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Lincoln County WV
Obituaries and Death Notices



Woman Loses Her Life During The Ceremony Of Baptism
Huntington, W. VA., Jan 17, - Word comes tonight from Hamlin, Lincoln County, of a distressing accident on Ten Mile Creek, near there, yesterday morning. Rev. J. C. Enoch had closed a revival service in the Baptist Church, and hundreds had gathered to see ten converts baptized in Ten Mile creek. After seven candidates had been successfully immersed in the icy waters Mrs. Henry Keck, a woman weighing 200 pounds, was led into the stream. Mrs. Keck apparently became unconscious from the cold water shock and she sank. Several men rushed to the rescue, but in the flurry Mrs. Keck drowned. Efforts to resuscitate her proved unavailing. The other three converts were not immersed.
Source: The Roanoke Times ( Roanoke, VA. ), Tuesday, January  18, 1898  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

After taking two drinks from a quart bottle of whiskey he had purchased from a bootlegger at Griffithville, Lincoln County, W. VA., Claude Turner, a well known oil man fell to the floor of his room in a semi-conscious condition and died within a few minutes, before medical aid could be summoned. He died in horrible agony and it is thought that the whiskey was poisoned. A search was made for the bootlegger, but he had disappeared. Turner was a son of Dr. Turner, of St. Albans, a prominent physician. Source: Highland Recorder ( Monterey, VA. ), June 11, 1909   Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

In Lincoln County, W. VA., last week the house of James R. Abbott was destroyed by an incendiary fire and his daughter Cora, a young woman, was burned to a crisp. Source: Staunton spectator and vindicator. (Staunton, VA), November 18, 1896,  Transcribe by: Debbie Oberst

George Dilly, of Lincoln County, W. VA., a circus man, has been killed by a female elephant at Roncevert. Dilly had been teasing the elephant and her baby, and through warned to stop, kept on until the animal became enraged. During the night, while Dilly and two other men were asleep in the tent, the elephant broke her chain, walked over , picked up Dilly with her trunk, and beat him to death on the ground and then crushed him with her feet. Source: Alexandria Gazette, (Alexandria D. C.) October 12, 1898  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst


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