins, 314 acres.
Robert Jackson, 378 acres.
Robert Jackson, 170 acres.
Cox Jackson, 173 acres.
Jacob Johnston, 55 acres.
John Jones, 17 acres.
Philip Joyce, 180 acres.
Henry Julee, 98 acres.
Nicholas Jasper, 100 acres.
James Jolliffe, 107 acres.
James Jones, 211 acres.
Deckhart Jones, 386 acres.
John Jenkins, 235 acres.
John Jenkins, 342 acres.
John Kennedy, 140 acres.
Thomas Kennedy, 335 acres.
Samuel Kennedy, 115 acres.
Robert Kennedy, 56 acres.
Humphrey Keyes, 667 acres.
Humphrey Keyes, 370 acres.
Humphrey Keyes, 213 acres.
Humphrey Keyes, 1244 acres.
Wm. Kayle, 314 acres.
James Keith, 1360 acres.
James Keith, 1025 acres.
Joseph Kayle, 134 acres.
Ruth Keyes, 174 acres.
Daniel Kennedy, 150 acres.
George Keever, 188 acres.
Avril Keyes, 220 acres.
Wm. Kelly, 200 acres.
Witson & Kelso, 212 acres.
Witson & Kelso, 593 acres.
Witson & Kelso, 400 acres.
Witson & Kelso, 800 acres.
Witson & Kelso, 85 acres.
Elizabeth Linn, 319 acres.
Thomas Lawson, 295 acres.
John Lehon, 590 acres.
David Lewis, 256 acres.
Thomas Lindsay, 518 acres.
Edward Lucas, 695 acres.
Edward Lucas, 200 acres.
Captain E. Lucas, 313 acres.
Captain E. Lucas, 140 acres.
Wm. Lucas, 275 acres.
Lawrence Linder, 200 acres.
Hugh Lyle, 811 acres.
Hugh Lyle, 135 acres.
Jons Lyle, 450 acres.
Thomas Lafferty, 188 acres.
Judah Lafferty, 72 acres.
Wm. Long, 210 acres.
Jacob Lock, 72 acres.
Simon Linder, 393 acres.
Enoch Leamon, 150 acres.
Samuel Levine, 244 acres.
Isaac Levine, 1375 acres.
Isaac Levine, 416 acres.
Isaac Levine, 121 acres.
Isaac Levine, 342 acres.
Adam Livingstone, 300 acres.
Robert Lyle, 63 acres.
Alex. Lemon, 250 acres.
Fred. Lock, 227 acres.
Richard Lock, 96 acres.
Isaac Logan, 272 acres.
Esther Loyd, 196 acres.
George Lawmon, 148 acres.
Peter Light, 890 acres.
Peter & John Light, 156 acres.
George Lisle, 21 acres.
Abraham Lindsay, 300 acres.
Mary Linburn, 149 acres.
Robert Lowry, 100 acres.
Anthony Lee, 180 acres.
John Lewis, 951 acres.
James Lowry, 325 acres.
Benjamin Loyns, 477 acres.
Major Gen. Lee, 2081 acres.
John Lemon, 78 acres.
Robert Lemon, 60 acres.
Thomas Lawson, 42 acres.
John Murphy, 201 acres.
Charles McEndree, 269 acres.
Valentine Murphy, 64 acres.
Robert Miller, 254 acres.
Thomas McEntire, 200 acres.
Thomas McEntire, 306 acres.
Daniel Miller, 415 acres.
Isaac Miller, 360 acres.
John Miller, 250 acres.
Hugh Miller, 202 acres.
Jacob Morgan, 558 acres.
Lewis Moore, 250 acres.
Lewis Moore, 195 acres.
Lewis Moore, 250 acres.
John Mending, 379 acres.
Andrew McGormick, 141 acres.
Wm. Micklevane, 783 acres.
Wm. Maxwell, 658 acres.
Wm. Maxwell, 400 acres
Richard Morgan, 302 acres.
Edward Mercer, 209 acres.
Edward Mercer, 225 acres.
Wm. Marchand, 439 acres.
Wm. Merchand, 115 acres.
John McCromick, 157 acres.
Thomas Melvin, 298 acres.
George Myles, 479 acres.
George Myles, 146 acres.
Jacob Moone, 337 acres.
Joseph McCay, 209 acres.
Wm. Morgan, 715 acres.
Wm. Morgan, 488 acres.
