Kanawha County, WV
Templeton Cemetery

Source: Kanawha County, WV Templeton Cemetery by Clara M. Hill; FHL film 1698025
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The Templeton Cemetery is located in Kanawha County, West Virginia near the Lincoln County line. While the deed to the cemetery is dated 1917, there were burials before then.
At the time of my last visit to the cemetery in 1993, it was difficult to find the tombstones due to the growth of vines and bushes. However, Mr. William Glenn Templeton upon whose land the cemetery is located, said he would clear the vegetation away and maintain it. He lives on Coal River near the path leading to the cemetery and is the person to contact for directions.

In addition to the tombstones listed, I also found several held stones marking graves but with no information on them and was told there are burials there of people whose families have departed and about whom nothing is known. There was a field stone with the initials L. M. and one with the initial E - nothing more could be read. There were also two markers from a funeral parlor but the papers inside were completely illegible. I was also told that a Mrs. Bess is buried there, but no stone of any kind was found

Using census records, vital records and deeds in Kanawha County together with information from descendants of those buried in the cemetery, my research revealed that many of those buried there were related in some manner, either through birth or marriage.

The first recorded date is
William Henry Templeton, born 22 April 1833, died 5 February 1875. His was very probably the first burial in the cemetery.

The most recent dates are those of Isabelle E. (King) Templeton. She was born 12 May 1867 and died 31 May 1949.

Osa V. Banks - b. 30 Oct 1890 - d 3 July 1894
Infant son of A. J. & C.D. Banks - b. 7 Jan. 1903 - d 28 Feb. 1903
Melba Banks - b. 28 Sept 1907 - d 1 Jan. 1908
Infant son of A. J. & C.D. Banks- b. 30 Nov 1912 - d 30 Nov 1912

These are the children of Andrew Jackson Banks, Jr. and his wife Carrussa (Ronk) Banks. The youngest child of Andrew Jackson Banks, Sr. and Elizabeth Bailey, he was born in February 1864 in Mercer County, WV.

Andrew Jackson Banks, Sr. was the son of Samuel Banks and his wife Anna. On January 1856 he married in Mercer County, Elizabeth Bailey the daughter of Clay Bailey and Rebecca Atkins who were married 10 December 1823  in Mercer Co. After the death of her husband in January 1865, Elizabeth and family moved to Kanawha Co., WV.

Andrew Jackson Banks, Jr. married Canissa Ronk on 7 July 1889 in Kanawha Co. She was the oldest daughter of Hamilton Ronk and his first wife whose name is unknown.

Carnissa was born in May 1870 and on 15 March 1877, Hamilton married Lectra Arm Banks, sister of Andrew Jackson, Jr. He was the son of Hannah Ronk and grandson of Joseph Ronk, husband of Mary ( Showalter) Ronk.

Carnissa and Andrew Jackson, Jr. are shown in the 1900 census as having had 6 children, only 5 of whom were Irving. The dead child was undoubtedly Osa who died 3 July 1894. By 1910 they had had 12 children, 9 of whom were then Irving. The missing children were the above mentioned Osa, an infant son, and Melba. The last child was another son who seems to have been stillborn in November 1912.

They later moved to Boone County where it is believed they both died but no record of the dates has been found.

BORN: 30 Oct 1890 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED: 3 July 1894 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 3 years, 8 months, 3 days

