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Beverly Cemetery 385045N 0795224W  
Cowger Cemetery 383217N 0800844W  
Crouch Cemetery 384507N 0795725W  
Fort Milroy Cemetery 383712N 0795256W  
Helvetia Cemetery 384238N 0801217W  
Hicks Cemetery 384008N 0800932W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 385302N 0795048W  
Kerns Cemetery 385624N 0793456W  
Laurel Hill Cemetery 384914N 0793259W  
Leading Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery 390350N 0794908W  
Little Arlington Cemetery 385654N 0794950W  
Long Run Cemetery 385032N 0800520W  
Maplewood Cemetery 385630N 0795103W  
Mount Iser Cemetery 385040N 0795159W  
Mountain State Memorial Gardens 385901N 0795009W  
Mountain View Cemetery 385816N 0795625W  
Old Brick Church Cemetery 384115N 0795858W  
Pickens Cemetery 383930N 0801202W  
Pine Grove Cemetery 384400N 0801043W  
Saint Brendens Cemetery 385401N 0795038W  
Simmons Cemetery 383332N 0800038W  
Stainaker Cemetery 383427N 0800532W  
Stalnaker Cemetery 384927N 0795223W  
Ware Cemetery 383132N 0800023W  
White Cemetery 385303N 0793705W  

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