Marshall County, WV

William Lewis Detwiler
     William Lewis Detwiler is a veteran westerner, having lived in several of the states beyond the Mississippi for forty years. His early career was that of a railroad man, and he was in the railroad service during the Civil war. He was one of the early settlers and homesteaders in the Oklahoma Panhandle country and is now engaged in the real estate and loan business at Knowles in Beaver County.
     His birth occurred at Pottstown, Pennsylvania , October 1, 1844. His parents, William H. and Mary (Longabaugh) Detwiler, were born in Pennsylvania of German stock. William L. was the first of their five children. John Barton is now deceased; Mary Jane is the wife of Joseph Perkins; Laura is the wife of Rev. John Gallagher; Josephine is the wife of Fred Clinton.
     The early life of W. L. Detwiler was spent in Wheeling, West Virginia , where he attended the local schools. That was before West Virginia was a state. At the age of seventeen he took up railroading, entering the service of that pioneer railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio, and during the Civil war was advanced to the position of a conductor. He followed railroading actively both in the East and West for twenty years. His home has been in the West since 1876, and in that year he conducted the first passenger train running west of Lincoln, Nebraska , over the Burlington Railroad. For a number of years he also followed prospecting for gold in the Rocky Mountains.
     Mr. Detwiler came to Oklahoma in 1900, locating on a tract of Government land in Beaver County. That land is still in his possession and has been greatly improved from the condition in which he first found it. He has employed his energies and capital in cattle raising, farming and also in selling real estate, and his operations as a real estate man included participation in the founding of the Town of Knowles, where he now has his office. A democrat in politics, he has never been a candidate for office, though he has done much in the way of local betterment in his home town. Mr. Detwiler is a thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Mystic Shriner, and also belongs to the Knights of Pythias.     In 1886, at Linneus, Missouri , he married Miss Martin A. Dail, a native of Linn County, Missouri. Mr. and Mrs. Detwiler have no children of their own, but adopted a son, Chester, who was born in 1898.  [Source: “A Standard History of Oklahoma” Volume V; by Joseph B. Thoburn; copyright 1916; Transcribed by Andaleen Whitney]

Fisher Family

Fred G. Fisher, son of Captain John (q. v.) and Dorothy F. (Gould) Fisher, was born November 16, 1878. He attended the schools adjacent to his home, thus acquiring a practical education which qualified him for an active career. He is now employed as salesman for the Bell Telephone Company. He is a member of Methodist Protestant church, and a Republican in politics. He married, September 1, 1904, Lillian McDermott, born in Bradford, Pennsylvania, July 7, 1882, daughter of Thomas and Samantha (Johnson) McDermott. She attended Mt. De Chantal Academy at Wheeling, West Virginia. Children: Joseph W., born August 24, 1905, died December 31, 1907; Dorothy, born March 17, 1907; Thomas McDermott, May 2, 1908; Frances, March 14, 1910; Paul F., December 11, 1911.

Thomas McDermott

Thomas McDermott, father of Mrs. Fisher, was son of John McDermott, who was born in Ireland, lived and died in Canada. Thomas McDermott was born in Canada, November 11, 1842, of Irish-Catholic parentage. He came to the United States at the age of sixteen and worked at a number of various things until the year 1871. He then followed the carpenter trade until the first oil excitement in Bradford, Pennsylvania. He started there as a rig-builder and later went to Washington, Pennsylvania, at the opening of that large oil field. He and his oldest son Joseph were among the first to open the Greene County, Pennsylvania, oil field. In 1895 they formed the McDermott Oil Company, with D. H. Courtney and Chauncey Huston as partners, and another company called the Baltelle Oil Company was started. 
Mr. McDermott then moved his family south with him and settled in Fairmont, West Virginia. He has at this writing retired from active business but his son carries on the interests of his father. They now have valuable oil holdings in different states, but the largest are in West Virginia. 
He married, at Riceville, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1871, Samantha Johnson, born October 28, 1853. They had the following children:
1. Joseph H., married Louise McLane, and had Jane McLane and Joseph.
2. John R., married Daisy Pride and had Ralph T. and Carl W.
3. Samuel N., married (first) Sarah O'Brien, and had one son, Robert; married (second) Anna Sayers, no children.
4. Thomas, deceased.
5. Mattie, deceased.
6. Lillian, married Fred G. Fisher, above mentioned.
[Source: GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL OF THE Upper Monongahela Valley, WV Vol. III; By James Morton Callahan; Edited by Bernard L. Butcher; Publ. 1912; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack]

