Kanawha County, WV
Frye-Price Cemetery

Located in Blue Creek, WV

There are known to be unmarked graves in this cemetery.
In addition, there are thought to be burials of Indian slaves

LOCATION: from Rt. 119 North turn across the Elk River bridge at Blue Creek, immediately turn right on New Hope Road across the small cement
bridge. Turn left up the hill on Pinell Point Rd. go to the very top. You will see a log house on the left and a mobile home on the right. Walk along the tree line in front of the mobile home to the cemetery.
Cemetery was in good to fair condition in 2006

Cemetery was walked 23 Mar 2006 by Marietta J. Moles and published in "LOG" Vol. 24, no 3. Sep 200

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

Arnuts, Marie

1800 - 1972


Frye, Jonathan William

Sept. 31,1975


Frye, Lessie D.

1893 - 1966


Frye, Mary Maxine

June 7, 1927-Oct. 4,1961


Frye, Thomas W. Jr.

Aug. 1, 1917-Sept. 2,1994


Frye, Weldon G.

March 14, 1924 - April 22, 1981

Tec 5 US Army WWII

Kendall, Fred

May 2,1859 - March 5,1950

h/o Minnie Kendall

Kendall, Minnie

March 28, 1862 - June 28, 1940

w/o Fred Kendall

Price, Alfus B.

1858 - 1924

h/o Berthena Price

Price, Archibals (Archer) & Wife

c. 1750-c. 1830

Fort Lee Ranger 1788, Charleston, WV

Price, Berthena

1864 - 1946

w/o Alfus B. Price

Price, Edmund Sr.

1773- 1852

h/o Elizabeth Young

Price, Elizabeth Young

1795- 1882

w/o Edmund Price, Sr.

Price, J. A.

June 1855-Jan. 1923

Hand chiseled rock marker

Price, James

1835 - 1923

h/o Jane Price

Price, Jane

1839- 1927

w/o James Price

Price Thurmond S.

Jan. 2, 1892 - Aug. 22, 1949

WV PFC 152 Co. Trans Corps WW I


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