Pleasants County, West Virginia
  Obituaries and Death Notices

Newton Adams
St Mary’s, W. Va., Sept. 26, ---Newton Adams, a teamster, was crushed to death here to-day. He was sitting on a box in his wagon, when the front wheel struck a piece of pipe, throwing him out, the box falling on top of him. He was thirty-eight years old, and single. His home was at Matamoras, O. Source: The Wheeling daily Intelligencer (Wheeling, West Virginia), September 27, 1900  Transcribed by: D.Oberst
Elias Boley
When Wheeling has one fatal accident it seems that nearly always another follows before the day is finished, and this was the case yesterday, two deaths by drowning having occurred. The first one took place yesterday morning at the levee. Elias Boley, a deck-hand on the steamer Elaine, being the unfortunate man. The Elaine was lying outside of the Princess, which was steaming up preparatory to leading on her first trip to Bellaire, and Boley and another deckhand were standing upon their boat just opposite the boiler deck of the Princess, when the engineer of the latter picket threw open the mud-valve, at the same time calling to the two men to get out of the way. Boley's companion jumped to one side, but he became frightened and jumped into the river, and the current being very strong he was swept away rapidly and disappeared beneath the surface. The alarm was given and the crew of the steamer manned a boat as quickly as possible, but when they reached the spot where Boley disappeared no trace of him could be found. The unfortunate man had been running on the boat about two weeks and came here from St. Mary's, being a sober, hard-working young man, and was quite a favorite with Captain and crew. He was about twenty-one years of age and unmarried. The river is so high and the current so swift the body had not been recovered up to a late hour last evening. [Saturday, June 11, 1887, Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Robert Browse
Judge of the County Court of Pleasants county, West Virginia, died while opening court Saturday morning. He was eighty years of age, and it was supposed he died of heart disease. Source:The Wheeling daily intelligencer (Wheeling, West Virginia) Thursday, March 18,1880  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Clyde Davis
Clyde Davis, of St. Mary's found Dead on the Track near marietta
Marietta, Ohio, October 2 - This morning the dead body of Clyde Davis, of St. Mary's, W.Va., was found lying on the track of the Ohio River road, one-half mile below this city. He was killed by the Bryan special train between Wheeling and Huntington. [Saturday, October 3, 1896, Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

John Hawkins
It is said that John Hawkins, formerly a Confederate soldier, of Jackson's brigade, was accidentally shot on last Thursday week, at his residence on Cow Creek, Pleasants county, West Virginia. he took down his rifle for some shooting sport, and to ascertain whether or not it was loaded, placed his foot upon the hammer while he would blow in the muzzle. His foot slipped, the hammer came down and the piece was discharged, the ball passing through his head, killing him instantly. Source:The Wheeling daily intelligencer (Wheeling, West Virginia) Friday, June 22,1866  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Death Under Peculiar Circumstances.
Yesterday morning Mr. Mick, an oil well driller, living at Belmont Station, just below St. Mary's, met with death under somewhat peculiar circumstance. He had been over at one of the three Brother Islands, in company with his two sons, digging potatoes, and on the way back, in a skiff, he suddenly expired. It is supposed he ruptured a blood vessel, but this is uncertain. [Tuesday, December 11, 1888, Wheeling Register (Wheeling, WV) - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Mrs. Smith
The St Mary's Oracle chronicles the death of a women named Smith, in the lower end of Pleasants county, from the effects of a blow from a large stone thrown by a man who as yet is unknown. It seemed that Mrs. Smith and her husband crossed the river from Ohio on last Tuesday, the woman appearing to be very unwell. She was found under a tree some distance up the creek, suffering very much. She was removed to a house in the neighborhood and Dr. Way was summoned. To the doctor she told the following story; She said her husband had got into a row with the man on whose land they lived, in Ohio, when the man threw a large stone at her husband, which struck her, from the effects of which she was suffering. She was trying to reach the house of some relatives in West Virginia, when she became to weak to travel. The women suffered terribly that day, dying about nightfall. the Coroner has gone to the scene. Source: The Wheeling Register (Wheeling, West Virginia), Monday, June 8, 1885  Transcribed by: D.Oberst

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