Pocahontas County, West Virginia

Crime News

Jno. Beard, son of W. W. Beard, of the Levels, shot and killed James Phillips last weak. Beard is insane. He had only a short time ago returned from the asylum at Weston. He has been returned to that institution. [Staunton spectator and vindicator.(Staunton, Va.), January 11, 1901 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Authentic information has been received that Joshua Douglas shot and killed Henry Fletcher at the latter's lumber camp on Turkey Creek in Webster county. Douglas is the father of Kenos Douglas, who was tried for the murder of Thomas Reed in Greenbrier and Fletcher was an important witness. [Staunton spectator and vindicator, (Staunton, Va.), April 22, 1897 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Officer Held As Slayer
West Virginia Contractor Shot Dead At Marliton.
Cumberland, Md., Nov.18.-George Washington Duncan, a preminent resident of Marlinton, West Virginia, was shot to death by Policeman Brown I. Galford, according to word received here today. Duncan was said to have been under the influence of liquor and the shooting followed an attempt to arrest him in front of the postoffice at 11 o'clock at night. Galford is in jail.
Duncan was the head of the Duncan Construction Company, the successful bidder for the constructino of the midel road through Marlinton. He was 30 years old and is survived by his wife and three children. Source: The Washington Post, (Washington, District of  Columbia) Wednesday, November 19,1919  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Alleged Murderer Caught Here
Jerome Kellison, Reputed Son of Jesse James, the Noted Bandit, Arrested at Ocean mines for Murder. Kellison's Victim Was His Sweetheart
. A Miss Sims in Pocahontas County, whom he killed because she received attentions of other man. A desperate character.
Jerome Kellison, a coal miner, was arrested at Ocean mines Monday afternoon by J. J. Childers and J. A. McCloud, members of the West Virginia Central Detective Agency, with headquarters in this city, upon a warrant charging him with being a fugitive from justice. Kellison alias Anderson, alias Scott, alias Williams is accused of the murder of a Miss Sims in Pocahontas county in September,1899. The detective agency received a telegram from Sheriff E. W. Moore, of Pocahontas county, saying Kellison was badly wanted at Marlinton and that a reward of $300 would be given for his arrest and delivery at that place.
story of the crime Kellison is charged with is that in the summer of 1899 Kellison was working in a lumber camp near Marlinton. He became acquainted with Miss Sims, a 16-year old girl, and the acquaintanceship ripened into love. She soon tired of him and received that attentions of other men. He objected to this, they had a quarrel. She refused him admittance to her home while another admirer was calling upon her and Kellison shot her, inflicting a fatal wound. An attempt was made to arrest him for the murder but he shot Sheriff Moore almost mortally wounding him and escaped.
Moore lay at the point of death many weeks but finally recovered. From that time Kellison has been a fugitive from justice. the detectives heard of the case, saw Kellison's picture and description in the rogues gallery and at last ran across one who they thought filled the bill. After working up the case to their own satisfaction they arrested him and placed him in jail. Tuesday morning they were authorized to take him to Pocahontas county and J. A. McCloud left that forenoon for Marlinton with his prisoner. Kellison confessed to having lived at Marlinton six years ago but had lived in Grant county several years since then. He said he was known by various names, that he went by the name of Kellison until a Squire at Elkins told him he ought call himself Scott as his mother had stated that was his father's name. He said he had worked at Benwood, Monongah and other places. While confessing to the name of Jerome Kellison he denied the crime and stated that a man of that name and filling the description of the murderer had worked with him in the tube works at Benwood. The man wanted for the murder is about 30 years of age, while the one arrested did not appear to be more than 20.
It is alleged that Kellison also killed a negro in Cumberland. An interesting story in connection with Kellison is that he is a son of Jesse James, the noted bandit, his mother, now residing at Fairmont and going under the name of Annie Moore, having made the statement that Jesse James was the father of the boy. Source: The Clarksburg Telegram, (Clarksburg, West Virginia) May 10,1901  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Yeggmen Blew The Safe
Marlinton: Yeggmen blew the safe of the post office at Winterburn, Pocahontas county, and obtained $1,500 in cash besides a large quantity of stamps. The safe was wrecked but the office was not damaged. the works bears all the  earmarks of having been done by professionals. Source: The Daily Telegram, (Clarksburg, West Virginia) May 5,1916  Transcribed by: D. Oberst

Ends In Murder
Marlinton, W. Va., Dec. 7- Elijah Arbagast, who lived near Marlinton was instantly killed by Staten Lambert, as a result of a quarrel about Arbagast's wife. Lambert used a shot gun. Arbagast and his wife separated some time ago. The women had been making her home with Lambert's family. Lambert took exceptions to Arbagast's remarks as to his relations with the latter's wife.
Source: The Fairmont West Virginian, (Fairmont, West Virginia) Friday, December 7,1906  Transcribed by: D. Oberst


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