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Lincoln County WV


These are from GNIS and it looks like there's a lot of duplicates

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Adkins Cemetery 380837N 0821413W  
Adkins Cemetery 381240N 0821123W  
Adkins Cemetery 380952N 0821133W  
Adkins Cemetery 380703N 0821001W  
Adkins Cemetery 380139N 0820703W  
Adkins Cemetery 380156N 0820743W  
Adkins Cemetery 381125N 0820546W  
Adkins Cemetery 381405N 0821525W  
Adkins Cemetery 380436N 0820427W  
Adkins Cemetery 380202N 0821043W  
Adkins Cemetery 381230N 0820358W  
Albright Cemetery 381046N 0821544W  
Anderson Cemetery 381346N 0814956W  
Arnold Cemetery 380711N 0820655W  
Baker Cemetery 380715N 0821106W  
Barker Cemetery 380626N 0820027W  
Barrett Cemetery 381421N 0820038W  
Bays Cemetery 381435N 0815634W  
Bear Branch Cemetery 380727N 0820118W  
Bear Knob Cemetery 380933N 0821352W  
Beckelheimer Cemetery 381133N 0821544W  
Beech Grove Cemetery 381210N 0815500W  
Bell Cemetery 380107N 0820222W  
Bell Cemetery 381316N 0815622W  
Bias Cemetery 380154N 0820100W  
Bias Cemetery 381825N 0821134W  
Bishop Cemetery 380451N 0820511W  
Black Cemetery 381407N 0815804W  
Black Cemetery 381351N 0820534W  
Brewster Cemetery 380717N 0820825W  
Browning Cemetery 380113N 0820816W  
Browning Gap Cemetery 381620N 0821451W  
Brumfield Cemetery 380033N 0820756W  
Brumfield Cemetery 380216N 0820831W  
Brumfield Cemetery 380147N 0820756W  
Brumfield Cemetery 380752N 0815922W  
Bulger Cemetery 380805N 0815852W  
Burks Cemetery 381259N 0821041W  
Calloway Cemetery 381041N 0820310W  
Cartwright Cemetery 381256N 0820934W  
Chaney Cemetery 381340N 0820813W  
Chapman Cemetery 381347N 0821216W  
Chapman Cemetery 380143N 0815538W  
Coal Branch Church Cemetery 380031N 0820804W  
Cummings Cemetery 381029N 0820335W  
Curry Cemetery 380024N 0820853W  
Dalton Cemetery 380049N 0821106W  
Davidson Cemetery 380856N 0821641W  
Dean Cemetery 380557N 0821234W  
DeHaven Cemetery 380410N 0820500W  
Dial Cemetery 381235N 0821334W  
Dial Cemetery 381221N 0821352W  
Dial Cemetery 381211N 0821324W  
Dotson Cemetery 380753N 0815946W  
Duty Cemetery 380137N 0820102W  
Duty Cemetery 380148N 0820012W  
Edwards Cemetery 381349N 0820737W  
Egnor Cemetery 381126N 0815814W  
Egnor Cemetery 381228N 0815936W  
Egnor Cemetery 380830N 0815934W  
Elkins Cemetery 381050N 0820040W  
Elkins Cemetery 381053N 0820124W  
Elkins Cemetery 380650N 0820327W  
Ferrell Cemetery 380207N 0820307W  
Ferrellsburg Cemetery 380133N 0820620W  
Flowers Cemetery 381307N 0820910W  
Forks of Coal Memorial Park 381715N 0814839W  
Franklin Cemetery 381359N 0821102W  
Frye Cemetery 380320N 0821013W  
Frye Cemetery 380430N 0820338W  
Frye Cemetery 380224N 0820238W  
Fulks Cemetery 380759N 0821049W  
Goldsberry Cemetery 381047N 0820421W  
Goode Cemetery 381438N 0820056W  
Griffith Cemetery 381319N 0815709W  
Griffith Cemetery 381306N 0815806W  
Griffith Cemetery 380751N 0815733W  
Hager Cemetery 381001N 0820846W  
Hager Cemetery 380751N 0815828W  
Hager Cemetery 380708N 0820553W  
Hamlin Cemetery 381643N 0820610W  
Hampton Cemetery 381006N 0821032W  
Harless Cemetery 380928N 0815355W  
Harveys Creek Cemetery 381820N 0820301W  
Hatfield Cemetery 380655N 0821132W  
Hazlette Cemetery 381752N 0815357W  
Hill Cemetery 380848N 0820329W  
Holstein Cemetery 381320N 0815302W  
Hunter Cemetery 380214N 0820057W  
Isaac Cemetery 381440N 0820949W  
Jeffers Cemetery 381416N 0821321W  
Johnson Cemetery 381421N 0820727W  
Johnson Cemetery 381842N 0821139W  
Johnson Cemetery 381053N 0815650W  
Keck Cemetery 381338N 0821153W  
Keesee Cemetery 381417N 0821525W  
Lambert Cemetery 380038N 0820436W  
Lambert Cemetery 380344N 0820841W  