Paul J. Sorg

Sorg, Paul J., manufacturer, congressman, was born Sept. 23, 1840, In Wheeling, W. Va. He began the manufacture of tobacco on a small scale in Cincinnati, and his manufactory, now located at Middletown, Ohio, is one of the largest in the world and employs more than a thousand men. He was elected to the fifty-third congress as a democrat at a special election held in 1894 to fill a vacancy. At the November (1894) election he enjoyed the distinction of being one of the two democratic representatives elected from Ohio, being elected to the fifty-fourth congress as a democrat.  [Herringshaw's Encyclopedia Of American Biography Of The Nineteenth Century: Accurate And Succinct Biographies Of Famous Men And Women In All Walks Of Life Who Are Or Have Been The Acknowledged Leaders Of Life And Thought Of The United States Since Its Formation, 1901 – Transcribed By AFOFG]

West Family

This is borne as a family name by various families in the WEST United States, originally English, Scotch, and Scotch-Irish. Not even all the southern Ohio Wests are of one family. The most eminent American bearer of this name was the painter, Benjamin West.
     (I) Abel West, the first member of this family about whom we have definite information, was born in Belmont county, Ohio. The first name is slightly suggestive of New England ancestry, Abel Wests being found in the New England records, but this is by no means a certain conclusion. He married Elsa Jane Reed, who was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania. Child: Milton B., of whom further.
     (II) Doctor Milton B. West, son of Abel and Elsa Jane (Reed) West, was born in Marshall county, West Virginia, September 14, 1868. He attended the public schools and Shepard College; then, for two years, the dental department of the Ohio Medical University, Columbus,Ohio. He passed the West Virginia State Board of Examiners, October 5, 1903, and opened an office at Tunnelton, Preston county, where he remained four years. Since that time he has practiced his profession at Parsons, Tucker county, West Virginia. He is a member of the State Dental Society. In the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Encampment, he is past grand, and he has held the chairs in the Junior Order of American Mechanics. He is active in local politics, being a member of the Democratic executive committee of Tucker county. The family are all members of the Campbellite church, and Dr. West is a keen admirer of Alexander Campbell. He married Georgiana Miller, of Parkersburg. Children: Virgil Hatfield, born November 16, 1891; Elsa Caroline, married Earl Jackson of Parsons, and has one child, Boyd; Carl Esta; Lillian Ruth; Ida; Callic; Ruby.

Yeater Family

A family formerly settled in Pennsylvania, but for about a century in what is now West Virginia, is that of Dr. J. W. Yeater, a well equipped but retired physician, now residing at New Martinsville, Wetzel county, West Virginia.
(I) David Yeater. the first member of this family about whom we have definite information, came from Pennsylvania into Marshall county, Virginia, where he was engaged in farming. He married Peggy , and among his children was Rezin, of whom further.

(II) Rezin, son of David and Peggy Yeater, was born in Marshall county, Virginia. October 8, 1825, died June 30, 1905. His life was passed in Marshall county, where he wasa successful farmer and stock raiser. He married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Adaline Sheppard who was born in Brooke county, Virginia, November 12, 1826, died November 9, 1902. Children: John W., of whom further; N. W.; Rebecca A., married William Kelley; Lewis, Christopher E., Oscar D., Clarence, Willard Lee.

(III) Dr. John W. Yeater, son of Rezin and Mary (Sheppard) Yeater, was born in Marshall county, Virginia, December 28, 1850. His education was begun in the public schools of his native county, and he afterward attended Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, and the University of Louisville, Medical College, 1876. He then practiced in Marshall and Wetzel counties until 1879, attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, Maryland, 1887-88, from which his degree of Doctor of Medicine was received, he being a graduate in the class of 1888. For about twenty years Dr. Yeater practiced at Newdale, Wetzel county, West Virginia. Desiring, however, to make a more advanced special course, he studied at the Polyclinic Medical College in New York City. He returned to Newdale, Wetzel county, West Virginia, where he was engaged for twenty years in the practice of medicine and surgery, with success professionally and materially. In 1898 Dr. Yeater retired from general practice, and since that time he has had no special business interests except as a director in two banks, the First National Bank at New Martinsville, and the Bank of Littleton, at Littleton, Wetzel county, West Virginia. He has also been somewhat active in politics, being a Democrat, and in 1888 he represented the second district of West Virginia in the state senate. Dr. Yeater is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.
He married, December 29, 1879, Rachel M. Yoho, daughter of Henry B. and Katherine Yoho. Children: Edna Beatrice, born October 6, 1882; Lewis R., May 25, 1887, died August 11, 1907. [Source: A standard history of Ross County, Ohio: Volume 2; By Lyle S. Evans; Publ. 1916; Pg. 1022-1023; Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack.]


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