Mercer County West Virginia
Crime News

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Barrett
Bluefield.W. Va. -- James Dawson, U. S. trooper, who murdered Kenneth Barrett and wife and fatally wounded his own sister at Vulcan, near here, is in danger of being mobbed by crowd that has surrounded the jail.  [The day book.(Chicago, Ill.), August 14, 1912,  ]

George Crigger
Of Duhring, West Virginia., who on Thanksgiving Day at Falls Mills, this county, struck Ed Bell of Coopers, over the head with a Winchester rifle, crushing his skull, was brought to Tazewell on Monday and lodged in the county jail. Crigger has almost entirely recovered from the gunshot wounds inflicted on him by the friends of Bell, who attempted to lynch him on the night following the tragedy at Falls Mills.  Bell is still in the hospital at Bluefield, but is now stated that he will certainly recover. [Tazewell Republican (Tazewell, Va.), January 28, 1909]

Will Crockett
Bluefield, W. Va - Police hunting negro who shot and instantly killed Will Crockett and probably fatally wounded Mary Justice, colored. [The day book.(Chicago, Ill.), October 23, 1913]

Harry Draper
Bramwell, W. Va., Feb. 2-An unknown negro who was refused the privilege of walking through a tunnel of the Norfolk and Western railroad near here, shot Harry Draper, the watchman, killing him instantly. A posse soon formed and captured the negro. At midnight 50 men took the prisoner from the jail and lynched him, after which his body was riddled with buckshot. [February 1, 1898, North Adams Transcript, North Adams Massachusetts - submitted by Shauna Williams]
An unknown negro was lynched at Bramwell, W. Va., for the murder of a railroad man. [February 2, 1898, The Marion Daily Star, Marion Ohio - submitted by Shauna Williams]
West Virginia Mob Meted Out Quick Punishment For a Foul Murder.
Bramwell, W. Va., Feb. 2- William Bailey, a desperate negro, who, less than a month ago, was released from the state penitentiary after serving three years for involuntary manslaughter, has been lynched here and his body riddled with bullets. Bailey shot and instantly killed Harry Draper, a well known citizen, who watching at the Norfolk and Western tunnel and depot, his only excuse for the crime being that Draper had refused to let him walk through the tunnel. Little resistance was made at the jail. It is alleged that the county officials knew that a lynching was being formed, and that they left town to spend the night. It is reported that although the lynching occurred in a blinding snow half the crowd that witnessed it was composed of women. Bailey, it is said, had killed three men during his life. [February 2, 1898, The Evening Democrat, Warren Pennsylvania - submitted by Shauna Williams]
Mrs. Faulkner
Bluefield, W. Va., June 26 - News has just reached here for the murder of Mrs. Faulkner by a man named Johnson, near Bramwell, W. Va. Johnson was to be tried for the stealing of a hog and Mrs. Faulkner was the chief witness against him. He went to the house of Mrs. Faulkner and shot the woman, killing her instantly. Johnson is now in the mountains, and the citizens are searching the country for him. If he is overtaken, the officers say, he undoubtedly will be lynched. [June 27, 1895. The Indiana Democrat, Indiana Pennsylvania - submitted by Shauna Williams]

Joseph Glean
February 28--Jos Glean, Farmer living near Bluefield, West Virginia, kills daughter, her lover, and self. Source: The Pittsburg Daily Headlight (Pittsburg, Kansas) Thursday, January 3,1901  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Walter Johnson
Bluefield, W.Va - 300 railroad men stole an engine and flat cars at Princeton and located Walter Johnson, overpowered the officials and seized the negro. Lynching said to be in progress. [The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 05 Sept. 1912]

Bluefield, W. Va., Sept 1.— Gov. Glasscock has asked the Mercer county authorities to call a special term of court to investigate the lynching of Walter Johnson, a negro. Johnson was accused of attacking Nita White, the 16-year-old daughter of a railroad man. It is now certain he was innocent. The Mercer county mob, which lynched Johnson by mistake, is trying to correct the error today. It is looking for the real criminal, with intention to lynch him also. An investigation will be conducted  by  Criminal  Judge J. Frank Maynard  and Assistant Prosecutor Ross, both of whom risked their lives to save Johnson from the mob.  [The day book.(Chicago, Ill.), September 07, 1912]

Bluefield, W. Va., Sept 9 - Gordon White, railroad foreman and father of Nita White, was held to the grand jury on a charge of murder in the fire (sic) degree today. Released on $10,000 bail. White charged Walter Johnson, a negro, with assaulting and mistreating his daughter. A mob gathered and lynched Johnson. Later Nita said that Johnson was not the negro who attacked her, and Gov. Glasscock ordered an investigation. White was arrested late Saturday night and spirited to Charleston, because it was feared the mob would free him. Citizens swore to kill every officer in Bluefields unless White was brought back. Ugly threats were made today. Five hundred excited citizens followed White into the office of Justice of the Peace Dillard when he was arraigned. All of them were clamoring for his release. The negroes are making the situation wore. Secure in the belief that the state is behind them, they are openly condemning the lynching of Johnson. The special grand jury impaneled by Criminal Judge J. Frank Maynard has begun its investigation of the lynching. Between 50 and 75 arrests are expected before night. Feeling is at a high pitch and a bloody race war or the lynching of officials may come at any time.  [The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), September 09, 1912]

Mr. Perry
Clarksburg, W. Va., March 16. — Intelligence reached here last night of a murder and lynching at Princeton, Meyer (sic) County, in the extreme southern part of this State, last Tuesday. The murdered man was a farmer named Perry, and the murderer Arthur Jackson, a young negro aged about twenty years. The purpose of the crime seems to have been for murder, pure and simple. Perry was leisurely driving along the road near Princeton when Jackson fired on him from a thicket, killing his victim almost instantly, he then robbed the body of its valuables and most of the clothing and fled. The same evening he was rash enough to attend a dance at a house in town and was arrested and given a preliminary examination. He confessed the crime and was remanded to jail. The affair created intense excitement, and in a few hours a mob assembled, took the negro from the jail by force and hanged him to a tree.  [The Atchison Daily Globe, (Atchison, KS) Tuesday, March 17, 1885 - KT, Sub by FoFG]

Reed and Lesteman
Two moonshiners, named Reed and Lesteman, were arrested near Bramwell, W. Va. [July 2, 1889, Newark Daily Advocate, Newark Ohio - submitted by Shauna Williams]

Deputy Marshals Sloan and Ramey
Bluefield, W. Va. - Dave Hall, his 3 sons and a negro, alleged "moonshiners," captured. Held out against posse for 2 months, killing Deputy Marshals Sloan and Ramey and seriously wounding Deputy Marshal Porter.  [The day book.(Chicago, Ill.), January 19, 1914]

Mrs. Minnie Stull
Princeton, West Virginia, Oct. 22.-Mrs. Minnie Stull, 30, a widow, was held in jail today charged with killing Mickey, 8, her step son, by placing him in a tub of boiling soapsuds. Witnesses said the boy declared before he died that his step mother pushed him into the tub. Source: Deadwood Pioneer-Times (Deadwood, South Dakota) Thursday, October 23,1930  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

J. Thompson
Bluefield, W. Va -- J. Thompson, charged with assaulting 14-year-old daughter, placed in Princeton prison today, following threats of lynching.  [The day book.(Chicago, Ill.), February 11, 1913]


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