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Monroe County Cemeteries

Feature Name Latitude Longitude Other Information
Ballard Cemetery 373226N 0803552W  
Ballard-Harvey Cemetery 372934N 0803618W  
Bostic Cemetery 373134N 0801804W  
Bradley Cemetery 372608N 0803939W  
Broyles Cemetery 372642N 0804216W  
Catholic Cemetery 373738N 0801516W  
Chambers Cemetery 372719N 0803740W  
Dowdy Cemetery 374112N 0802056W  
Dropping Lick Cemetery 373058N 0803349W  
Dunn Cemetery 372526N 0804547W  
Fortner Cemetery 372829N 0803531W  
Gap Mills Cemetery 373322N 0802451W  
Green Hill Cemetery 373536N 0803210W  
Karnes Cemetery 372603N 0804415W  
Lebanon Cemetery 373924N 0802912W  
Lively Cemetery 372909N 0803923W  
Mount Carman Cemetery 372939N 0804611W  
Mountain View Cemetery 372956N 0803814W  
Mountain View Cemetery 373614N 0801612W  
New Zion Cemetery 372830N 0802457W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 373656N 0804431W  
Old Rehobeth Cemetery 373524N 0803021W  
Rowan Memorial Home Cemetery 373728N 0801425W  
Swope Cemetery 372837N 0803752W  
Wayside Cemetery 373601N 0804059W  

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