Lincoln Memorial Cemetery 381646N 0820545W  
Linville Cemetery 381013N 0815943W  
Linville Cemetery 380932N 0815817W  
Linville Cemetery 381015N 0815913W  
Lovejoy Cemetery 380951N 0820349W  
Lucas Cemetery 380335N 0820658W  
Lucas Cemetery 381121N 0821056W  
Lucas Cemetery 380115N 0820442W  
Lunsard Cemetery 380813N 0820812W  
Lynn Cemetery 380938N 0821614W  
Mann Knob Cemetery 380135N 0821153W  
Martin Cemetery 380822N 0815817W  
Martin Cemetery 375856N 0821120W  
May Cemetery 380112N 0820229W  
May Cemetery 381411N 0815959W  
Maynard Cemetery 380410N 0820731W  
McCallister Cemetery 380909N 0820950W  
McClure Cemetery 381257N 0815624W  
McComas Cemetery 381014N 0821001W  
McComas Cemetery 381134N 0821130W  
Meadows Cemetery 380951N 0815712W  
Meadows Cemetery 381019N 0815635W  
Meadows Cemetery 380959N 0815706W  
Meeks Cemetery 375848N 0821424W  
Midkiff Cemetery 381529N 0821205W  
Midkiff Cemetery 381350N 0815428W  
Miller Cemetery 380819N 0820044W  
Moore Cemetery 381246N 0815434W  
Moore Cemetery 381332N 0815432W  
Mullins Cemetery 380222N 0820814W  
Murphy Cemetery 380708N 0821357W  
Nelson Cemetery 380420N 0820847W  
Nelson Cemetery 380409N 0820825W  
Nelson Cemetery 381600N 0815832W  
Nelson Cemetery 380352N 0820745W  
Noah Sias Cemetery 380919N 0820443W  
Orchard Hill Memorial Gardens 381334N 0815517W  
Owen Cemetery 381456N 0815331W  
Parsons Cemetery 381153N 0821247W  
Parsons Cemetery 381458N 0821513W  
Pate Cemetery 381445N 0815003W  
Pauley Cemetery 381123N 0815352W  
Pauley Cemetery 381339N 0815326W  
Payne Cemetery 381013N 0820934W  
Pea Ridge Cemetery 380646N 0820357W  
Peck Cemetery 381203N 0820013W  
Peterson Cemetery 380839N 0815644W  
Peyton Cemetery 380821N 0820831W  
Peyton Cemetery 380805N 0821310W  
Peyton Cemetery 381453N 0821005W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 381344N 0812311W  
Plumley Cemetery 381209N 0820315W  
Porter Cemetery 381351N 0820731W  
Powell Cemetery 381702N 0820500W  
Rakes Cemetery 380344N 0820544W  
Ramey Cemetery 380819N 0821614W  
Ray Cemetery 381858N 0821133W  
Roberts Cemetery 382025N 0820502W  
Robinson Cemetery 380007N 0820827W  
Roy Cemetery 381224N 0821156W  
Ryan Cemetery 380845N 0815631W  
Ryan Cemetery 380907N 0815633W  
Ryan Cemetery 380919N 0815622W  
Ryan Cemetery 380921N 0815849W  
Sanders Cemetery 380849N 0821511W  
Sanson Cemetery 381632N 0815535W  
Saunders Cemetery 381158N 0821203W  
Saunders Cemetery 380705N 0821216W  
Saunders Cemetery 380718N 0821157W  
Seites Cemetery 381405N 0821049W  
Shepherd Cemetery 375844N 0821430W  
Sias Cemetery 380801N 0815720W  
Sloan Cemetery 381459N 0820955W  
Sloan Cemetery 381502N 0821130W  
Smith Cemetery 381420N 0821158W  
Smith Cemetery 380643N 0815927W  
Spears Cemetery 380837N 0820649W  
Spears Cemetery 380645N 0820458W  
Spry Cemetery 380016N 0821232W  
Spurlock Cemetery 380858N 0815940W  
Spurlock Cemetery 380926N 0815930W  
Stone Cemetery 380856N 0815829W  
Stowers Cemetery 381232N 0820101W  
Stowers Cemetery 380955N 0815912W  
Stowers Cemetery 381431N 0820110W  
Stowers-Adkins Cemetery 381125N 0820315W  
Stroud Cemetery 375652N 0821753W  
Thompson Cemetery 380700N 0820021W  
Toney Cemetery 380234N 0820151W  
Trace Fork Cemetery 382009N 0820349W  
Trent Cemetery 380858N 0815813W  
Triplett Cemetery 381505N 0821130W  
Vance Cemetery 375810N 0821354W  
Vickers Cemetery 380912N 0815710W  
Walker Cemetery 380051N 0820633W  
Watson Cemetery 381039N 0821552W  
Watts Cemetery 381512N 0815308W  
Wellman Cemetery 380837N 0820718W  
White Cemetery 381434N 0815631W  
Williams Cemetery 375858N 0821115W  
Workman Cemetery 381142N 0820737W  
Works Cemetery 380740N 0821407W  
Yeager Cemetery 381132N 0820731W  



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