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The boiler in the power house of the Beury Coal & Coke Company at Stone Cliff, near Charleston, W. Va., exploded yesterday and destroyed the building. Manager O. C. Kubach was instantly killed. B. S. Hinckle, a laborer, was badly hurt. [Alexandria Gazette, 1 Jan 1900 - Submitted by K.T.]

Charleston, W. Va., July 26. In the heart of the Paint Creek section, practically isolated from communication with the outside world, seven Baldwin detectives and three miners are reported to have been killed this morning when a Baldwin machine gun was blown up by dynamite. It is known that two detectives were shot and killed from ambush last night. Among the men believed to have been killed when the dynamite was exploded was E. W. Ganjot (sic), noted Baldwin detective. Gaujot (sic) was not instantly killed when the bomb exploded. He begged to be taken to the hospital, but no mercy was shown him. A continuous rattle of rifle fire could be heard in the hills all day. Women and children have fled the region. The state troops, in summer camp in Pennsylvania, have been ordered to the scene of the carnage. Sheriff Smith of Kanawha attempted to get into the Paint Creek valley this morning to investigate the shooting of the two detectives last night, but was driven back by miners. The valley is impregnable. It is practically impossible to get into the narrow gulley except from the north end, and that is barricaded. The only information secured from the bloody district is when some courier breaks through the brush. Trains have been annulled, and telephone and telegraph wires have been cut. The uprising at Paint Creek had been expected since April 20, when the miners' strike began there. Frequent clashes between armed guards and strikers have nourished hatred and bitterness. The miners petitioned the courts to enjoin the mine operators along the crew from maintaining armed guards, reciting terrible conditions. The court refused to grant a temporary restraining order. [The Day Book., (Chicago, Ill.) July 26, 1912 - Sub by K.T.]


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