McDowell County, WV
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Adams Cemetery 371647N 0814920W  
Algoma Cemetery 372618N 0812445W  
Allen Cemetery 372810N 0815847W  
Altizer Cemetery 371556N 0814507W  
Atwell Cemetery 372225N 0814552W  
Bailey Cemetery 372652N 0815335W  
Blankenship Cemetery 371709N 0815019W  
Blevins Cemetery 372350N 0814533W  
Bowles Cemetery 372549N 0814735W  
Brant Cemetery 372341N 0815053W  
Buckeye Cemetery 371836N 0814944W  
Candy Cemetery 372344N 0815103W  
Cline Cemetery 372719N 0815617W  
Cline Cemetery 372928N 0815224W  
Collins Cemetery 372247N 0815047W  
Cooper Cemetery 372140N 0815538W  
Day Cemetery 371909N 0815151W  
Deskins Cemetery 372216N 0814501W  
Estep Cemetery 372205N 0815222W  
Hagerman Cemetery 371857N 0814636W  
Haggy Cemetery 372758N 0815519W  
Hartwell-Berwind Cemetery 371411N 0813816W  
Horn Cemetery 372336N 0815054W  
Horne Cemetery 371708N 0815059W  
Hunt Cemetery 372842N 0815853W  
Hurley Cemetery 372824N 0815837W  
Iaeger Memorial Cemetery 372649N 0814216W  
Justice Cemetery 372754N 0815608W  
Keen Cemetery 371846N 0815140W  
Kelly Cemetery 372519N 0814851W  
Kennedy Cemetery 372153N 0815235W  
Knob Cemetery 371652N 0814733W  
Lester Cemetery 372002N 0815352W  
Lockhart Cemetery 372622N 0814928W  
Lomax Cemetery 371912N 0814225W  
Lowe Cemetery 372756N 0815653W  
Matney Cemetery 372713N 0815756W  
Meadows Cemetery 372803N 0815032W  
Mitchell Cemetery 371912N 0814959W  
Mitchem Cemetery 372725N 0812515W  
Mounts Cemetery 372951N 0815609W  
Mullins Cemetery 372025N 0815227W  
New Belcher Mountain Community Cemetery 372553N 0813139W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 371916N 0814847W  
Old Belcher Mountain Community Cemetery 372542N 0813124W  
Payne Cemetery 372036N 0815204W  
Powell Cemetery 372436N 0814857W  
Puckett Cemetery 371920N 0814707W  
Reed Cemetery 372442N 0814850W  
Riffe Cemetery 372227N 0814548W  
Robert Cemetery 372658N 0815153W  
Roberts Cemetery 372351N 0815012W  
Robertson Cemetery 372732N 0815518W  
Rockhouse Cemetery 372653N 0812924W  
Roe Cemetery 371847N 0814929W  
Rose Cemetery 371916N 0814645W  
Rowe Cemetery 371826N 0814752W  
Sparks Cemetery 371728N 0814641W  
Stacy Cemetery 372207N 0815523W  
Steele Cemetery 372631N 0815110W  
Sullivan Cemetery 372953N 0815613W  
Trap Fork Cemetery 372802N 0815337W  
Vance Cemetery 372014N 0815243W  
Wimmer Cemetery 371653N 0815000W  
Woods Cemetery 372101N 0814917W  


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