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Welcome to West VA Genealogy Trails


Taylor County, WV


Source: GNIS

Cemetery Name



Other Information

Amnon Cemetery 392403N 0795915W  
Astor Cemetery 391430N 0800843W  
Bailey Memorial Cemetery 391604N 0800902W  
Bluemont Cemetery 392041N 0800043W  
Boyce Cemetery 392331N 0795718W  
Current Cemetery 392151N 0795830W  
Ford Cemetery 392436N 0795504W  
Grafton Cemetery 392040N 0800128W  
Grafton National Cemetery 392011N 0800149W  
Harmony Grove Cemetery 392044N 0800735W  
Hepzibah Cemetery 392056N 0801016W  
Janes Memorial Cemetery 392323N 0800937W  
Knottsville Cemetery 391845N 0795750W  
Linn Cemetery 392403N 0800142W  
Matthew Cemetery 392608N 0795544W  
McConkey Cemetery 392437N 0795822W  
Middleville Cemetery 391852N 0801130W  
Moran Cemetery 392429N 0795856W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 392057N 0800101W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 391834N 0795420W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 392452N 0795525W  
Old Side Cemetery 391842N 0800849W  
Rogers Cemetery 392426N 0795819W  
Simpson Cemetery 391607N 0800530W  
Smith Cemetery 391953N 0800451W  
Walnut Grove Cemetery 391653N 0800249W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 391816N 0795931W  
West Virginia National Cemetery 391958N 0800415W  
Woodsdale Cemetery 392027N 0800356W  


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