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COHN, John
Catlettsburg, KY, January 4, - John Cohn, a desperado refugee from Elliott county, this state, was shot at Logan County, West Virginia, last Saturday, by Aaron Brewer. the weapon used was an Enfield rifle. Cohn is doubtless dead by this time. He was shot by the Sheriff of Elliott county a few months since while resisting arrest. he fired on the Sheriff several times, and would have killed him had not a small tree, behind which the Sheriff had taken refuge, stopped three of the balls. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, January 5, 1881  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

CURRY, Robert
Logan, W. Va., Nov.9- Three men were held in the Logan county jail tonight pending an investigation of the death of Robert Curry, 29, found dead yesterday on a railroad track at the Holden No.22 mine near here. The were Ernest Jackson, Jim Crum, and Walker Judy, all of whom live near Holden mine No.22. Officers said Jackson and Crum were with Curry shortly before he was shot through the head. Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, West Virginia) Tuesday, November 10,1931  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

Killed-The revolver used in Logan county with deadly effect. Information has just reached Charleston, says the Star, of that city, of the killing of Floyd Dingess, of Logan county, by a man named Hall, which occurred some time last week. The two men met on Hart's Creek, near the Lincoln county line, and became engaged in an altercation, which resulted in Hall drawing his revolver and firing. The ball struck Dingess in the mouth, and, ranging upward, came out at the top of his head, killing him instantly. Hall had not been arrested up to last reports. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Monday, November 26, 1888  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

Fatally Shot at Celebration
Huntington, W. Va., Dec. 26,-- News reached here today of the fatal shooting yesterday of Samuel and Freeland Dingess and Frederick Henson, at a Christmas celebration at the home of Samuel Dingess, at Peck’s Mills Logan county. Fifty or more shots are said to have been fired during the melee. Source: The Point Pleasant Register (Point Pleasant, West Virginia) December 29, 1909  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

DRAKE, Ballard
Postmaster at Ten Mile, Lincoln county, West Virginia, has been arrested and placed in the Barboursville jail, on a charge of Robbing the mails. The charge is that he captured a $200 package mailed by W. T. Thompson to parties in Chapmanville, to buy stock with. The arrest was made by United States Marshal Patton. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, West Virginia), Monday, December 17, 1877  Transcribed by: D. Oberst


Gov. J. B. Jackson yesterday transmitted to the Senate the following list of persons pardoned by him, with their offenses and reasons for the clemency: G. W. Farley, convicted of unlawful shooting, in Logan county; fined and the fine afterward remitted. [Wheeling Register, March 16, 1882- Transcribed by AFOFG]

FRENCH Robert & Chas Phillips
He Fooled Them, Two Kentucky Desperadoes Came Over Into West Virginia to take a Man's Life One of them Shot Dead, the Other Badly Wounded.
Huntington, W. Va., December 24, Chas. Phillips and Robert French are desperadoes who live on the Kentucky side of Tug river, and have frequently raised disturbances in West Virginia. They had a grudge against Ed Haloes, (hard to read name) who lives in Logan county, had come over to kill him last night. They found him in bed and were going to dispatch him at once, when he begged off and while they were hesitating grabbed a Winchester and poured shot into the enemy, killing French and badly wounding Phillips. No Arrests have been made. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Tuesday, December 25, 1894  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

GORE, John
Logan, West Virginia, August 31,- john Gore, a Logan county deputy sheriff was killed in a fight between a border patrol and an armed band on Blair Mountain this morning. this is the first casualty since state police, deputy sheriffs, and volunteers from southern West Virginia gathered here to resist the forces which for days have been assembling on the east side of Spruce Fork ridge, believed to be bent upon an invasion of Logan county. Source: Lawrence Daily Journal-World (Lawrence, Kansas) Wednesday, August 31.1921  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Killed- News has reached here of an awful scrimmage that took place on Mate Creek, in Logan county, during which forty or fifty shots were fired. Captain Hatfield, a noted bully, was killed, and several wounded. It was a continuation of a series of skirmishes between the Basers and Dempsey's on one side and Hatfield's on the other. The end is not yet. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, January 5, 1881  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

