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Accord Cemetery 374557N 0812536W  
Adkins Cemetery 375202N 0812918W  
Aliff Cemetery 374640N 0811656W  
Allen Cemetery 374534N 0812428W  
Artie Cemetery 375615N 0812120W  
Athey Cemetery 374909N 0811912W  
Bailey Cemetery 375058N 0812540W  
Biggs Cemetery 375150N 0811602W  
Blue Ridge Memorial Gardens 375027N 0811127W  
Bone Cemetery 375115N 0812842W  
Bone Cemetery 375204N 0812724W  
Bradford Cemetery 375057N 0812626W  
Camp Creek Cemetery 373529N 0810615W  
Cannaday Cemetery 374352N 0811559W  
Cantley Cemetery 375100N 0812504W  
Cantley Cemetery 375117N 0812712W  
Chambers Cemetery 374950N 0812201W  
Clay Cemetery 374645N 0811859W  
Clay Cemetery 374907N 0811739W  
Clay Cemetery 374957N 0812340W  
Cook Cemetery 374935N 0812207W  
Cook Cemetery 374946N 0812609W  
Cooks Cemetery 375023N 0812824W  
Covey Cemetery 374707N 0812238W  
Daniel Cemetery 374904N 0811645W  
Daniel Cemetery 375013N 0811924W  
Daniels Cemetery 374725N 0812632W  
Daniels Cemetery 374805N 0812433W  
Davis-Bailey Homestead Cemetery 374604N 0812141W  
Dickens Cemetery 374847N 0812851W  
Dillon Cemetery 375029N 0812041W  
Dunbar Cemetery 375424N 0812107W  
Estep-Bailey Cemetery 375705N 0812519W  
Eunice Cemetery 375018N 0812621W  
Ewing Fork Cemetery 375442N 0811933W  
Farmer Cemetery 374519N 0812520W  
Farmer Cemetery 374535N 0812437W  
Flashman Cemetery 374928N 0812304W  
Fulton Cemetery 375629N 0812249W  
Goodson Cemetery 374715N 0805736W  
Greenwood Memorial Park 374622N 0810933W  
Harper Cemetery 374915N 0811821W  
Henderson Cemetery 374746N 0812313W  
Hill Cemetery 375732N 0812729W  
Hodge Cemetery 375532N 0812107W  
Hodge Cemetery 375638N 0812355W  
Honaker Cemetery 374950N 0812537W  
Hurst Cemetery 374806N 0812545W  
Jarrell Cemetery 375211N 0812610W  
Jarrell Cemetery 375311N 0812837W  
Jarrells Cemetery 375538N 0813259W  
Lafferty Cemetery 375051N 0812533W  
Lilly Cemetery 373617N 0810656W  
Lucas Cemetery 374735N 0811936W  
Massey Cemetery 375122N 0812512W  
Massey Cemetery 375123N 0812615W  
Maynor Cemetery 375231N 0811649W  
Maynor Cemetery 375257N 0811623W  
Maynor Cemetery 375452N 0812027W  
McDonald Cemetery 374544N 0812205W  
McGinnis Cemetery 375001N 0812016W  
McGinnis Cemetery 375104N 0812526W  
McGinnis Cemetery 375130N 0812507W  
Meadows Cemetery 374939N 0812009W  
Meadows Cemetery 374331N 0805354W  
Milam Cemetery 374823N 0812538W  
Miller Cemetery 374528N 0811613W  
Miller Cemetery 375258N 0812836W  
Miller Cemetery 375101N 0812655W  
Moles Cemetery 375547N 0812136W  
Mount Tabor (Davis Addition) Cemetery 374738N 0811348W  
New Salem Church Cemetery 374809N 0805723W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 374618N 0811432W  
Pettry Cemetery 375206N 0812700W  
Pettry Cemetery 375234N 0812947W  
Plumley Cemetery 374607N 0810256W  
Price Cemetery 375110N 0812400W  
Richmond Cemetery 374609N 0812536W  
Richmond Cemetery 375053N 0812611W  
Rorrer Cemetery 374957N 0812355W  
Rorrer Cemetery 375058N 0812420W  
Saint Colmans Cemetery 374557N 0805515W  
Saint Sebastians Cemetery 374609N 0811137W  
Sarrett Cemetery 375022N 0812612W  
Sarrett-Lemon Cemetery 374933N 0812446W  
Scarbrough Cemetery 375136N 0812506W  
Slab Fork Cemetery 374212N 0811744W  
Snuffer Cemetery 374613N 0812313W  
Snuffer Cemetery 374748N 0811739W  
Stanley Cemeteries 375829N 0812655W  
Stewart Cemetery 374929N 0812324W  
Stover Cemetery 375139N 0811915W  
Stover Cemetery 375246N 0812010W  
Stover Cemetery 375316N 0812016W  
Stover Cemetery 375621N 0812250W  
Stover Cemetery 375643N 0812050W  
Sunset Memorial Park 374720N 0811253W  
Sweeney Cemetery 375051N 0811602W  
Tabor Cemetery 374753N 0812502W  
Taylor Cemetery 374829N 0812515W  
Taylor Cemetery 375315N 0812151W  
Trail Cemetery 374622N 0811932W  
Trump Cemetery 374631N 0812359W  
Trump Cemetery 374739N 0812153W  
Tulliver Cemetery 374752N 0811846W  
Turner Cemetery 374943N 0811743W  
Tyree Cemetery 375258N 0811539W  
Union Cemetery 375717N 0812642W  
Webb Cemetery 374834N 0812842W  
Wildwood Cemetery 374624N 0811020W  
William Cemetery 375254N 0811604W  
William Cemetery 375254N 0812847W  
Williams Cemetery 374727N 0812559W  
Williams Cemetery 374820N 0812601W  
Williams Cemetery 375039N 0811526W  
Williams Cemetery 375054N 0812529W  
Williams Cemetery 375059N 0812452W  
Wills Cemetery 374937N 0812458W  
Wills Cemetery 375103N 0812514W  
Wiseman Cemetery 374950N 0811950W  
Workman Cemetery 374727N 0812603W  
Workman Cemetery 375429N 0812002W  
Workman Creek Cemetery 375401N 0812055W  
Worley Cemetery 374610N 0812431W  
Wright Cemetery 375222N 0811931W  
Wright Hunter Cemetery 374554N 0811017W  



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