Joseph H. Miller Cemetery
Kanawha County, WV

Joseph H. Miller Cemetery
Located on Tuppers Creek in Poca District of Kanawha Co. Take I-77 North from Charleston, exit at Tuppers Creek. Take the secondary road that runs north parallel to and along the right side of I-77. This road crosses under I-77 but continues in the same direction. Approximately ,9 mile you come to an intersection, to the left on a hill are 3 large wooden crosses. The cemetery is on the top of the hill behind the crosses. Turn left, pass a mobile home on the left there will be a gate leading to a road up the hill. It is a short walk to the Miller Cemetery. It is fenced and appears to be well maintained.
Recorded Feb. 1987 by Richard F. Legg
Pub. in the KFGS Journal

Formatted and Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

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Miller, Ira W(esley)

20 Jan 1910

6 May 1984

(s/o Harrison F. and Sarah Bertha Holmes Miller)
Miller, Alice V(irginia)

17 Apr 1913


(nee Burne)
Miller, Noble F(ranklin) Sr.

8 Feb 1918

14 Aug 1985

(s/o Harrison F. and Sarah Bertha Holmes Miller)
same stone as Virena Miller
Miller, (Elnora) Virena Lowe

9 Nov 1917

3 Sep 1985

(w/o Harrison F. Miller)
same stone as Harrison
Miller, Lonnie

11 Oct 1903

19 Oct 1910

(s/o Harrison C. & Margaret Ranson Miller)
Miller, Margaret Ranson



Wife of Harrison C. (3rd wife)
Miller, Harrison C.



(s/o Joseph H. & Rebecca Fisher Miller)
Edens, Cynthia F.



nee Miller
(d/o George Elvin & Mahala Edens Miller & w/o J.A. Edens)
Pierson, Mary A.



nee Edens
Wolfe, Ethel M.



nee Edens
Adams, Naomi A.

19 Sep 1891

21 Jun 1950

same stone as Sherman Adams
Adams, Sherman S.

4 Feb 1888

15 Jun 1976

same stone as Naomi Adams
Adams, Sally Florence

24 Dec 1897

29 Jun 1977

Wright, Oney

3 Jun 1860

7 Jun 1935

aged 75yr, 4ds
nee Adams
Prillerman, Herbert

28 Feb 1899

17 Dec 1981

Prillerman, Mary E.

3 Nov 1870

1 Jan 1914

Wife of J.H.
Prillerman, J. Harvey

8 Jun 1850

3 Mar 1951

same stone as Mary Prillerman
Prillerman, Mary

2 Nov 1870

1 Jan 1914

nee Brown
same stone as J. Harvey Prillerman
James, Geneva P.

1 Nov 1884

1 Feb 1934

Thomas, Rollen B.



Miller, Albert Nelson



(s/o Joseph H. & Antonette "Nettie" Fowler Miller)
Miller Nettie F(owler)


28 Mar 1926

Funeral Home Marker
(Antonette, w/o Joseph H. Miller; d/o Lewis E & Sarah Martha Spencer Fowler)
Haston, Letha A.



Haston, John W.






Miller, Joseph

10 Dec 1810

4 Oct 1900

89 yrs, 9m, 24ds
Miller, Rebecca


21 Feb 1863

Wife of Joseph, died in her 51st year
(d/o John & Lucretia Harrison Fisher)
Miller, David R.


27 Jan 1865?

Son of J. & M. (headstone broken, age not readable)
Miller, Venila


19 May 1866

Wife of Joseph, died in her 32nd year
(d/o Reuben R. & Malinda McComas Kennison)
Miller, Charles B


2 Oct 1866

Son of J. & V.
age 6m, 18d
Prillerman, Franklin


7 Jan 1872

aged about 79 years
[Same stone as Charlotte Prillerman]
Prillerman, Charlotte


30 May 1881

His wife
aged about 68 yrs
[same stone as Franklin Prillerman]
Erected by Byrd Pillerman
Miller, David


18 Mar 1871

aged 50 yrs, 4m, 12ds
Member of Co. A, 8th WVA Vol.
Miller, William S.


23 Mar 1896

aged 25 yrs, 4mo, 15ds
(s/o Joseph H. & Mary Spriggle Miller)
McClure, Ethel Miller

2 Jun 1908

24 Sep 1969

(d/o Harrison F. & Sarah Bertha Holmes Miller)
Miller, Harrison F(ranklin)

7 Oct 1875

1 Jan 1950

(s/o Harrison C. & Frances A. Underwood Miller)
Miller, Sarah B(ertha)

8 May 1878

21 Oct 1938

aged 60yrs, 5m, 13ds
nee Holmes
Miller, Oscar

9 Feb 1897

6 Jul 1901

(s/o Harrison F. & Sarah Bertha Holmes Miller)
Miller, Dewey

May 1901

July 1901

Miller, Virgie A.


12 Mar 1889

aged 7yrs, 11m, 13d
Daughter of H.C. & E. J.
Miller, Deler Ethel


11 Feb 1901

aged 10yrs, 1m, 13ds
Daughter of H.C. & E. J.

There are numerous unreadable small headstones as well as 25 graves marked with field stones


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