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Source:  GNIS

Antioch Cemetery 383356N 0814851W
Atkeson Cemetery 383826N 0815712W
Barnette Chapel Cemetery 383746N 0814751W
Bird Cemetery 381952N 0815704W
Bowles Cemetery 383717N 0814829W
Bowles Ridge Church Cemetery 383626N 0814843W
Bowling Cemetery 382924N 0815524W
Buffalo Baptist Church Cemetery 383615N 0815934W
Buffalo Memorial Park Cemetery 383624N 0815819W/td>
Burton Cemetery 382647N 0820104W
Cartwright Cemetery 383006N 0814809W
Center Point Cemetery 383455N 0814600W
Evergreen Cemetery 383529N 0820208W
Fraizer Bottom Church Cemetery 383423N 0820009W/td>
Giles-Stern Cemetery 383316N 0815258W
Grandview Cemetery 383538N 0815116W
Hodges Cemetery 383113N 0815947W
Hodges Cemetery 382406N 0815349W
J L Bowling Cemetery 382903N 0815526W
Jackson Cemetery 383736N 0815559W
Kirkpatrick Cemetery 383755N 0815615W
Lawrence Cemetery 382646N 0815411W
Leadman Cemetery 382948N 0815459W
Lilly Cemetery 382822N 0814815W
Manilla Cemetery 383922N 0815401W
Martin Cemetery 383910N 0814617W
Middleton Cemetery 382911N 0815611W
Moss Chapel Cemetery 384053N 0814511W
Mount Moriah Cemetery 382011N 0815823W
Mount Olive Cemetery 382239N 0815908W
Mount Vernon Cemetery 382716N 0815628W
Mount Zion Cemetery 383946N 0814658W
Old Antioch Cemetery 383416N 0814803W
Pliny Church Cemetery 383724N 0815914W
Scott Cemetery 383534N 0814733W
Shiloh Cemetery 383448N 0815421W
Showen Cemetery 383043N 0815013W
Steele-Carney Cemetery
Sycamore Cemetery 382132N 0820125W
Thompson Cemetery 382509N 0820244W
Valley View Cemetery 382516N 0822227W
Wade Chapel Cemetery 383406N 0815000W
Walker Chapel Cemetery 383920N 0815107W
Warner Cemetery 383855N 0814832W
Winfield Cemetery 383134N 0815359W



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