Fred. Mayer, 324 acres.
Anderson McDonald, 338 acres.
Wm. Morgan, 218 acres.
Wm. Morgan, 910 acres.
Nathaniel Morrison, 48 acres.
Isaac McCormick, 350 acres.
Edwin Maguire, 388 acres.
Edwin Maguire, 322 acres.
Daniel McPerson, 567 acres.
Gilbert McEwin, 316 acres.
Joseph McCanis, 132 acres.
John McClane, 207 acres.
George Merritt, 353 acres.
Ephraim Martin, 334 acres.
Wm. McConnel, 300 acres.
Wm. McConnel, 400 acres.
Edwin Morgan, 108 acres.
George Mayer, 100 acres.
Simon Miller, 223 acres.
Thomas Morgan, 232 acres.
Jacob Miller, 100 acres.
Wm. Morgan, 100 acres.
Henry Miller, 340 acres.
John Mauser, 200 acres.
John Melvin, 250 acres.
Nicholas McEntire, 300 acres.
Abram Mullat, 300 acres.
Allan McDonald, 183 acres.
Allan McDonald, 111 acres.
Stephen Miller, 429 acres.
Henry Miller, 526 acres.
Samuel Mount, 15 acres.
Isaac McGanne, 246 acres.
Valentine Murphy, 197 acres.
James Mitchell, 245 acres.
Richard Myles, 118 acres.
Benjamin Martin, 115 acres.
John McEwin, 79 acres.
Samuel McGarvice, 116 acres.
Abel Morgan, 282 acres.
Wm. McKey, 5 acres.
John Miller, 200 acres.
Vatch Madheff, 150 acres.
Joseph Mitchell, 470 acres.
Miss Nancy Martin, 200 acres.
Morgan Morgan, 286 acres.
John Melvin, 245 acres.
John Moore, 106 acres.
Millan & Miller, 633 acres.
Zechariah Miller, 306 acres.
Zechariah Miller, 263 acres.
Henry Miller, 28 acres.
Lewis Moore, 258 acres.
Barnard Newkirk, 103 acres.
Lewis Moore, 258 acres.
Lunas Newkirk, 103 acres.
Peter Newkirk, 70 acrse.
Amos Nicholas, 114 acres.
James Nourse, 1279 acres.
George Neily, 450 acres.
Wm. Neily, 450 acres.
Anthony Noble, 1332 acres.
Anthony Noble, 402 acres.
David Needy, 215 acres.
John Neville, 365 acres.
Lunas Newkirk, 195 acres.
Andrew Oromus, 133 acres.
Jonathan Osborn, 497 acres.
Daniel Osborn, 410 acres.
Wm. Osborn, 221 acres.
Samuel Oldham, 150 acres.
Samuel Oldham, 82 acres.
George Adam Oiler, 297 acres.
Robert Paul, 220 acres.
John Paul, 925 acres.
Wm. Patterson, 831 acres.
John Perkins, 172 acesr.
Samuel Park, 250 acres.
Wm. Porterfield, 250 acres.
Samuel Patten, 231 acres.
Captain Porterfield, 200 acres.
John Potts, 120 acres.
Adam Paine, 337 acres.
Wm. Paul, --- acres.
John Park, 1002 acres.
George Pykten, 200 acres.
Caspar Parheloe, 357 acres.
George Pringle, 256 acres.
John Plotner, 136 acres.
Jacob Painter, 201 acres.
Andrew Pears, 228 acres.
Philip Pendleton, 260 acres.
Jonas Quick, 283 acres.
John Ridgway, 350 acres.
Josiah Ridgway, --- acres.
Thomas Rutherford, 548 acres.
Richard Ridgway, 758 acres.
Wm. Rankin, 334 acres.
Jonathan Rose, 1151 acres.
Jonathan Rose, 74 acres.
Morris Reece, 208 acres.
Morris Reece, 637 acres.
Thomas Reece, 558 acres.
Robert Reece, 230 acres.
Burket Riger, 212 acres.
Reuben Rutherford, 119 acres.
Ruben Rutherford, 181 acres.
Isaac Robinson, 283 acres.
John Rayce, 383 acres.
George Ross, 863 acres.
Benjamin Rankin, 555 acres.
Jacob Rush, 367 acres.
Samuel Robert, 100 acres.
Wm. Robinson, 193 acres.
Thomas Reece, 114 acres.
