West Virginia Genealogy Trails

Roll of the Ancestors of the Members

of the
West Virginia Society Sons of the Revolution

Source: Yearbook of the Society of Sons of the Revolution, 1914-1915
Submitted by K. Torp

NOTE:- Only the ancestors of members in good standing and those of members who died while in good standing appear in this list. The names of the members who are eligible through each ancestor are given.

ANTIL, EDWARD, 3d. (1742-1787.)
Engineer Gen. Montgomery's Staff, 1775; Lieutenant-Colonel appointed by Congress in 1776; served with American troops in Canada, 1776; under Gen. Sullivan in 1777; taken prisoner and exchanged Nov. 10, 1780; served in Virginia in 1781, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis; was an original member of the Order of the Cincinnati.
See Public Archives.
Edwards, William Seymour.

Ensign 11th Virginia; served 11th March, 1776, to ---- .
Heitman-Reg. Off. Cont. Army, page 65.
McMechen, Birney Kennard.

BAIRD, ABSALOM. (1755-1805.)
Ensign in a Company attached to one of four Regiments authorized by act of Congress in 1776 ; Surgeon's Mate ; served in Penn., N. J. and N. Y.; was present at the storming of Stony Point, July 15, 1779, and rendered medical attention to Gen. Anthony Wayne; on duty in Soldiers' Hospital at Fishkill, N. Y., August 17, 1779; commissioned Surgeon, March 20, 1780, in Col. Jeduthan Baldwin's Regiment of Artillery and Artificers, and served until March 29, 1781.
Heitman-Reg. Off. Cont. Army, p. 71.
Pa. Archives, II. Ser., Vol. 2, pp. 257, 556, 559.
N. Y. Col. Doc, Vol. X., p. 902.
Baird, Reed M.
Baird, George B.
Mitchell, Baird.
Baird, Du Bois.

BAER, JACOB. (1758-1837.)
Enlisted 1776 at Lancaster, Pa.; served two months under Capt. John Roland; enlisted January, 1777; served under Capt, Thos. Dorsey, Col. Moyland; attached to Gen. Pulaski's Life Guards until honorable discharge in October, 1778.
Records Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.
White, Israel C.
Hennen, Ray Vernon.
Hennen, Earl Malcolm.

Officer of the "Maryland Line" during the Revolution, afterward an officer of the U. S. Army; was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati. Records of the Maryland Society of the Cincinnati.
Peterkin, William Gardner.

BEECHER, BURR. (1757-1823.)
Private, 1776, Fifth Company, Captain Jonas Prentice, Fifth Battalion, Col. Douglas, Connecticut State Brigade, Gen. Wadsworth; saw service in New York, battles of Long Island and White Plains; term expired December 25, 1776.
Rec. Conn. Men Rev. War, pub. 1880.
Beach, Albert H.
Beach, Austin.

BENDER, GEORGE. (1752-1843.)
Private in Capt. Daniel Barnes' Company, Col. Jonathan Ward's Regiment, Massachusetts troops.
Records U. S. Bureau of Pensions, Sur. File 34024.
Morfit, Charles Campbell.

Bland, Robert Linn.

BOND, RICHARD. (1728-1819.)
Member House of Delegates, State of Maryland, 1777, from Cecil County; was also engaged in the manufacture of small arms for the use of the Revolutionary army.
Jour. Md. Assem., 1777.
Md. Hist. Soc.
Haymond, Henry.

BOWIE, ALLEN, JR. (1737-1803.)
Raised a military company in Frederick County, Maryland, in 1776, of which he was commissioned Captain; afterwards, Colonel; he was afterwards reimbnrsed by the Colony for expenses he incurred in providing for the wants of his regiment; served as Justice of Montgomery County, 1777. Archives of Maryland, page 424.
Bowie, Edward Beatty.

Private and Sergeant in the Virginia Line, March, 1776, to September, 1779; Ensign 2d Virginia, 25th September, 1779; retired 2d September, 1780; present at the surrender of Cornwallis.
Heitman-Reg. Off. Cont. Army, p. 100.
Martin, Frederick T.
Martin, Arthur G.

Private, Capt. Jacob Gerrish's Company, Col. Moses Little's Regimen (17th Massachusetts), Gen. Greene's Brigade; enlisted April 24, 1775; was wounded in the battle of Bunker Hill; served nine months.
Pub. Rec. Mass., Vol. 15, p. 8; Vol. 56, p. 86, and Vol. 57, File 9.
Burke, William Paxton.

Private in Capt. John Carothers' 12th Pennsylvania Regiment, Second Battalion Cumberland Co. Militia.
Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 6, page 181.
Smith, Henry Finley.
Ritchie, J. Frank.

Private in the Virginia Line in the Revolutionary War; was paid £47 12s 2d on Aug. 15, 1783.
Va. State Doc.
Chancellor, Edmund Pendleton, Jr.
Chancellor, William Nelson.

