Ohio County, West Virginia

Wills/Probate Records

Mathias Ault
WILL of Mathias Ault
Vol. l, page 18, Ohio Co.,Va. now W.Va

In the Name of God, Amen I, Mathas Ault of the County of Ohio being very weak in body but of Perfect memory
Blessed be god and Coling to mind the mortality of my Body & approaching Dissolution do this Twenty Second Day of February in the years of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & Ninety 1790 make & publish this my last will and testament in manner following to wit
(after all my lawful & Just Debts and funiral Charges are Discharged I do give and will that my beloved wife Elizabeth Ault be & Remain in full Possession of my whole Estate in during her Natural life & after Decease I will that all my Movable Estate then found shall be equally Divided between my two Step Sons & Step daughter) to wit (Philip Hup & Lazares Rhyne & Elizabeth Smith with this exception that the said Elizabeth Smith Shall have a Certain Iron pott & a frying pan Over & above hir third part which pott & frying pan I alow hir the said Elizabeth to give to hir daughter Elizabeth Fisher when She Shall demand it & further for divers reasons & Good Causes me hereunto moving I do will give & Bequeath unto my Stepson Lazres Rhyne all my Pattened Lands at the decease of my wife as aforesaid) & for the due performance & Execution of this my last will & Testament I do ordain & appoint my Trusty friend Henry Smith my Executor for the Entent & Purpose of the same in Witness whereof I the sd Mathias Ault have hereunto set my hand & Seal the day & years above written.
Acknowledge by me
Mathias Ault
We whose names are underwritten do witness as Saw Mathias Ault Sign and scknowledge the within will.
Hizariah Dun
Robert Edgar.
A copy from the original will which was provin in Court by the above subscribing witnesses at February Term 1791 and ordered to be recorded,
Test Moses Chaplin, clk.

Further info:
Lazarus Rine & wife Elizabeth sold the patent they received from Mathias Ault to John Davidson in Ohio County on Oct 3, 1796.
Lazarus Jr and wife Mary Ramsey Rine are buried in Fredonia Cemetery
Philip Hupp left Marshall County, went to Ohio and died in Monroe County, OH Nov. 9, 1831. He and his wife are buried in Hesson Cemetery, Middleburg, Monroe County, Ohio.

[Info extracted from "The Echoer", vol 1, no 1, August 1, 1967 - transcribed here by K. Torp]

Elizabeth Beck
The last will and testament of Elizabeth Beck was proved and admitted to probate yesterday. The writing is dated Sept. 6,1877,and the signature was attached in the presence of Messrs. john Webb, John W. Rodgers, and Nicholas Herbert. Decedent's will is that all just debts shall be paid out of the estates by the executor, and her funeral charges out of a fund of $200 set aside for that purpose. the estate situated in square 22, in the city of Bellaire, Ohio, is to be sold, and the proceeds of such sale be disposed of as follows: To decedent's sons W. T. Beck and John H. Beck, $200 each; in consideration of money advance to her son James W. Beck, decedent devises and bequeaths to him the said money to him paid, and the additional sum of $20. the residue of the proceeds of said estate, and any other property belonging to decedent, is bequeathed to decedent;s daughters, Hannah M. Connor, and Josephine Smith. George Odbert was appointed executor of theestate. Source: The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Wheeling, West Virginia) Tuesday, February 19,1878  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Henry Yost Loeber
I Henry Y. Loeber, now living in Bellaire,Ohio, but formerly of Wheeling, West Virginia hereby make and publish this my last will and testament.
Item 1. It is my will that my just debts be paid so soon after my death as conveniently can be done.
Item 2. Subject to the payment of my debts and the other provisions hereafter made as to monument. I will and devise all my property of ever kind, but especially my houses and lot on South Wheeling to my two daughters Mary F. Grotz and Carrie A. McDonald, and to their heirs and assigns forever.
Item 3. I nominate and appoint as Executor of this will my said daughter Mary F. Grotz, and request that she may not be required to give bond either in this county or in Ohio county, West Virginia, and it is my will that my said Executrix shall have the use and procession of my said property in South Wheeling. So long as may be necessary to pay all my debts and funeral expenses from the net income thereof, including in said expenses a monument at the grave of myself and wife costing not less than one hundred (100) dollars, but said use and possess not to continue exclusive of Mrs. McDonald more then eight years after my death, and said property may be sold any time that is agreed upon by my said daughters if they pay all the afore said debts and expenses from the purchase money thereof.

Witness my hand and seal this 19th day of April A.D. 1895
Henry Yost Loeber (seal)
Signed and sealed in our presence by said Henry Y. Loeber as and for his last will and Testament and signed by us as witness in his presence and at his request.
J. A. Gallaher
Isabella Rice
For order see order book No.8
George Cook     Clerk
Source: West Virginia (Ohio County) Will Book 008 1894-1899 Transcribed by: D. Oberst

William Robards
In the name of God Amen--this 28th day of August one thousand seven hundred and eighty three I William Robards of the state of Virginia and Ohio County being well in health and a perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore Caling to mind the Mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed once and for all men to die- - do make this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all, i give and recommend my Soul to the hands of God that gave it , and as for my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner by my executors John and Abraham McCollocks and as touching such wordley effects where with it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give and dispose of the same in the following manner and forme, and first it is my will, and I do order that my Just debts be paid, and secondly I give and bequest's unto George McCollock all my estate real and personal. In witness whereof I have set my hand and Seale this 28th day of august 1783--Signed in the presence of us--
Jonathan Gam }
Sarah McCollock}
Ebenezer Zane}
William Robards    (seal)
A copy Teste
Moses Chapline C.O.C
Source: West Virginia (Ohio County) Will Book 001 1777-1809 Transcribed by: D. Oberst


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