HENSLEY, William
Killed-On Crawley Creek, about eight miles east of here in Logan county, some fighting took place Saturday in which one man was killed and two more were wounded. The trouble came up Wednesday nightat the house of Elbert Mounts over a card game between Mounts, Boque Hensley, Harve Farmer, Black Richard and Henry Sampson, Ed and Moscow Dingess. Thursday Sampson and the Dingess boys went to Dingess and bought a lot of whiskey and said they were going back to Crawley to kill Mounts, Farmer, Hensley and Richards. On Saturday after having tanked up on whiskey, Sampson and the Dingesses started up Crawley and came upon Bogue Hensley and his brother, William Hensley Jr. As soon as they came up with the Hensleys they commenced firing and the Hensley boys forced back. William Hensley was killed dead, the men beating his head to pieces after they had shot him. Moscow Dingess was seriously wounded and Ed Dingess was slightly hurt. Bogue Hensley and Sampson escaped unhurt.--Williamson. Source: The Big Sandy News (Louisa, Ky.) January 14, 1910  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

LAIR, Cyrus
Huntington, W.Va, April 12--Another story of a terrible murder and suicide has just reached here from Logan county. Cyrus Lair, a young man from Virginia the only support of a widowed mother, was in charge of a gang of negroes at work on the Norfolk and Western extension. One of them, John Smith, was in debt to the company for his transportation and refused to work, feigning sickness. A physician was called and said Smith was all right so he started to work. The negro hid in a narrow cut till Lair passed and then attacked him with a club and a revolver. One ball struck Lair in the abdomen, piercing him through, and he fell. Coming up to him, the negro put his pistol to Lair's head, fired and blew his brains out. The negro than ran to his shanty, closely pursued by two white men. When they were closing in on him the negro turned and asked them not to shoot, as he intended to end his own miserable existence. Turning the pistol on himself he shot himself twice in the head and three times in the breast, and fell to the ground. Recovering somewhat, he reached for the pistol again, and placing the muzzle against his temple, ended his existence, forcing the brains through the holes made by the other bullets. the brains were splattered about the ground and presented a most sickening sight. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, West Virginia), Wednesday, April 13,1892  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

MULLINS, Mrs. Lizzie
After the authorities had been baffled for more then a year in their efforts to learn how men employed at lumber camps near Logan, West Virginia, were obtaining liquor, Mrs. Lizzie Mullins was arrested and found to be a walking saloon. An officer observed that Mrs. Mullins, who frequently visited the camps, "to see her husband," appeared to be smaller when she left than when she arrived, and when she appeared at one of the camps she was searched. The women wore a dress of the "Mother Hubbard" style, and about her waist a belt containing twelve pockets, each large enough to hold a quart bottle. Source: The Winfield Tribune (Winfield, Kansas) Friday, April 7,1905  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Two Shot to Death~Bad Man With Gun Kills Constable And Is Killed By Deputy.
Huntington, W. Va., June p.,--John Runyon, who was under the influence of liquor, was shooting his revolver at Dingess Run last evening, when Constable William Cook attempted to take it away from him. Ranyon shot Cook through the heart. Will Dingess, who was assisting Cook was also fired at by Ranyon, the bullet missing. Dingess emptied his revolver into Ranyon, seven bullets passing through the latter’s body. Ranyon, who is considered a bad man, lived ten minutes. Source: The Fairmont West Virginian (Fairmont, West Virginia) June 9, 1906  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

SELLERS, William
We learn that Wm. Sellers, who lives on Pigeon creek, Logan county, was shot by some person unknown, about two weeks ago and it is supposed he will die. [The Weekly Register. (Point Pleasant, Va. [W. Va.]), 21 Aug. 1873] Sub by K. Torp

SCOTT, Isaac
acting secretary-treasurer of District 17, United Mine Workers of America, also was arrested on a capias issued by the Logan county court, making an information against him similar to that issued for Snyder, Scott also left tonight for Logan in the custody of state troopers. Source: State (Columbia, SC) Sunday, January 15, 1922  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

SNYDER, Frank W.
Arrested In West Virginia
Logan County Court Capias Charges Treason and Conspiracy in Connection With Miners.
Charleston, W. Va. Jan 14 - Frank W. Snyder, publisher of the Federationist, weekly publication devoted to the interests of organized labor, was arrested late today by state troopers on a capias, charging treason and conspiracy in connection with the armed march of miners from Kanawha county to Logan county last summer. Snyder was taken to Logan tonight in the custody of troopers. the publisher was indicted by the Logan county grand jury yesterday, it was learned tonight, after the capias had been presented to the state department of public safety by a deputy sheriff from that county.

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