Matthew Rippy, 310 acres.
Conrad Rose, 50 acres.
David Ross, 98 acres.
Robert Rutherford, 150 acres.
Castle Reagan, 250 acres.
Jacob Reads, 310 acres.
John Reece, 410 acres.
Thomas Reece, 312 acres.
Jacob Rogers, 423 acres.
Daniel Roberts, 66 acres.
Stephen Ross, 170 acres.
John Reece, 890 acres.
Leonard Rush, 206 acres.
John Ryan, 100 acres.
Adam Roads, 200 acres.
Adam Roads, 200 acres.
John E. Ryley, 150 acres.
Robert Rutherford, 391 acres.
Edwin Rawlin, 266 acres.
Josiah Reynolds, 263 acres.
Leonard Reece, 400 acres.
Isaac Robinson, 284 acres.
Orzimus Rosenberger, 51 acres.
Jacob Rush, 160 acres.
William Smith, 1099 acres.
Solomon Smith, 526 acres.
Mathias Swim, 359 acres.
John Smith, 1476 & 400 acres.
Daniel Snively, 100 acres.
Thomas Shepherd, 591 acres.
William Swoop, 307 acres.
Robert Snodgrass, 643 acres.
Jacob Sailer, 68 acres.
Colonel Van Swearingen, 1760 acres.
Hezekiah Swearingen, 172 acres.
Josiah Swearingen, 210 acres.
Richard Stephenson, 196 acres.
Hugh Stephenson, 196 acres.
James Stephenson, 196 acres.
Samuel Strode, 188 acres.
James Strode, 1885 acres.
Archibald Shearer, 816 acres.
Walter Shirley, 150 acres.
Gervas Shirley, 200 acres.
James Shirley, 200 acres.
Robert Shirley, 183 acres.
John Strode, 508 acres.
John Sevill, 365 acres.
Edwin Southern, 452 acres.
Jeremiah Strode, 1310 acres.
John Snodgrass, 292 acres.
Jonah Seaman, 315 acres.
John Seaman, 129 acres.
George Smith, 215 acres.
Matthew Sharp, 96 acres.
Thomas Swearingen, 871 acres.
Richard Stephenson, 330 acres.
Henry Swerity, 90 & 400 acres.
Mrs. John Semple or Semple Manor containing 6536 acres in B. Co.
Anthony Sell, 49 acres.
John Swin, 91 acres.
George Smallwood, 140 acres.
John Snodgrass, 200 acres.
Major Gen. Adam Stephen, 5381 acres.
Widow of Thomas Swearingen, 30 acres.
Goodwin Swift, 177 acres.
Robert Stuart, 270 acres.
John Sheep, 200 acres.
Isaac Stanley, 120 acres.
Van Swearingen, Jr., 237 acres.
Jacob Swaggard, 80 acres.
Adwam Small, 224 acres.
Martin Shank, 1120 acres.
Jeremiah Stillwell, 200 acres.
William Shield, 88 acres.
Adam Snider, 60 acres.
John Shoohy, 264 acres.
White and Stonebraker, 393 acres.
Henry Snively, 400 acres.
John Seaman, Jr., 99 acres.
Isaac Strider, 29 acres.
Theodore Spare, 170 acres.
John Shields, 319 acres.
Isaac Staley, 114 acres.
Archibald Shearer, 336 acres.
Richard Stephenson, 50 acres.
Michael Siester, 352 acres.
Robert Stephen, 325 acres.
Matthew Sever or Sevine, 324 acres.
Jonah Seaman, 31 acres.
Thomas Sharp, 332 acres.
Jacob Sailer, 126 acres.
John Sloan, 142 acres.
James Strode, 101 acres.
Matthew Swim, 346 acres.
Jonas Seaman, 720 acres.
George Tullis, 187 acres.
Robert Thornburgh, 176 acres.
Israel Toulson, 70 acres.
Mary Turner, 615 acres.
Anthony Turner, 395 acres.
John Turner, 451 acres.
Thomas Turner, 179 acres.
Samuel Taylor, 465 acres.
John Taylor, 469 acres.
Benjamin Thurnburg, 473 acres.
Jeremiah Toulson, 101 acres.
Moses Tullis, 146 acres.
Widow Tullis, 120 acres.
Samuel Thatcher, 310 acres.
Stephen Thatcher, 294 acres.
Samuel Taylor, 280 acres.
Joseph Trowbridge, 127 acres.
