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Welcome to West VA Genealogy Trails


Nicholas County, WV


Source: GNIS
(Note: GNIS does not record very small places, so this is probably not a complete list)

Cemetery Name



Other Information

Acree Cemetery 382400N 0805528W  
Armstrong Cemetery 382945N 0804457W  
Bethel Cemetery 381507N 0805736W  
Buckhorn Cemetery 380808N 0804648W  
Butcher Cemetery 382955N 0804949W  
Campbell Cemetery     6/10 of a mile from Route 39; west of Richwood
Catholic Church Cemetery 381647N 0805111W  
Curtin Cemetery      
Davis Family Cemetery 38.3265N 80.5549W Coe, WV
Denna Cemetery     on Holcomb Hollow Road
Dixon Chapel Cemetery 381041N 0804712W  
Dotson-Simpson Cemetery 381400N 0805634W  
Downtain Chapel Cemetery 381350N 0804204W  
Duling Cemetery 381820N 0805554W  
Fairview Cemetery 381245N 0804039W  
Fields Cemetery 381158N 0804126W  
Fowlers Knob Cemetery 381156N 0805052W  
Gilgal Cemetery 381121N 0805007W  
Groves Cemetery 381714N 0805049W  
Hickory Grove Cemetery 381052N 0804843W  
Hill Cemetery 381400N 0811124W  
Hill Cemetery 382336N 0804718W  
Hinkle Mountain Cemetery 381450N 0803215W  
Holy Family Cemetery     south of Richwood on Williams St.
Keenan Cemetery 381703N 0805756W  
Lambert Cemetery 382206N 0804045W  
Little Union Cemetery 382039N 0804325W  
McCutchin Cemetery 381938N 0805535W  
McTheny Cemetery    

McCarty road just out of the city limits of Richwood.
1½ miles from traffic light

Mount Gilead Cemetery 380945N 0805137W  
Mount Lookout Cemetery 380942N 0805432W  
Mount Union Cemetery 381846N 0804802W  
Mountain Cemetery 380708N 0804030W  
Mountain Trail Memorial Cemetery 381852N 0803649W  
Mountain View Memorial Park 381453N 0803211W  
Mullens Cemetery 382127N 0804218W  
Neil Cemetery 381533N 0810123W  
New Hope Cemetery 381307N 0803712W  
Olive Branch Cemetery 381315N 0804110W  
Penile Cemetery 380836N 0804300W  
Pleasant Hill Cemetery 380833N 0805118W  
Powers Cemetery 381916N 0803313W  
Richwood Cemetery 381330N 0803246W  
Russell Cemetery 381949N 0803347W  
Russell Cemetery 381745N 0803935W  
Simms Cemetery 381405N 0810741W  
Spruce Grove Cemetery 380914N 0804711W  
Spruce Run Cemetery 382401N 0804817W  
Sugar Grove Cemetery 380603N 0804810W  
Taylor Cemetery 381504N 0803653W  
Tinnel/Mollohan Family Cemetery 383004N 0804559W  
Walker Cemetery 383202N 0804820W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 383009N 0805159W  
Ward Road Cemetery 381626N 0804228W  
Wilson Cemetery 382323N 0805514W  
Zoar Cemetery 381406N 0805622W  


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