Captain of Black Water Company, Salisbury Battalion, from Somerset County, Maryland; member Council of Safety, 1777-1778. Maryland Archives, Vol. XVI., pages 381 and 464.
Conoway, Waitman Harrison.

COX, ISAAC. (1724-1784.)
Administered oath of allegience and fidelity renouncing King George of Great Britain in 1777, to the people of Washington County, Pa.; Captain and Colonel, Washington County Militia; Paymaster Penn. Rifle Reg., Col. Samuel Miles, September 18, 1776.
Crumrine's History Washington County, Pa., pages 129, 188 and 744.
Colonial Records, Vol. X., page 722.
Penna. Archives, 2nd Series, 2nd Edition, pages 200 and 208.
Historical Registry Officers of Continental Army, page 137.
Hupp, Frank LeMoyne.

COX, MICHAEL. (1759-1832.)
Private of Rangers on the frontiers, 1778-1783; also private in Capt. Andrew Tourley's Co., Lieut. Elijah Miles' Co., and Ensign David Rubel's Washington County Militia; Fifer in 8th Penna. Reg. Continental Line.
Penna. Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. XXIII., pages 204, 205, 215 and 218.
Penna. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XIV., pages 739, 744 and 746.
Penna. Line, July 1, 1776, to November 3, 1783.
Crumrine's History Washington County, Pa., page 83.
Ellis' History Fayette County, Pa., page 64.
Hupp, Frank LeMoyne.

Col. Sixth Battalion Cumberland County Associators, July 31, 1777; service in and around Philadelphia; Col. Sixth Battalion Cumberland County Associators, May 14, 1778; Lieutenant-Colonel Fourth Battalion Cumberland County Militia, May 10, 1780. Pa. Arch., II. Ser., Vol. XIII., pp. 408, 433, 458.
Culbertson, John Dickey.

DENT, JOHN. (1755-1840.)
Private, Captain David Scott's Company, 13th Virginia Regiment, Col. John Gibson, and served April, 1777, to spring of 1778; Lieutenant in Capt. Jacob Sullivan's Company, 1778 to 1780; Captain of a Company of Cavalry, spring of 1780 until November, 1780; Pensioner under act of Congress in 1832.
Va. State Doc.
Annan, William Dent Roberdeau.
Dent, William Marmaduke.

Ensign Fifth Virginia Regiment, Feb. 24, 1776, to ---.
Heitman's His. Reg. Officers of the Continental Army.
Vincent, George Andrew.

EDMISTON, JAMES. (1746-1817..
Private Capt. Hays' Company, Col. George Matthews' Regiment (the --th Virginia Regiment.) The rolls show he enlisted April, 1777, and was released in October because of wounds received during the months of July and August of that year.
Records of the Adjutant-General, U. S. War Dept.
Poffenbarger, George.

EDWARDS, TIMOTHY. (1738-1813.)
Member of the Committee of Safety for Western Massachusetts; Member of Continental Congress at Philadelphia ; Member of Massachusetts Legislature ; Commissary-General of Massachusetts, and provisioned Gates' army.
Pub. Rec. Mass. Pub. Rec. Stockbridge, Mass.
Edwards, William Seymour.

Served as Quartermaster Continental Army, Fourth Maryland Battalion, 1776; Hospital Surgeon's Mate and Physician, 1777 to 1781. Heitman's Official Register Officers of the Continental Army. Public Records, Maryland.
American Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 3.
Edmondson, Dr. Richard H., Jr.

EVANS, JOHN. (1737-1834.)
Colonel, under General Broadhead, in Revolutionary Army; Member of the Convention of 1776 ; Military Commandant of Monongalia County, Va.; Representative to General Assembly of Virginia. His. of Monongalia Co., p. 521.
Annan, William Dent Roberdeau.
Dille, Thomas Ray
McCoy, Robert Lee
Mather, Max.

GARRETT, JOHN. (1740-1815.)
Sergeant Capt. John Chapman's Co., Col. Jos. Crocket's Regiment; under Gen. Jos. Rogers Clark's command of Virginia troops; was granted for his service, certain land (see Warrant No. 3924, dated June 21, 1785).
Public Records Virginia.
Register of Land Office, Richmond, Va.
Burdett, Frank Lee.

GARDNER, CALEB. (1739-1806.)
Successively, Captain, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel of the First Rhode Island Regiment, 1775-6; in 1778, at Newport, he piloted the French Squadron under Comte d'Estaing through the blockading fleet of Admiral Howe. Appleton's Ency. of Am. Biog. 11, page 597.
"Lee, of Virginia," by Dr. Edw. J. Lee, 1895, page 478. In this Volume is given a letter from the French Minister of Marine, dated November 3, 1781, conveying to Caleb Gardner the thanks of the King of France for his service, certain land (see Warrant No. 3924, dated June 21, 1785.) Yorktown.
Peterkin, William Gardner.

