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List of Ex-Soldiers, Sailors and Marines From West Virginia
Living in Iowa

By William L. Alexander 1886
Transcribed by Tammy Clark





(In Iowa)

Ainsworth, Jos. O Corporal Thirty-second Infantry A Denison
Allison, R.A. Private Twelfth Infantry I Seymour
Ambrose, Sam Private Third Cavalry B Le Mars
Armstrong, Thomas K Private Twelfth Infantry D Ottumwa
Armstrong, Wm. S Sergeant Third Cavalry M Audubon
Atkinson, Geo. H Private Thirteenth Infantry B Walkerville
Austin, John B Sergeant Fourth Cavalry B Indianola
Bailey, Floyd Private Seventeenth Infantry A Barlett
Bell, Israel J Private Eleventh Infantry A Ottumwa
Brohard, James Sergeant First Infantry k Malvern
Bumgardner, Geo First Lieut. And R.Q.M. Sixth Cavalry   Osceola
Campbell, John M Private First Artillery D Laurel
Clarey, V.M. Lieutenant Sixth Infantry H Norwalk
Clary, Emory B Sergeant Sixth Infantry A Dallas Center
Clemens, John Private Seventeenth Infantry C Hawthorn
Clothier, L.S. Private Tenth Infantry A Humeston
Clutter, John C Private Tenth Infantry K Pleasant Grove
Cobon, M.H. Private Fourteenth Infantry B Reno
Cobun, W.A. Private Third Infantry C Osceola
Coburn, H.C. Private Sixth Cavalry C Grinnell
Collins, Wm. Private Second Cavalry C Woodbine
Conner, J.B. Private Seventh Cavalry A Mapleton
Cook, George D Private First Cavalry H Corning
Cooper, Geo. T Private Second Infantry I Elliott
Cooper, Josephus Private Fourteenth Infantry E Winterset
Criss, Isaac Private Fourteenth Infantry A Sac City
Cummings, M.J. Corporal Seventh Infantry A Sumner
Darrah, R.L. Corporal Seventh Infantry C Dennis
Davis, Daniel Private First Infantry B Osceola
Deane, W.L. Private First Artillery E Sperry
Deen, J.D. Private First Artillery E South Flint
Deviney, W.F. Corporal First Infantry B Belinda
Dilliner, Allison Private Third Cavalry D Eddyville
Donnan, N.E. Private Twelfth Infantry A Allerton
Ensign, Wm. H Private Thirty-fifth Infantry I Villisca
Erwin, S.W. Private Sixth Infantry F New Virginia
Fear, W.H. Private First Cavalry G Cool
Ford, John Private First Cavalry C Brooks
Ford, T Private Tenth Infantry A Keokuk
Foster, J.H. Corporal Seventh Cavalry E Lucas
Fox, James Private Fourteenth Infantry A Forest City
Fox, Samuel H Private Sixth Infantry G Castalia
Fox, William C Private Sixth Infantry G Castalia
Frum, S.B. Private Fourteenth Infantry C Shelby
Gardner, Edward C Private Seventh Cavalry D Dover
Genehimer, H Private First Cavalry M Council Bluffs
Gilbert, R.H. Private Second Cavalry E Brooks
Giriffith, G.W. Second Lieutenant Seventeenth Infantry A Genoa
Gray, J.W. Private Second Cavalry E Woodburn
Gray, Robert Private Thirteenth Cavalry A Lucas
Green, James E Sergeant Third Cavalry L Jamison
Griffin, T.P. Private Fourth Cavalry G Britt
Griffith, Samuel Private Seventh Infantry F Knoxville
Grimes, Henry F Corporal Third Cavalry I Ola
Grimes, Peter H Corporal Third Cavalry I Weller
Grimes, W.C. Private Third Cavalry I Columbia
Gump, Frederick Private Seventeenth Infantry D Seymour
Gump, Isaac Private Seventeenth Infantry D Seymour
Harless, Silas Private Fifth Infantry C Percival
Harris, Wm Corporal Fourteenth Infantry G Lineville
Hayes, Marshall Private Twelfth Infantry K Algona
Heron, J.W. Private Second Infantry E Waukee
Heskett, W.A. Sergeant First Cavalry D Corydon
Hess, W.W. Sergeant Fourteenth Infantry C Cool
Hicks, George W Captain Ninth Infantry C Creston
Hiles, W.J. Quartermaster Sergeant First Cavalry I Boone
Hilgardner, H Private Sixth Cavalry D Storm Lake
Hoffman, Sanford Private Sixth Infantry K Moravia
Hooker, Wm Private Second Cavalry E Woodburn
Howard, N.C. Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry E Dayton
Howe, J.W. Private Fifteenth Infantry K Nashua
Hull, A.G. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry H Taintor
James, James A Sergeant Fifth Cavalry G Mt. Zion
James, James A Private Seventh Infantry C Mt. Zion
Jamison, Wm. Private Sixth Infantry H Avery
Jennewine, J.J. Lieutenant First Cavalry E Waukon
Jester, J.B. Captain Twelfth Infantry K Sweetland
Johnson, J.W. Private Seventh Infantry E Kellerton
Jones, B.F. Private First Cavalry B Montezuma
Jones, J.R. Private Second Cavalry L Vinton
Kester, Samuel Private Twenty-sixth Infantry B Grand Junction
King, I.H. Corporal First Infantry C Clarion
King, I.H. Corporal Second Infantry D Clarion
Kuhens, John Private Sixth Infantry N Lima
Kutz, John Private First Cavalry E Corning
Lance, Adam Private Fifteenth Infantry E Dunlap