Beverly B. Bowman, (Sergt) Co. C, 7th WV Cav.
Beverly Bird Bowman was born about 1837 in Kanawha Co., (W)Va, the son of John and Sarah (Anderson) Bowman:
On 1 April 1864 he married Martha Bowman, the daughter of Toliver R. and Sarah Bowman. They had several children before her death. On 17 April 1880 he married Julia (Anderson) Nelson widow of Wesley Nelson.
From "7th West Virginia Cavalry" by Ronald Turner:
"Bowman, Beverly B. - Co. C, WA 724106  5' 9" tall, blue eyes, light hair. Born about 1837 in Kanawha Co., the son of John and Sarah Bowman. Married Martha Bowman, d/o T.R. and Sarah Bowman 1 April 1864 in Kanawha Co., (W)Va."
The exact date of his death is unknown, but he and Julia were Irving in Lincoln Co., WV when the 1900 census was taken but had died before 29 June 1901.
It would seem that John and Sarah Bowman died between 1850 and 1860 as they were all living together when the 1850 census was taken but in the 1860 census, the three youngest children, Martha, Sarah and Charles were all living with William Henley.
Beverly Byrd BOWMAN
BORN: About 1837 - Kanawha Co, (W)V
DIED: 1900/1901 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 64 years, 0 months, 0 days
1 Apr 1864 - Kanawha Co, WV
17 Apr 1887 - Kanawha Co, WV

Cora McComas Bowman --  b. 16 Aug. 1876- d. 8 April 1939
Daniel M Bowman -- b. 26 June 1878 - d. 30 March 1945
Same stone

Daniel Bowman was born 26 June 1878 the son of Charles A. and Lula (Priestly) Bowman. On 9 March 1997 he married Cora McComas the daughter of B.F. and Amanda (Lefler) McComas.

B J. McComas was born in Cabell County the son of John and Luanda McComas. After the death of Luanda, John married a Martha.

Although his tombstone gives his death date as 30 March 1945, his death certificate gives his name as Daniel Montgomery Bowman and date of death as 26 March 1945.

Cora Lee McComas was born 16 August 1876 and died 8 April 1939.

It is said that there are young children of Daniel and Cora buried near them, but there are no markers so no information concerning them has been found.

Cora Lee McCOMAS
BORN: 16 Aug 1876 - Lincoln Co., WV
DIED: 8 Apr 1939 - Kanawha Co,WV
AGE AT DEATH: 62 years, 7 months, 22 days
MARRIED: Daniel Montgomery BOWMAN
9 Mar 1897 - Kanawha Co, WV

Daniel Montgomery BOWMAN
BORN: 26 Jun 1878 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED: 30 Mar 1945 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 66 years, 9 months, 4 days
9 Mar 1897 - Kanawha Co, WV

William Farming -- b. 1871-d 1901
William Farming was born 1871 and died 1901. Information on him as been very difficult to find
He may have been the William Farming found in the 1901 census in Roane County with his wife Martha and son Roscoe.
He also may have been the William Irving with Silas Fanning in the 1880 census in Wayne County. I believe this William as the Silas mentioned had a son Eastern who had a son Silas of the age to be the Silas found in the 1900 census in Lincoln Co.
However, no proof of who this William was or why he is buried in the Templeton Cemetery has been found if he died in Lincoln Co. no record has survived.

W. A. Grass - died 7 August 1906 - age 59 years
His death record contains the following information: "Died 7 August 1906, age 57. He died in Elk District and was a hotel clerk. The information was given by his son but no name for the son was shown."
He is listed in the 1880 census in Washington District, Kanawha Co.: WV with wife Mary and 5 children. On 19 October 1881 he married Julia M in Kanawha Co. She was the daughter of Rowland and Luanda (Manning) Hill and sister of Sarah Hill who married Webster D. Hill Webster married as his second wife, Lura A. Grass the daughter of William A. and Mary Grass.
There is a filed stone at the foot of William's grave with the initials ME. G. scratched on it. Was this the Mary who was his first wife?

A. E. Higgenbotham b. 30 May 1845 - d. 7 July 1908
Andrew E. Higgenbotham was born 30 May 1845 m that part of Fayette Co. which became Raleigh Co. in 1850. He was the son of Samuel and Rebecca (Lowry) Higgenbotham
Samuel and Rebecca had a large family, at least 14 children. Their sons Madison and Samuel Augustus served in the Civil War, both of them enlisted on the same day 28 March 1864.
Samuel Augustus died in 1896 and in his will he names several of his family as he does not seem to have had any children. To his brother Charles, he left a parcel of land in Charleston once known as the Beech Hill Burying Lot
On 5 October 1869 Andrew married Narcissus White. He died 7 July 1908.
Andrew Higgenbotham
BORN: 30 May 1845 - Fayette Co, (W)V
DIED: 7 July 1908 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 63 years, 1 months, 7 days
5 Oct 1869 -

