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Pleasants County, WV


Source: GNIS
Submitted by Veneta McKinney

Cemetery Name



Additional Information

Beech Run Cemetery 392548N 0810230W  
Bibbys Cemetery 392741N 0810427W  
Calcutta Cemetery 392059N 0811129W  
Clay Point Cemetery 392404N 0810955W  
Cloverdale Cemetery 392152N 0810831W  
Craig Cemetery 392446N 0810219W  
Harness Cemetery 392004N 0812132W  
Hebron Cemetery 392243N 0810720W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 392326N 0811155W  
Johnson Cemetery 391924N 0811939W  
Lamp Cemetery 392407N 0811025W  
Maple Lane Cemetery 392129N 0810214W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 392534N 0810809W  
Mount Nebo Cemetery 392633N 0810620W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 392354N 0810610W  
Nine Mile Cemetery 392044N 0810710W  
Old Beech Run Cemetery 392602N 0810230W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 392204N 0810238W  
Point Lookout Cemetery 392555N 0810741W  
Shawnee Cemetery 392317N 0810347W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 392503N 0810131W  

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