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At the age of six he began attending subscription or private schools in his native county, but when old enough to commence working on the farm went to school in winter only, until, at the age of fifteen, he came with his parents to Lincoln County, West Virginia, settling on a farm near Griffithsville, teaching in the public schools in winter and helping to run the farm the rest of the while.
When twenty-one he commenced attending local normal schools during the summer months continuing teaching in winter, and later on began reading law during his spare time, and in 1879 he was granted a license to practice law by the Supreme Court of Appeals, composed of Judges Greene, Haymond, Moore and Johnson. He then located at Hamlin, Lincoln County, attending regularly, for a number of years, the courts of that county as well as those of Boone and Logan. He was frequently, in the absence of Judges of Circuit Courts, chosen by the Bar, in these respective counties, to hold terms of courts. He has been also admitted to practice in both the Supreme Court of the State and in the United States Courts.
Mr. Oxley is the author of a law book, "Instructions to Juries, by West Virginia Courts," containing both the legal principles laid down by the Supreme Court relating to that subject, as well as numerous forms, having the approval of our Appellate Court. The work is considered, by the legal profession, as authority on Instructions.
In politics he has always been a Democrat, yet stands aloof from machine and ring rule. He is a Mason and a member of the Presbyterian Church.      He represented Lincoln County in the House of Delegates in the session of 1885, and was elected to the State Senate from the old Seventh District, composed of seven counties, in 1886, serving during the regular sessions of 1887 and 1889. During the latter year he made Charleston his home, where he still resides. For five years he was a bookkeeper in the State Auditor's office until in 1890, when he was appointed by Governor Fleming to the position of Adjutant-General and ex officio State Librarian, his term as such ending in March, 1898. Afterwards, for four years, he was Assistant Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals of the State. March 26, 1918. He was, by Governor Cornwell, appointed State Librarian.
May 6, 1889, he was united in marriage with Miss Fannie Burton, of Charleston, West Virginia. They have two living children, one a son. Edward, who, while engaged in Agricultural Extension work in Nevada. Enlisted in the United States Navy, and afterwards, having been granted an honorable discharge, has resumed his former duties, being now located in Arizona, and a daughter, Frances, now a student in college. [Bench and bar of West Virginia edited by George Wesley Atkinson, 1919 Transcribed by AFOFG]


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