GOFF, JOB. (1760-1845.)
Private, enlisted 1777; Rhode Island Regiment, Major Isaac Johnson; served for twelve months; his company being commanded respectively by Captain Galvin and Captain Green; enlisted 1782 in a New York Regiment, Col. John Abbot; pensioned under act of Congress in 1832. Comm. of Pensions.
Goff, Nathan.
Goff, Charles J.

Private, Bedford's Company, Pennsylvania Militia. Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 4, page 239.
Mechling, John Smylie.

Private, Captain George Crawford's Company, First Battalion, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Associators, "called out by an order from Council, July ye 28th, 1777," and in service that summer.
Pa. Archives, II. Ser., Vol. XV., p. 567.
Culbertson, John Dickey.

HALE, ROBERT. (1739-1784.)
Private, Capt. Thomas Knowlton's Company, Col. Israel Putnam's Regiment, Connecticut Continental troops; was first cousin of Nathan Hale, the Revolutionary martyr.
Conn. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. III., Doc. 18.
Conn. Men in the Revolution, pages 55 and 151.
Records of Conn. Historical Society, Vol. VIII., page 15; Vol. XII., pp. 46, 131, 294.
Hale, Roy Raphael.

Commissioned by Maryland Convention as Lieutenant-Colonel in the Upper Battalion of Charles County.' Brother of John Hanson, President of the Continental Congress. Father of Thomas Hanson, who was Captain in the 3rd Maryland Battalion of the "Flying Camp."
"A Biographical Encyclopaedia of Maryland and District of Columbia."
"History of Old Kent."
Peterkin, William Gardner.

HART, JOHN. (1711-1779.)
Member of the Colonial Assembly of New Jersey, 1761 to 1772; Member of the Provisional Congress in 1774, which met at New Brunswick, N. J., and in 1776 deposed Governor Franklin, the Royal Governor, and established a new State Government; Member of the Committee of Safety; Member of the Continental Congress from New Jersey; voted for and signed the Declaration of Independence; Speaker of the Legislature of New Jersey from July, 1776, until his death in 1779. The State of New Jersey erected a monument to his memory in the church yard at Hopewell, which ground he had presented to the Baptists.
"Lives of the Signers," Losing and Sanderson.
Hart, Charles Matthew.
Hart, John Battelle.
Butcher, Bernard Lee.
Butcher, Daniel Hutton.
Baker, Stark L.
Talbot, Marone Capito.
Wamsley, Wilfred Dailey.
Wees, Boyd.

HENDERSON, JOHN. (1741-1787.)
Was first a private in the troops of his brother-in-law, Gen. Andrew Lewis, in the battle of Point Pleasant, Oct. 10, 1774; corporal in Company No. 12, Capt. John Gregory, in Col. Daniel Morgan's 11th and 15th Virginia Regiments.
Hardesty's Geographical and Historical Encyclopaedia.
Saffell's Revolutionary Records, pages 267 and 256.
Chancellor, Edmund Pendleton, Jr.

HAYMOND, WILLIAM. (1740-1821.)
Captain Monongalia County Militia, commissioned by Gov. Patrick Henry, March 13, 1776; commissioned Major of Militia by Gov. Benjamin Harrison, Nov. 12, 1781; in command of Pickett's Fort on the Monougahela river in 1777, with a detachment at Scott's Mills, and served from 1776 until the close of the war; selected May, 1777, as one of the officials to administer an oath to the male inhabitants of Monongalia County, over the age of 16, renouncing allegiance to King George III., and swearing allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia; Sheriff of Monongalia County in 1783.
Va. State Doc.
Watson, Sylvanus L.
Watson, James Otis, Jr.
Watson, Arthur Thurman.
Lewis, William Hay.
Haymond, William O.
Haymond, Henry.
Watson, George Thomas.
Watson, Clarence W.
Watson, James Fay.
Fleming, George Watson.
Arnett, Thomas Watson.
Haymond, Thomas.
Haymond, Sidney.
Watson, Harry Huston.
Fleming, Brooks, Jr.

HINE, AMBROSE. (1726- .)
Was Second Lieutenant Fifth Battalion, Gen. Wadsworth's Brigade, under Gen. Washington; participated in battle of White Plains, New York, Oct.'28, 1776. and in retreat across New Jersey; was a member of first Legislature from State of Connecticut.
Public Records Connecticut.
Certificate by Adjutant General.
Sperry, Clarence B.
Sperry, Ezra Cortland.
Sperry, Melvin G.

HILL, JAMES. (1758-1831.)
Enlisted from Virginia as private for three years' service, January, 1777, Capt. Thos. Ewell's Company, Col. Geo. Gibson's Regiment; was engaged in battle of Monmouth, June 28, 1778, and attack on Stony Point, July 15, 1779; re-enlisted as Corporal of Infantry, Va. State Line; was in Virginia Campaign of 1781; received £17 19s 1d balance of pay from State of Virginia, April 16, 1784; pensioner under act of Congress in 1818.
Burdette, Frank Lee.