Narcissa Higgenbotham
b. 30 Sept 1849 - d. 30 April 1910
Narcissus White was born 30 September 1849 in Logan Co., WV, the daughter of Benjamin Wesley and Marietta or Marcilla White. She may have been the granddaughter of James and Mary (Robinette) White.
She and Andrew had 11 children with 9 living when the 1900 census was taken. One was a daughter Mahala who married Andrew Hartwell, brother to Martha Jane (Hartwell) Hill who is buried next to B.C. Hill
While her tombstone has her death date as 30 April 1910, she was living with her son William and his family when the census was taken on 9 May 1910. It is possible that her death date was either 30 May 1910 or 30 April 1911 but proof of the correct date has not been found
Narcissus WHITE
BORN: 30 Sept 1849 - Logan Co, (W)V
DIED: 30 Apr 1910 - Kanawha Co, WV
ACT AT DEATH: 60 years, 7 months, 0 days
5 Oct 1869 - Kanawha Co., WV

HILL, Bruno C.  1874-1935
HILL, Martha Jane 1877-1918

Same Stone

Bruno Caleb M was born 30 March 1874 in Lincoln Co., the son of James Thomas Hill and his second wife Frances E. Davis. He was the grandson of Nelson Hill and Sarah (Billups) Hal and the great grandson of Jacob and Sarah (Thomas) Hill, one of the early settlers on Coal River.
He married in Kanawha County on 14 April 1897, Martha Jane Hartwell. They moved to Island Creek Lincoln County in 1906. Of their family of 9 children, 4 died in infancy.
He died 28 June 1935 in Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV and was buried in the cemetery next to his wife, Martha Jane.
Martha Jane (Hartwell) Hill was born 26 October 1877 the daughter of Robert Burton McNutt Hartwell and Nancy Jane (Horton) HartweIL She was the granddaughter of Andrew Hartwell and Jane (Blankership) Hartwell, pioneers of Mercer County, (W)Va.
She died during the flu epidemic on 31 October 1918 two months after the birth of her youngest son.
Bruno Caleb HILL
BORN: 30 Mar 1874 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED: 26 Jun 1935 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 61 years, 2 months, 26 days
14 Apr 1897 - Kanawha Co, WV
Martha Jane HARTWELL
BORN: 26 Oct 1877 - Lincoln Co. WV
Dip: 31 Oct. 1918 - Lincoln Co. WV
AGE AT DEATH: 41 years, 0 months, 5 days
14 Apr 1897 - Kanawha Co, WV
cause OF DEATH: Influenza
occupation: Housewife

The four children of Bruno Caleb and Martini Jane (Hartwell) Hill were as follows:

1902 -1909

Arthur Leroy Hill born 1 August 1902 and died in 1904.
Ray Hill, the dates of his birth and death are not known but he died a few hours after birth supposedly in 1904.
Golda Gladys Hill, the dates of her birth and death are also unknown but family tradition gives them as about 1906.
Alma Gertrude Hill, born 27 July 1909, died 1 August 1909.

Arthur HILL
BORN: 1 Aug 1902 - Kanawha Co, WV| DIED: 1904 - Kanawha Co, WV | AGE AT DEATH: 2 years, 0 months, 0 days

Bertha Bowman Hull b. 4 Oct 1900 - d. 5 Sept 1938
Bertha Bowman Hull was born 4 October 1900 the daughter of Daniel M and Cora (McComas) Bowman.