Lantz, Annanias Private Fifteenth Infantry E New Virginia
Lawrene Sprague First Lieutenant Seventh Cavalry C Jobes
Leary, John Private Seventeenth Infantry D McPherson
Lemaster, Theodore Private Third Infantry C Sheldon
Liston, H.S. Private Sixth Cavalry H Griswold
Liston, J.K. Private Sixth Cavalry H Galion
Madden, John W Sergeant Eleventh Infantry   Boone
Maquilken, Henry H Private First Cavalry   Keokuk
Martin, J.T. Sergeant Seventh Infantry A Galion
Matheny, A.N. Private First Artillery F Sidney
McCarl, George Private Sixth Infantry N Newburg
McCloud, G.W. Private Tenth Infantry B Walnut City
McCosh, Nathaniel H Private Fourteenth Infantry C Anita
McDaniel, G.F Private Fourth Cavalry C Indianola
McDaniels, David Private Fourth Cavalry C Truro
McDivitt, James Private Sixth Infantry I Lucas
McKenny, P.D. Private Seventeenth Infantry E Cherokee
McKinney, James W Private Sixth Cavalry F Webster City
Messenger, Edward Private Sixth Infantry F Medora
Miller, J.N. Private Twelfth Infantry A Sac City
Miller, John Private Seventeenth Infantry I Indianola
Minor, Nelson Corporal Fifteenth Infantry C Oskaloosa
Moore, J.C. Private Seventeenth Infantry D Seymour
Moore, Jack Lieutenant Sixth Infantry A Knoxville
Moore, R.M. Private Tenth Infantry C Milledgeville
Morse, Wm. M Private Sixth Cavalry G Cherokee
Murdy, A.J. Private First Cavalry B Moulton
Murray, Lafayette Private Second Infantry C Wheatland
Neal, T.H. Private Sixth Infantry N Moravia
Newman, Joseph N Private Second Cavalry A Osceola
Nim, Christian Private Fifteenth Infantry E Searsboro
Nixon, Isaiah Private Second Cavalry D St. Charles
Osborn, J.S. Musician Sixth Infantry E Knoxville
Park, W.A. Private Seventeenth Infantry D Seymour
Parkinson, B.T. Surgeon Seventeenth Infantry   Washington
Parkinson, H Lieutenant Seventeenth Infantry C Washington
Parthow, Morgan Private, Second Regiment Miscellaneous D Uniontown
Pennell, J.C. Private First Cavalry E Sigourney
Petty, W.H.H. Sergeant Eleventh Infantry B Oto
Peyton, Carson Sergeant Sixth Infantry F Medora
Porter, Alvin Private Second Cavalry C Moulton
Powers, John Private Fourth Infantry K What Cheer
Pringy, Herman Private Sixth Cavalry H Griswold
Pringy, Joohn Private Fourteenth Infantry B Griswold
Pugh, H.F. Private Seventeenth Infantry E Blue Grass
Pumphrey, John R Q.M. Sergeant First Artillery H Sanborn
Reed, Henry Sergeant Fifteenth Infantry I Pleasanton
Reiber, Geo Private Second Cavalry B Dunlap
Riffle, Warren G Sergeant Thirteenth Infantry G Agency
Riggs, Jerry Corporal First Cavalry B Leighton
Roberts, John M.M. Corporal Twelfth Infantry K Albia
Robinson, James Corporal Thirteenth Infantry D Lucas
Searls, J.H. Corporal Thirteenth Infantry K Onawa
Shifflett, Casson Private Fourth Infantry C Deep Rier
Shipman, John B Private First Infantry E Paton
Sims, D.K. Private Third Cavalry I Ola
Sipole, N.H. Sergeant Sixth Infantry O Storm Lake
Skiler, A Lieutenant First Cavalry E Watkins
Smith, A.J. Private Second Infantry L Shell Rock
Smith, James S Private Twelfth Infantry K Exira
Smith, W. O. Private Fifth Infantry I Ainsworth
Snider, M.M. Captain Seventeenth Infantry F Cambridge
Snider, Samuel W Lieutenant-Colonel Fourth Cavalry   Sheldahl
Snider, Samuel W Captain Seventh Infantry A Sheldahl
Snider, Samuel W Lieutenant-Colonel Sixteenth Infantry   Sheldahl
Snodgrass, W.F. Private Twelfth Infantry E Carl
Stckley, J.W. Private Fourth Infantry K Ainsworth
Stone, Theodore Private Third Infantry A Liberty
Thorn, Edgar Sergeant Ninth Infantry C Dephos
Traman, William Private Seventh Infantry b Creston
Trost, C.C. Corporal Ninth Infantry A Rhodes
Van Bibber, James Private Seventh Cavalry H Blue Grass
Waddle, Thos Private First Cavalry   Dallas
Warner, E.S. Private Thirteenth Infantry K Smithland
Warthen, W.F Second Lieutenant Fifteenth Infantry E Cool
Watson, Robert Private First Artillery G Marysville
Weaver, D.D. Private First Cavalry C Clifton
Weldon, J.J.C. Corporal Fourth Infantry E Mondamin
Wells, W.B. Sergeant Twelfth Infantry K Colfax
Wilkinson, J.L Private Fifteenth Infantry B Des Moines
Wilkinson, Samuel Private Fourth Cavalry A Belmond
Wilson, Silas Private Seventh Infantry C Atlantic
Wise, E.F. Private Fifth Cavalry I Waterloo
Woods, Foster H Private First Cavalry I Creston
Woodyard, J.M. Corporal Twelfth Infantry H Ladoga
Wright, N.D. Private Thirteenth Infantry F Lucas
Yast, Wm. Private Twentieth Infantry A Glenwood
Younkin, S.F. Private Twelfth Infantry A Osceola


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