HITCHCOCK, SAMUEL. (1757-1841.)
Private in Capt. Joel Clark's Co., 8th Reg., Col. Jedidiah Huntington, Conn.; discharged December 8, same year; private in Capt, Samuel Mad-dock's Co.; enlisted May 9, 1777, for three years ; discharged May 9, 1780 ; private in Capt. Gad Stanley's Co., June 24, 1776; in Col. Fisher Galf's Sec. Bat., raised to reinforce Washington at New York; served at the Brooklyn front in the battle of Long Island, August 27th in the retreat to New York, August 29th and 30th in retreat from New York City, September 15th with main army at White Plains; time expired December 25, 1776 ; pensioner of Connecticut.
Connecticut Men in the Revolution, pages 86, 235, 396, 652, 679.
Merriman, John Donlon.

HICKMAN, SOTHA. (1749-1834.)
Private, Virginia troops, Revolutionary War; part of time in Capt. William Lowther's Company. Comm. of Pensions.
Hickman, Charles Lewis.

HUPP, JOHN. (1747-1782.)
Was a private in Capt. Eleazear Williamson's Co. of Rangers on the frontier, 1778-1782.
Penna, Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. XXIII., page 310.
Hupp, Frank LeMoyne.

HUSTON, JOSEPH. ( ---1830.)
Private, Captain John Biggs' Company, and served with him on Col. Crawford's expedition to Sandusky in 1782, as is shown by the records in the State Library of Pennsylvania. Pa. Archives.
Moreland, Joseph.
Moreland, James R.

IRISH, NATHANIEL. (1720-1790.)
Commissioned Feb. 7, 1777, Captain in the Corps of Artillery Artificers;
was in service April, 1782, and remained until 1783, when he was retired. Penna. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XI, pp. 250, 254. His name appears on the roll of the original members of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. Second Volume of Penna. Archives, app.
Richards, Howard Campbell.

JACKSON, GEORGE. (1756-1831.)
Enlisted as a private early in the War of the Revolution and served throughout the War; later advanced to the rank of Colonel; large tract of land near Zanesville, Ohio, given him by the State of Virginia for his services. Virginia Land Records, Richmond.
Jackson, George Reynolds.

JORDON, JOHN, JR. (1724-1799.)
Lieutenant, Captain and Major at different times in Pennsylvania Militia and Continental troops.
Pennsylvania Archives.
Original documentary evidence in the shape of orders, rolls, accounts and letters in the possession of Hon. Lewis Steenrod Jordon, Wheeling, W. Va.
Jordon, Lewis Steenrod.

KERBER, PAUL. (1725-1778.)
Served as Quartermaster Sergeant in Col. Holler's Battalion, Flying Camp, Pa His name first appears on a return dated at camp at Delanceys Mills, Sept 27 1776, with remark, "On furlough," and it last appears on a return dated Oct. 5, 1776, with remarks, "Absent since Sept.26, 17-- by leave of Col. Holler; no time limited; recruiting at Amboy."
War Department, Record of Pension Office. No. 639320. Carper, David Bassell.
Post, Dr. Sidney Haymond.

LANGDON, WILLIAM. (1750-1820.)
Was master of the "Success," which sailed from Beverly to Charleston S. C, and was captured by the British frigate "Dimond. An order of Council, June 17, 1777, directed that measures be taken to effect his exchange. Was commissioned Commander of the Cent. Pied.. Dec. 23, 1777.
Revolutionary Rolls Commonwealth of Mass.
Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution, Vol. 9, page 491.
Pennsylvania Archives, 5th Series, Vol. 5, page 641. Backus, Garland Clifford.

LEE, RICHARD HENRY. (1732-1794.)
Member of the Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of American Independence.
Peterkin, William Gardner.

LILLARD, THOMAS. (1742-1825.)
Sergeant, Captain Philip Slaughter's Company, Virginia Infantry, Continental Line; was in the American army at the siege of Yorktown and surrender of Lord Cornwallis in 1781; served till close of war.
Virginia State Doc. No. 44, 1834.
Virginia Historical Society, and other papers.
Burdette, Frank Lee.

Bland, Robert Linn.

LITTELL, WILLIAM. (1746-1823.)
Private, Capt. Courtenay's Company, Col. Thos. Proctor's Regiment, Pennsylvania and Continental Artillery, in 1775; later served under Col. Strobach ; taken prisoner at battle of Bound Brook, April 13, 1777, and carried to New York and held until exchanged and discharged, August 5, 1778; was for a time with General Washington as his private secretary; applied for and received pension, 1818.
Penn. Archives, Vol. II., reprint of 1891.
Penn. Archives, 2nd Series, Vol. XIII., page 132.
Records U. S. Pension Office, Surv. File 40, 944 Rev. War. Littell, James Harper.

