Mingo County West Virginia

Miscellaneous Data

Robert W. Buskirk,
of Matewan, a local political leader in Mingo county, wants to build a bridge across the Tug Fork of Big Sandy at Matewan, connecting the States of West Virginia and Kentucky. Senator Goff and Congressman Sutherland have introduced bills to authorize him to do so. Source: The Fairmont West Virginian, (Fairmont,West Virginia), Saturday, June 28, 1913  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Tilden Browning
a one year man from Mingo county, arrived at the Moundsville penitentiary yesterday morning. Browning has the distinction of being the first convict to arrive at the prison in 1910. The sheriff of Mingo county accompanied the prisoner to the prison where he was at once placed in the hospital.
Browning was to have been brought to the pen during the latter part of 1909 but was given a respite by Gov. Glasscock. When his sentence was finally decided upon, he had contracted a serious illness, and as the penitentiary officials are not accustomed to send guards to such remote counties for one convict, Warden Matthews negotiated with the sheriff, resulting that latter accompanying the man to the prison. Mingo county officials have no accommodation for sick prisoners, and it was deemed necessary to save his life that he be brought to prison hospital. Wheeling Telegraph. Source: The Point Pleasant register (Point Pleasant, West Virginia) January 19,1910  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Old Liner Publishing Company
Charleston, Feb. 14- A Newspaper will be started in Matewan, Mingo county, according to a charter issued from the Secretary of State's office yesterday. The company will be known as the Old Liner Publishing Company. It will have an authorized capital stock of $5,000, of which $200 has been subscribed and $50 paid in. The incorporators are Ernest Juhling, of Williamson; J. R. Booth of Dingess; H. S. White and S. F. Lambert, of Matewan; W. H. Ferrell, of Eugene, and Everett Leftwich, of Williamson. Source: The Fairmont West Virginian, (Fairmont,West Virginia), Friday, February 14,1908  Transcribed by: D. Oberst


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