McDowell County, West Virginia

Obituaries and Death Notices

James Beavers
The McDowell recorder contains the following regarding James Beavers, whose death occurred at Maxwell on the 20th inst.: James Beavers, father of Mrs. R.C. Waldron, died at his home at Maxwell, Va., last Monday night, February 20, at 9 o'clock with pneumonia fever. Mr. Beavers was born in Tazewell county, Va., where he spent the early part of his life. He came to McDowell county when a young man and bought property on Barrenshe where he lived until 13 years ago when he purchased the farm in Singingwater, Va., now owned by W.P. Payne and later on moved to Maxwell where he died. Mr. Beavers was Justice of the Peace in McDowell county for 20 years. He was an ardent and faithful member of the Methodist church for 40 years. At the time of his death he was 76 years, 1 month and 20 days old. he is survived by his wife, Rachel and six children as follows: Mr.s R.C. Waldron, of Welch, J.H., T.G., J.D. Crockett, all of Taxewell county, Va; John and A.G., of Peeryville, this county. He is also survived by two brothers and two sisters as follows: Preston Beavers, of Davy, John Beavers, Peeryville, Mrs. Thomas Marcum of warfield, Ky., and Mrs. Margerettee Harman, of Abbs Valley. Mrs. Marcum and the deceased were twins. A few weeks ago Mr. Beavers was visiting at the home of Mrs. Waldron in Welch and was enjoying excellent health. He left here February 9th and became afflicted with pneumonia a few days after reaching his home. Mr. Beavers' death will be regretted by all the old time citizens of McDowell County whom he favored with the county was almost a wilderness. [Clinch Valley news.(Jeffersonville, Va.), March 03, 1905 - trbyKT]

Isaac C. Effler
Bluefield, W.Va., April 4 -- Isaac C. Effler, son of John Effler of McDowell county, died at Baulder (Boulder), Col., on March 29th. His body was brought to McDowell for interment to-day. [Richmond dispatch.(Richmond, Va.), April 05, 1902, Page 2- trbyKT]

Rachel Hall
WELCH, W. VA., September 18 - Mrs. Rachel Hall, better known as Rachel Mullins, died at Keystone last Friday night. She was married to the notorious Lewis Hall about ten years ago, but for several years they have agreed to live apart. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, 20 Sept. 1893; transcribed by FoFG mz]

Dr. R. M. Hogg
Committed suicide yesterday at Eckman, West Virginia [Charleston Evening Mail, December 20,1893, Page1]

Phillip Lambert
WELCH, W. VA., January 21 - Phillip Lambert, one of the prominent citizens of this county, died at his home on Clear Fork, last week. He was 30 years of age and brother-in-law to T. K. Lotten, President of the County Court. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Thursday, 24 Jan. 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz]

John McFarland and J. B. Ballard
A FATAL DUEL - Two Politicians Kill Each Other With Revolvers.
Huntington, W. Va., April 7.— John McFarland, chief of police of North Fork, and J. B. Ballard, wealthiest merchant in McDowell county, were killed in the convention hall at North Fork, the result of the fight between Wm. M. O. Dawson, secretary of state, and Col. Charles F. Teter, for the republican nomination for governor. [The Evening Bulletin. (Maysville, Ky.), April 07, 1904 - trbyKT]

L. T. Murphy
WELCH, W. VA., March 18 - Squire L. T. Murphy, coroner of this county, met a fatal accident at Matewan Saturday. He slipped and fell in the track and was struck by Norfolk and Western passenger train No. 12. His skull was fractured and he died today. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Tuesday, 19 Mar. 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz]

S.W. Myers
Mr. S.W. Myers, a prominent and highly respected citizen of McDowell county, died recently, after a lingering illness, in the 47th year of his age. From the account furnished us by Rev. G.W. Presley, we infer that My. Myers was a citizen of fine standing and character in his community. The time of death and place of residence is not given. [Clinch Valley news. (Jeffersonville, Va.), June 30, 1899 - trbyKT]

Dr. W.V. Nance
Dr. W.V. Nance died suddenly in Elkhorn, W.Va., at his home on Wednesday morning the 9th instant. He was married a little over a year ago in this city to Miss Sallie Pruyne, daughter of the late Dr. H. M. Pattersan. The interment was in Richmond. ["Staunton spectator and vindicator". (Staunton, VA) - June 16, 1898 - trbyKT]

John D. Payne
John D. Payne, a prominent citizen of McDowell county, died on Dec 7th, at Vivian, W.VA. Mr. Payne was the father of W. Burbridge Payne, clerk of circuit court of McDowell. He was born in Tazewell in 1837. [Clinch Valley news. (Jeffersonville, Va.), December 16, 1898 - trbyKT]

Charlie Scott

Colored, was run over and killed by the west-bound through freight, Saturday night, at Kyle. He was sober and industrious and worked for the Powhatan Coal Company. There are suspicions of foul play. Source: Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Wednesday, October 4, 1893  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Abner Stevens
WELCH, W. VA., January 21 - Abner Stevens was fatally shot at Switchback, this county, by a negro named Sam Hodge. No arrest. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Thursday, 24 Jan. 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz]

George Tates
Died in Welch, McDowell County. [Charleston Evening Mail, December 14,1893, Page 2]

John Wellman
WELCH, W. VA., January 10 - Yesterday evening about four o'clock, John Wellman, living on Wilson's creek, cut a gash across the top of his foot with an axe. The wound did not bleed profusely, and was not deemed serious. About midnight he took a vomiting spell, and a physician was hastily summoned. Later he became unconscious, and died about four o'clock. There were no indications of lockjaw, and the wound was not of a character to produce serious results except for some such complication. [Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) Friday, 11 Jan. 1895; transcribed by FoFG mz]

J.T. Wells
J.T. Wells, aged 46 years, a well known farmer and stock trader of McDowell county, died at the Bluefield Sanitarium Sunday night, following an illness of several days. His death was caused by a complication of troubles. He was the son of R.C. Wells, a prominent farmer of Bluestone. He was single and is survived by his father and four brothers, his mother having died some years ago. The brothers are William Wells, of McDowell county; Robert James and Jim Wells, of Springville. The funeral and burial occurred at Springville Tuesday. [Clinch Valley news., January 25, 1918 (Jeffersonville, Va.) - trbyKT]


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