Michael Tabler, 373 acres.
Thomas Thornbery, 829 acres.
Magnus Tate, 332 acres.
Cornelius Thomson, 460 acres.
Joseph Thomson, 50 acres.
Isaac Taylor, 203 acres.
Thomas Talbot, 2096 acres.
Robert Throckmorton, 1014 acres.
Thomas Throckmorton, 500 acres.
John Trigg, 456 acres.
George Trier, 100 acres.
George Tingle, 22 acres.
John Unseld, 277 acres.
Thomas Usher, 836 acres.
William Vestal, 1263 acres.
Henry Van Metre, 977 acres.
Joseph Volgamott, 188 acres.
Capt. John Vanine, 362 acres.
Jacob Van Metre, 173 acres.
Abram Van Metre, 1092 acres.
John an Cleves, 800 acres.
John Verdier, 200 acres.
Rev. Hugh Vance, 99 acres.
William Withers, 907 acres.
William Withers, 108 acres.
William Wright, 200 acres.
Robert Worthington, 739 acres.
Samuel Worthington, 291 acres.
William Williams, 627 acres.
John White, 660 acres.
Moses Wilton, 200 acres.
John Watson, 371 acres.
John Watson, 574 acres.
Thomas Watson, 410 acres.
John Wright, 231 acres.
Samuel Wilson, 400 acres.
Stephen West, 182.3 acres.
John Wilson, 199 acres.
Edward Wilson, 191 acres.
John Wilson, 212 acres.
William Wilson, 191 acres.
John Wright, 100 acres.
Joseph Wilson, 200 acres.
Francis Willis, 369 acres.
Jacob Williams, 137 acres.
Philip Weigle, 384 acres.
John Washington, 200
John West, 238 acres.
Andrew Waggoner, 125 acres.
Peter Williamson, 250 acres.
Widow Worrel, 100 acres.
Robert Walker, 463 acres.
Samuel Washington, 4469 acres.
Jerome Williams, 412 acres.
Christian Weaver, 147 acres.
Robert Willis, 805 acres.
William Withers, 229 acres.
George Waller, 270 acres.
William Wilson, 160 acres.
Edward Wilson, 100 acres.
Andrew Yates, 308 acres.
Adrin Wyncoop, 377 acres.
Jacob Young, 195 acres.
Charles Washington, 445 acres
Henry Yanel, 291 acres.
Anderson Yanel, 100 acres.
John Wilson, 11 acres.
Mordecai Yanel, 180 acres.

"The Commonwealth of Virginia from the Earl of Dunmore, Lease on Potomac pays yearly twenty pounds on January 14th."

This is the end of the rent roll, which is very interesting as far as it goes, as it gives the names and amount of holdings of a great many of the inhabitants of the county. However, it cannot be complete, as there is no mention in it of the extensive tract of land owned by Ralph Wormeley, Esq., nor of the property of the Whitings and others, known to possess large plantations in the county at that time.

In the spring of 1774 the justices of the peace for Berkeley County were Ralph Wormeley, Adam Stephen, John Neville, Samuel Washington, Robert Stephen, Robert Carter Willis, Robert Tabb, Horatio Gates, John Throckmorton, Thomas Lowry, John Cooke, John Ariss, Godwin Swift, William Patterson, Henry Whiting, Robert Worthington, Morgan Morgan, and William McGaw. We have no means of knowing how many of the first settlers of Berkeley County owned slaves. The Van Metres, Rutherfords, Whitings, and Swearingens had quite a large number of negroes. The Morgans do not appear to have possessed any for a long time. The Kites were slave owners also. When the Whitings came to Berkeley from lower Virginia they brought many slaves. The appraisement of Francis Whiting's estate in 1785 mentions 135 negroes by name.

The first offence committed and recorded in the new county of Berkeley was a theft of hogs for which "Phil, Sambo, Joe, Will, Jack, Sam, Anthony, Ede, Hannah, Peggy, Betty and Peg, negroes belonging to Matthew Whiting were bound to appear at court for stealing hogs, the property of John Cranes. They therefore appeared according to their master's recognizance, and the verdict of the court was that Jack, Joe, Phil and Will were guilty, and the sheriff was ordered to give them thirty-nine lashes apiece on the bare back, well laid on. The others were discharged."

Source: "Historic Shepherdstown", Chapter 4, By Danske Dandridge


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