From Kanawha County Marriages is the following:
10 January 1920 John Hull age 20, born in Ohio married Bertha Bowman age 21, born in Kanawha County. They were married in Charleston.
She died 5 September 1938. It is not known if they had children or what happened to John Hull after her death. It is possible he is the John Hull who died November 1965. He was born 5 March 1898 in Ohio.
BORN: 4 Oct 1900 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED:  5 Sept 1938 -
AGE AT DEATH: 37 years, 11 months, 1 days
10 Jan 1920 - Kanawha Co, WV

Wesley Nelson Co. K, 7 Ohio Cav
Wesley Nesson was born about 1831 probably in Meigs Co., Ohio. He was the son of John Nelson, Jr. and Mary Wood who were married in Mags Co. 30 December 1830.
He married Julia Ann Anderson 29 September 1853 near Rutlandin Meigs Co., Ohio. She was the daughter of John Anderson and Nancy (Thompson) Anderson.
He served in the Civil War in Co. K, 7th Reg. Ohio Cavalry.
In December 1879 they moved from Ohio to Kanawha Co., WV where Julia's sister was Irving. There he died in March 1884 leaving three children under the age of 18 and others who were older.
After his death, Julia married Beverly Bird Bowman as his second wife
She may be buried near her two husbands but there is no marker nor has any record of her death been found.

BORN: About 1831 - Ohio
DIED: Mar 1884 - Lincoln Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 53 years, 3 months. 1884 days
29 Sept 1853 - Meigs Co, Ohio

Aquillar Watson Templeton -- b. 1868; d. 1931
Isabelle King Templeton -- b. 1867; d. 1949

same stone

Aquillar Watson Templeton was born in July 1868, the son of William Henry and Mary M (Bowman) Templeton.
Book 2 of Kanawha County Marriages has the following: 5 July 1893 - Aquilla W. Templeton, age 24, born in Kanawha Co. married Isabelle E.  King, age 25 also born in Kanawha Co. He died in 1931 the exact day and month have not been found but it is assumed that it was in Kanawha Co. near the Templeton home.

Isabelle E. King was born 12 May 1867 in Kanawha Co. the daughter of Leftwich W. King and Mary M. (Spurlock) King. She was the granddaughter of Wiley K. King and Dicey (Hazelett) King. She died 31 May 1949 in Kanawha Co., WV.

BORN: 29 Jul 1868 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED: 1 Jul 1931 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 62 years' 11 months, 2 days
5 Jul 1893 - Kanawha Co, WV

Isabelle KING
BORN: 12 May 1867 - Kanawha Co, WV
DIED: 31 May 1949 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 82 years, 0 months, 19 days
5 Jul 1893 - Kanawha Co, WV

Templeton, Mary M -- daughter of A. W. and Belle Templeton d. 6 Oct 1905 (age 8y, 9m, 8d)
Mary M Templeton was the daughter of Aquilla and Isabelle E. (King) Templeton. She was born 28 April 1897 and died 6 October 1905.
Wm. R Templeton d. 5 Feb. 1875 (age 44y, 9m,14d.

William Henry Templeton was born 22 April 1833 in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia, the son of Edmund Templeton and Elizabeth (King) Templeton. He was the grandson of Martin Templeton and Nancy (King) Templeton. He came to Kanawha County where he married Mary Margaret Bowman on 8 October 1857.

His niece Frances E. Davis was the mother of Bruno Caleb Hill. She was the daughter of William Henry's sister Nancy who had married George Goolsby Davis in Pittsylvania Co., VA.

William Henry Templeton died 5 February 1875 and was probably one of the first burials in the cemetery.

William Henry TEMPLETON
BORN: 22 Apr 1830 - Pittsylvania Co, VA
DIED: 5 Feb 1875 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 44 years, 9 Months, 13 days
8 Oct 1857 - Kanawha Co, WV

Mary M, w/o W. H. Templeton      b. 28 Mar. 1832 - d. 13 Feb. 1900

Mary Margaret (Bowman) Templeton was born 28 March 1882, the daughter of John Bowman and Sarah (Anderson) Bowman. She was a sister of Beverly Bird Bowman and Sarah Bowman, first wife of James Thomas Hill (rather of Bruno Caleb Hill).