Charles Martin, a Minute Man, was in command of a fort on Crooked Run, Monongalia County, W. Va., not far from Morgantown, from 1773 to 1783. This fort was built as a defense for the people of Monongalia County against the Indians, but when the Declaration of Independence was declared, was used as a defense against both British and Indians, and was attacked June, 1779, and ten whites killed and captured. Charles Martin was granted 400 acres of land in Monongalia County, 1769.
References-Wiley's History Monongalia County, pages 63, 696, 38.
Oglebay, Franklin Martin.
Martin, Arthur George.
Martin, Frederick Thornton.

MESSENGER, ABNER. ( - 1842.)
Private, Capt. Matthew Smith's Company, Gen. David Waterbury's State Brigade, Connecticut, 1781.
Connecticut Public Records.
Conecticut Men in the Revolution, page 570.
Miller, William Edmund.
Miller, Thomas Condit.
Miller, Dana Paul.

Recruited a company at the beginning of the war and marched to Cambridge; Major of the Continental Line, accompanying Arnold to Quebec, and with Montgomery in the attack on the Citadel; captured December 31, 1775; exchanged in 1776; Colonel of the Sixth Connecticut, 1776; received a vote of thanks and was presented with a sword by the Continental Congress for his brilliant services at Sag Harbor, May 22. 1777; with Gen. Wayne at the capture of Stony Point, July 15, 1779; served until the close of the war. Rec. Conn. Men Rev. War.
Jackson, Thomas Moore.
Duncan, George Lee.
Gittings, John George.

MILLER, PETER. (1737-1794.)
Private, Captain Andrew Burkhart's Company, 3d Battalion of Philadelphia Associators, Col. J. H. Morgan; active service in 1777 and 1778.
Pa. Archives.
Updegraff, Alexander.
Du Bois, Joseph D.
Baird. Du Bois.

MILLER, PETER. (1759-1838.)
Served as private for five months (1776) in Capt. Blauvett's Company. Col. Drake's Regiment, from New Jersey; served as private for three or four months in Capt. Parson's Company from New Jersey; served as private for three or four months in the summer of 1777, Captain Marion's Company, from New Jersey; engaged in the battle of White Plains. Residence at time of enlistment, Tippon, N. J. Residence at time of application for pension, Monongalia Co., Va.
Nichols, Francis Edward.
Hartley, Joseph Milton.
Hartley, Harry John.
Jackson, Samuel Newton.
Boydston, Dr. Walter Jason.

MILLER, CHRISTIAN. (1744-1836.)
Sergeant in the Virginia troops under Captain Jacob Rinker, from August, 1780, to May, 1781; in September, 1832, received a pension.
Comm. of Pensions.
Chancellor, Edmund Pendleton, Jr.

MIX, ELISHA. (1761-1818.)
Enlisted as private, May 26, 1777, Capt. Eli Catlin's Company, Colonel Philip Burr Bradley, 5th Regiment Conn.; rendezvous. Danbury; camp at Peekskill; Sept., '77, ordered to Penn. with McDougal's Brigade; battle of Germantown, October 4, '77; assigned to Huntington's Brigade; wintered at Valley Forge, '77-'78; June 28, '78. at battle of Monmouth; wintered at Reading, 78-'79; in operations of '78, with Heath's wing, east side of Hudson; wintered at Morristown Heights, '79-'80; following summer in Conn. Division, Main Army, both sides of the Hudson; wintered '80-'81 opposite West Point.
Page 200, Conn. Men in the Revolution.
Page 234, Capt. Titus Watson's Co., Seventh Regiment; enlisted
Aug. 14, '77, for the war; Corporal, July 1, 1777.
Page 541, Capt. Ozier Bissell's Co., Col. Eno's Regiment, on the Hudson.
Page 643, Conn. Pension Act of 1818.
Elisha Mix, Corporal.
Resided in New York.
Beach, Austin.

MONROE, GEORGE. ( -1817.)
Served as Surgeon and Surgeon's Mate during the War of the Revolution with Virginia troops; appears as Surgeon's Mate on Roll of Field and Staff of the Fifth Virginia Regiment, commanded by Col. John Green, Feb., 1779; appears as Surgeon on pay roll of the officers of the Virginia Line for years 1781, '82 and '83.
War Department, Records of Adjutant General's Office. Monroe, Sylvester G.

Private, Captain George Vance's Company, Westmoreland Co., Penna. Hangers; also private in Col. Crawford's Virginia Regiment. Penna. Archives, Vol. XXIII., page 313. Virginia Land Records. Moreland, Joseph. Moreland, James Rogers.

