First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston
Kanawha County, WV

Source: From the "History of the Kanawha Presbytery, 1895-1956"
Excerpted in KVGS Journal, June 1988

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by K. Torp

First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston, WV was established in 1908 as a mission of First Presbyterian Church of Charleston. Organized 22 June 1919 with the following 57 members:

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Brown
Mrs. Amanda Clark
Mrs. Virginia Conner
Mrs. W.B. Carper
G.W. Cline
Dr. and Mrs. R.H. Dunn
R.I. Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Douglas
Mrs. W.A. Evans
Mrs. Bessie Gravely
Miss Virginia Gravely
Miss Louise Gravely
E.A. Grote
Mrs. E.A. Grote
Miss Ruth Henson
Miss Lora Lambert
Miss Verna Lambert
Mrs. A.G. Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. S.T. McLellan
Miss Leta McLellan
Mrs. L.C. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. William McClung
Mrs. Ellen Price Matthews
Miss Marguertie Moore
W.G. Moore
Mrs. Caroline Doyle McClung
Mrs. H.R. Michels
Jas. P. McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. William Pence
Wirt Pence
Miss Minnie Pence
Mrs. A.V. Pence
Mr. and Mrs. K.E. Reed
Charles Rent
Mrs. Blanche Rent
Mrs. Elizabeth Scholosstein
Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Schwender
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Thomas
Ira Thomas
W.J. Thomas, Jr.
Miss Louisa Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Van Buren
The following officers were elected at that time: W.J. Thomas and S.T. McLellan, ruling elders and E.S. Buren and Dr. R.H. Dunn, deacons. Rev. J.A. Boyd became the first pastor.

Putney Memorial at Dana, WV organized 18 May 1913, named Putney in honor of Mr. A.M. Putney who gave the lot of which the church was built.
(transcriber's note: Dana was later called "Reed", then "Port Amherst")

Original members were:

Mr. Harry Atkins
Mrs. Sallie Buckley
John Bullington
Mrs. Julia Bullington
W.A. Canterbury
Beatrice Chambers
Mrs. Nora Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. G.R. Chambers
Fred Frazier
Mrs. Nona Frazier
Mrs. Henry Gay
Henry Gay
Mrs. Blanche Krantz
Robert lMarshall
Charles McDowell
Mrs. Kate McDowell
Mary McDowell
Birdie McDowell
Annie McDowell
Armisha McDowell
Mrs. Lucy Morris
Walter McDowell
Charles Marshall
Mrs. Bessie Snowden
Mrs. Kate Voiers
Mrs. Georgia Walton
Edward Wilson
P.A. Snowden
Mrs. --? Walton
Elizabeth Walton
This is in the Malden, WV area

KVGS Journal, June 1988


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