After the death of William Henry, she married Andrew Escue on 7 August 1878. She died on 13 February 1900 and was buried beside her first husband

Mary Margaret BOWMAN
BORN: 28 Mar 1832 - Kanawha Co, (W)V
DIED: 13 Feb 1900 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 67 years, 10 months, 15 days
MARRIED: William Henry TEMPLETON (#121)
8 Oct 1857 - Kanawha Co, (W)V
7 Aug 1878 - Kanawha Co, WV

Brown, Nancy A. -- w/o Benjamin Brown
b. 26 Oct 1808 -d 8 July 1896 (aged 81y, 8m, 12d.)

Wallace, Margaret A.R. -- w/o William Wallace
b. 27 Feb. 1840-d 15 April 1907 (aged 67y, l m, 24 d)
Same Stone

Nancy A. Brown was born Nancy Thompson on 26 Oct 1808 in Virginia. She moved to Meigs Co., Ohio where she married John Anderson 1825/6. They had at least 9 children before John Anderson died in March 1847 in Meigs Co., Ohio.
After his death, Nancy married on 7 October 1855 Benjamin Brown. The 1880 census in Lincoln Co., WV shows them as the mother and father-in-law of William Wallace but this is incorrect. Nancy was his mother-in-law but Benjamin Brown was his step father-in-law.
She died 9 July 1896 in Kanawha Co. and was buried with her daughter Margaret

Julia Ann Anderson the wife of Wesley Nelson and Beverly Bird Bowman was a daughter of Nancy's and sister to Margaret

Margaret A.R. wife of William Wallace was born Margaret Anderson on 21 February 1840 in Meigs Co., Ohio. She too was a daughter of John and Nancy (Thompson) Anderson. There she married Oxias Romine on 8 September 1861. The date of his death it unknown but by 1878 she had married William Wallace and they moved to Kanawha Co. WV at that time. Born 2 July 1850 in Ohio Co., (W)V, he was the of William and Elizabeth (Kyte) Wallace.

It would seem they had one child that died young and while it is possible the child is buried in this cemetery, there is no marker.
When her sister Julia Ann applied for a pension on the service of Wesley Nelson, both she and William Wallace signed affidavits supporting the claim William was a notary pubic in Lincoln County at the time.
Margaret died on 15 April 1907. After her death, William lived with the Templetons until his death, the date is unknown.

BORN: 21 Feb 1840 - Meigs Co, OH
DIED: 15 Apr 1907 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 67 years, 1 months, 24 days
MARRIED: Oxlas Ronlne
Mar 1852 - Meigs Co, OH
MARRIED: William A. WALLACE - Meigs Co, OH

WILSON, John Guy -- July 20, 1843- Mar. 27,1922
WILSON, Virginia H. -- Jan. 18, 1854- July 12, 1931
Same Stone

John Guy Wilson was the son of Simon and Permelia (Rider) Wilson He was born in Henry Co. Indiana. On 11 November 1885 he married as her second husband, Virginia (Hoylman) Brammer. He died on 27 March 1922.
Virginia Hoylman was born 18 January 1854 the daughter of Simon and Frances (Kendall) Hoylman. Her first husband was William Brammer by whom she had children.
A granddaughter of theirs told me the following members of the family are also buried in the cemetery but there are no markers for them.

Pearl (Brammer) Hill -- born 24 August 1879.
Ernest Wilson, -- born 23 Feb 1885, died 26 March 1908.
Kate Brammer -- Small daughter of Kate Brammer

BORN: 20 Jul 1843 - Henry Co., IN
DIED: 27 Mar 1922 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 78 years,  8 months, 7 days
11 Nov 1885 - Kanawha Co, WV

Virginia HOYLMAN
BORN: 18 Jan 1854 - Kanawha Co, (W)V
DIED: 12 Jul 1931 - Kanawha Co, WV
AGE AT DEATH: 77 year6, 5 months, 24 days
MARRIED: William BRAMMER Kanawha Co, WV
11 Nov 1885 - Kanawha Co, WV

Source: Kanawha County, WV Templeton Cemetery by Clara M. Hill FHL film 1698025


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