MORFIT, HENRY PITNER. (1757-1795.)
Entered the Revolutionary War in 1776 in the Flying Camp and the Pennsylvania Line as a Lieutenant; was at White Plains, Valley Forge, Germantown, Princeton, Saratoga and Brandywine; taken prisoner in 1778 and confined in the "Sugar House," N. Y., until the end of the war.
Records of U. S. Bureau of Pensions, W. F. 24020.
Morfit, Charles Campbell.

MORGAN, MORGAN. (1746- .)
Lieutenant in Captain William Raymond's Company, commissioned 1776. (See Captain William Haymond on another page of this record.)
Virginia Records.
Also original rolls and other documents in possession of Col. Henry Haymond, W. Va. Society Sons of the Revolution. Morgan, Dr. David Porter.

He enlisted from Monongalia County, Virginia, and served seven months and twenty-three days as a private under Col. John Evans and Capt. James Brinton; pensioner under act of Congress in 1832. Comm. of Pensions.
Morgan, William Henry.
Mathers, Max.

Served from Connecticut in the War of the Revolution as conductor, 1779-1781.
Rec. Conn. Men Rev. War, p. 628.
Stalnaker, Randolph.
Stalnaker, Henry Edwin.
Wees, Boyd.
Baker, Starke L.

MORRIS, ZADOCK. (1759-1845.)
Enlisted as a private in Captain Thomas Holland's Company, Col. David Hall's Regiment, Delaware, in 1776, and served during the war; engaged in battle of Camden.
Wells, Charles Evans.

MUNROE, ROBERT. (1712-1775.)
Ensign, Capt. John Parker's Company of Minute Men, and was killed by the fire of the British troops at the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775.
Hudson's Hist. Lexington, 1868.
Roster Col. Troops, p. 181.
Roster Capt. Parker's Co., p. 379.
Nicoll, Edward Larkin.

McCOLLUM, DANIEL. (1754-1842.)
Ensign 2d Company, 1st Battalion, York County, Pennsylvania Associators: his battalion was incorporated with the force known as the "Flying Camp," in the year 1776; served in the battle of Long Island, and was
present at the surrender of Fort Washington, in November following.
Pa. Arch. 2
Clark, George Ramsey.
Hagans, John Marshall.

He was Colonel commanding a body of rangers, Monongalia County; served in Monongalia and Ohio Counties from April 22 to July 20, 1778. Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 23, page 458.
Dille, Thomas Ray.

McKINLEY, JOHN. ( -17S2.)
Entered service as private or Sergeant, 1776; later commissioned Lieutenant and afterwards Captain in 13th Virginia Regiment; killed by Indians when with Crawford's Expedition, 1782.
Heitman, Page 279.
Congressional Record, 27th Congress, 2nd Session, August 20th, 1842.
McKinley. Johnson Camden.

Served as Colonel of a Regiment in the Virginia Line.
War Department, Bureau of Pensions.
Reay, David Chadwick.
Goodwin, George Reay.

Bland, Robert Linn.

NEWCOMB, JONATHAN. (1744-1804.)
Sergeant in Dean's Company, Daggett's Regiment. Dec. 8, 1776; later Sergeant in Capt. Israel Travis' Company, Col. John Daggett's Regiment. 1778.
War Service Records, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution, Vol. II.
Newcomb, Rev. James Francis.

Private soldier, Pennsylvania Rangers, 1778, 1783. Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 23, page 274. Nichols, Francis Edmund.

NORRIS, JOHN. (1760-1836.)
Private, Capt. James Scott's Company, Virginia Militia; served three months'; enlisted February, 1777; private, Captain Turner Moorehead's Company, Virginia Militia; served two months; enlisted March, 1781; Sergeant, Captain Thomas Helm's Company, Virginia Militia, served two months; enlisted September, 1781; served at the siege of Yorktown, Virginia, and was present at the surrender of Cornwallis; pensioned under act of Congress in 1832.
Comm. Pensions.
Bassel, John.

Enlisted 1777; served three years; served under Col. Howard; from State of Maryland; engaged in battles of Trenton, Princeton, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Stony Point and Yorktown. Public Records, Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C.
Parriott, William Osborne.
Matthews, William Burdette.

PAULL, JAMES. (1760-1841.)
Guarded stores at Brownsville, Pa., 1778; First Lieutenant under Capt. Whaley and Col. Crocket; commissioned by Thomas Jefferson, Governor of Virginia; private in Crawford's Campaign of 1782; pensioner under act of Congress, 1832. Comm. Pensions.
Pa. Archives.
Paull, Archibald W.
Paull, Alfred.
Paull, Joseph F.

Member of the Regimental Staff of the New Hampshire Regiment commanded by Col. Thomas Stickney, in Gen. John Stark's Brigade, July, 1777.
Army Roll N. H, Fol. 18, Vol. 1, "D." Peterson, B. Walker.

First Lieutenant, Eighth Connecticut, July 6 to Dec. 16, 1775; subsequently served as Captain and Major Connecticut Militia. Heitman's Register of the Officers of the Continental Army, page 322.
Dwight, Edward Neill.

