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West Virginia State Medical Society
June 2, 1875

The Medical Society of the State of West Virginia convened at Point Pleasant, June 2d, 1875, and was called to order by Dr. M. Campbell, President.

Drs. C.R. Reed, T. Curtis Smith, and a number of other physicians from Ohio who were present, were, on motion of Dr. R.W. Hazlett, of Wheeling, invited to seats, and also to join in the discussions.

Dr. M.F. Hullihen road a paper embracing cases of vesico-vaginal fistula, a remarkable case of ruptured uterus, encephaloid abdominal tumor, etc., together with a full history of the last illness and treatment of General James S. Wheat, prepared by Dr. John Frissell, of Wheeling.

The same speaker gave a report of a successful plastic operation which he had performed, for making a new under lip, which, together with a portion of the under jaw, had been carried away by a musket ball.

On motion of Dr. A.L. Knight, the courtesy was extended to Dr. C.R. Reed, of Middleport, Ohio, of permitting him to read a paper which he had prepared, on the Use of Forceps in Midwifery, in answer to Dr. Sullivan, of Cincinnati.

Dr. Wesley H. Sharp, of Volcano, presented a paper on the use of Forceps in Midwifery, which was read by Dr. Jepson, in answer to the paper of Dr. Frissell, read at Morgantown, at the last meeting, on the same subject. Referred for publication.

Dr. Robert W. Hazlett, of Wheeling, read a paper reporting a case of dermoid abdominal tumor; similarly referred.

Dr. J.C. Hupp, read a paper reporting a remarkable case of multilocular abdominal tumor, malignant in character, occurring in his own practice, which was similarly referred.

Dr. J.O. Wall, of Huntington, gave a verbal report of a case of abdominal dropsy, from which he has at different times drawn off in the aggregate eighty-four gallons of water. The request was extended, to prepare his experience in the case for publication

Dr. S.L. Jepson, of Wheeling, offered resolutions looking toward the suppression of quackery within the State; also on the appointment of a Committee on State Medicine and Public Hygiene. Adopted.
Officers Elected - President, Dr. A.R. Barbee, Point Pleasant. First Vice President, Dr. J.O. Wall, Huntington. Second Vice President, Dr. S.G. Shaw, Point Pleasant. Third vice President, Dr. B.F. Hoyt, Ravenswood. Secretary, Dr. W.M. Dent, Newburg. Treasurer, Dr. J.C. Hupp, Wheeling
Censors, Drs. Hildreth, Charter, Carpenter, Pipes, Hall, L.F. Campbell and Bond.

The next place of meeting is Wheeling. Time, first Wednesday of June, 1876, 2 o’clock, p.m.

Source: The Medical and Surgical Reporter, Philadelphia, July 3, 1875. D.G. Brinton, M.D., Editor

-- Transcribed by Linda Rodriguez

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