PINDALL, PHILLIP. (1731-1804.)
Captain of a Company in Lemuel Barrett's Battalion of Maryland Militia, known as the Third, or Western Battalion; commissioned May 16, 1778.
Maryland Archives, Vol. XXI., page 86.
Musgrave, Clarence Lowmann.

Enlisted as a private, 1776, in Captain Alexander Lawson Smith's Company, General Daniel Morgan's Regiment. Maryland Archives, Vol. X., page 132.
Lough, Roy Arthur.

Private, Capt. William Cooley's Company, Col. John Mosley's Regiment, Sept. 22, 1776, to Nov. 16, 1776; Sergeant, Capt. Samuel Sloper's (12th) Company, Col. David Mosley's (3rd Hampshire Co.) Regiment, Massachusetts Continental troops, 1782.
Harding, Charles Henry.

Enlisted in the Continental Army in 1775 from Virginia; engaged in battles of Jamestown, Waxhan, Camclen and Yorktown ; served under Captains Thos. Dillard and Gabriel Skelton, Colonels Morgan and Abraham Buford; served until end of the Revolution; was granted a pension after 1832.
Records of Bureau of Pensions, "Washington, D. C.
Public Records of Virginia, "Soldiers in the Revolution."
Adams, Earl Dabney.

REED, WILLIAM". ( -1830.)
Ensign of a company of foot in the Fourth Battalion of Militia, in the County of York, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Reed, Robert Jeffery.

ROBERDEAU, DANIEL. (1727-1795.)
Brigadier General, Penn. Militia, July 4, 1776, to March, 1777; Member of Continental Congress, 1777-8-9; signer of Articles of Confederation between the colonies.
Pa. Archives.
Heitman's His. Register Officers of Continental Army. Americans of Royal Descent.
Annan, William Dent Roberdeau.

SEEGAR, EZEKIEL. (1753-1851.)
Appears with rank of Private on muster alarm roll of Capt. William Bacon's Co., Col. Fellows' Regiment, which marched, April 21, 1775, from Sheffield; length of service, seventeen days; town to which soldier belonged, Sheffield; appears with rank of Private on muster roll Capt. Bacon's Co., Col. Fellows' Regiment, dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 8 1775 ; time of service, three months, one day ; town to which soldier belonged Sheffield; appears with rank of Private on Company Return, Capt. Bacon s Company, Col. Fellows' Regiment, dated Dorchester, Oct. 6, 1775; town to which soldier belonged, Sheffield. Public Records Mass.
Abbott, George Lucius.

SMITH, JAMES. ( -1837.)
Private, Delaware Line, Revolutionary Army; pensioned under act of Congress in 1818.
Comm. Pensions.
Stalnaker, Randolph.
Stalnaker, Henry Edwin.

SMITH, THOMAS. (1713-1799.)
Private, First Regiment, Monmouth County, New Jersey, Militia; later Private First Battalion, Second Establishment New Jersey Continental Line, and Private, Captain Aaron Ogden's Company, First Regiment, New Jersey Continental Line.
New Jersey Records of War of the Revolution, in the Adjutant General's Office, page 760.
Smith, Harvey Faris.
Smith, Edward Grandison.

Chaplain, 8th Virginia Regiment (Col. Muhlenberg), 1st of August, 1776, to July, 1777.
Heitman's Historical Register, Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, page 387.
Also see Kercheval's History of the Valley.
Avis, Samuel Brashear.

SULLIVAN, PATRICK. (1751-1841.)
Private, Captain Michael Doudel's Company, Col. "William Thompson's Battalion, Pennsylvania Riflemen; served with Gen. Daniel Morgan's Corps; enlisted June 24, 1775, and re-enlisted June 24. 1777; served until close of war. Pa. Archives.
McKinney, Owen S.

TALLMAN, JAMES. (1745-1810.)
Private soldier from Feb., 1777, to close of war; member of Company 7, 11th Regiment, Virginia Continental Line; company commanded by Capt. Peter Bryn Bruen, the regiment commanded by the famous Col. Daniel Morgan, of rifle renown, until May 15, 1778; afterwards by Col. Abram Buford; it was incorporated in Woodford's Brigade, and participated in all of Washington's operations in the Jerseys and about Philadelphia, subsequent to Feb., 1777; was sent south early in 1780, taking part in the CVolina campaigns under Greene ; was present at Yorktown.
Original Bounty Land Warrant No. 8243, issued by General Land Office,
July 27, 1819, to soldiers who served to end of war.
Saffel's Rec. Rev. War, p. 263.
Rec. War Dept.
Tollman, Wilbur H.
Tallman, Albert P.

THAYER, ABEL. (1741-1805.)
Lieutenant, Lexington Alarm Roll; Captain, Col. John Fellows' Massachusetts Regiment; commissioned June 7, 1775
Pub. Rec. Mass., Vol. 13, p. 140; Vol. 16, p. 51; Vol. 56, p. 47; Vol. 146, p. 147.
Thayer, Abel H.
Thayer, Howard B.

THOMAS, SAMUEL, JR. (1748-1839.)
Captain, 2d Regiment, Rhode Island Militia, March, 1776, to May, 1777; served also as Volunteer in expedition to Tiverton; also as private in Captain Richard Updike's Rhode Island Artillery Co.; assisted in capture of British vessel "Cyrus."
Year Book New York Soc. Sons of the Rev., 1896, p. 477. Thomas, Nathaniel Seymour.

Private in Capt. Thomas Campbell's Company of Virginia troops; enlisted in 1777 and served two years. Record Division, U. S. Bureau of Pensions.
Surv. File 6240.
Thralls, Francis.

TODD, JOHN. (1756-1829.)
Was a Second Lieutenant in Capt. James Anderson's Co., 1st Battalion, Bedford County Militia, May 23, 1778.
Pa. Archives.
Hupp, Frank LeMoyne.

WAGGENER, ANDREW. (1743-1813.)
Captain, 12th Virginia, June 20, 1776; transferred to 8th Virginia, Sept. 14. 1778; Major, Dec. 15, 177S; taken prisoner at Charleston, S. C.. May 12, 1780; exchanged, Nov., 1780; retired. Feb. 12, 1781.
Hist. Reg. Off. Cont. Army, 1775-1783, Heitman, page 413.
"Life of Washington." Marshall.
Doddridge, John Sehon.

WALKER, JAMES. (1773-1840.)
Private in Massachusetts troops; served six weeks in 1775; eleven months in 1776. under Captain Badlam, Col. Knox: two months in 1777; eight months in 1778. under Capt. Kent, Col. Wood; nine months in 1779, under Capt. Smith, Col. Marshall: was at the capture of Burgoyne.
Records of U. S. Pension Office, Sur. File 29522.
Walher, Worthington Henry.

WHITE, PAUL. (1744-1796.)
Paul White served as private in Captain Isaac Martin's Company, Col. Ezra Wood's Regiment, Major-General Spencer's Brigade, for services in Rhode Island; he enlisted April 17, 1777, and was discharged May 7, 1777; roll sworn to at Boston. Paul White served in the Continental Army in Capt. Samuel Read's Company; enlisted for town of Uxbridge, March 6, 1778, and discharged Nov. 5, 1778; by resolve of Feb. 3, 1778. Paul White also served in Captain Bezalel Taft's Company, Col. Nathan Tyler's Regiment, in Rhode Island, on the alarm of July 27, 17S0.
The above facts are duly attested in certificate issued by Wm. M. Olin, Secretary of State of Massachusetts, dated Jan. 8, 1900.
White, Albert Blakeslee.

WILSON, AMBROSE. (1749-1814.)
Commissioned January 20, 1776; Lieutenant in Militia of Dunmore County, Virginia; was later commissioned as Captain, in which capacity he served until the close of the Revolution.
Public Records of Virginia.
Original commission as Lieutenant is in possession of family at present time.
Wilson, William Henry.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM. (1731-1811)
Member of the Committee of Correspondence and Safety in Connecticut; Member of Congress in 1776, and while a member of that body signed the Declaration of Independence; Speaker of the Connecticut Assembly in 1775; Member of Congress in 1783-84; member of the Connecticut Convention that adopted the National Constitution. "Lives of the Signers," Lossing and Sanderson.
Archer, Robert Lemley.

WOODS, ARCHIBALD. (1764-1846.)
Sergeant, Capt. John Cartwell's Company, A Virginia Riflemen, attached to the regiment commanded by Col. Otho H. Williams, in North Carolina, under General Nathaniel Greene; enlisted in 1781; served on the Haw and Alamee rivers; marched with the troops to Virginia, serving there under Gen. Anthony Wayne, in the army commanded by La Fayette; participated in the action of Jamestown Ford, July 6, 1781.
Va. Doc.
Paull, Archibald W.
Paull, Joseph F.
Paull, Alfred.
Woods, Joseph J.

ZANE, EBENEZER. (1747-1812.)
Colonel, Virginia Militia; participated in the defense of Fort Henry (Wheeling), Sept. 1, 1777, against a large force of Indians and others, which was the first attempt of the British and their savage allies against the Western Frontier after the Revolutionary War began; in command at Fort Henry (Wheeling), Sept. 11, 1782, when a company of British Regulars, under Capt. Pratt, and a large body of Indians, laid siege to the fort; member of the Virginia Convention of 1788 that adopted the Constitution of the United States; made the first settlement in Wheeling in 1769.
Washington-Irvine Corr., pp. 397, 398.
Border Warfare, Withers, pp. 160-165, 262-266.
Brockunier, C. W.
Brockunier, Wilbur C.
Lamb, Gibson.


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