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Death Records

Kearns, Francis A. W M Mar 9, 1924 Sistersville Arteris schlorisis 81Y 10M 6D -- Married
Keller, Margaret Jane W F Nov. 27, 1924 Wick Myocarditis 73Y 8M 17D Housekeeper Widow
Kent, Elizabeth H. W F May 18, 1924 Sistersville Cerebral Hemorrhage 35Y 7M 4D Housekeeper Divorced
King, Walter Scott, Jr. W M April 21, 1924 Lima Croupous Pneumonia 1Y 9M 4D


Kirkpatrick, Sarah W F July 6, 1924 Middlebourne Tuberculosis 61Y 4M 16D Housekeeper Married
Knox, Wm. T. W M Dec. 1, 1924 Meade Dist. Pulmonary Tuberculosis 48Y 10M 13D Farmer Widower
Keys, Mary A. W F Jan. 9, 1925 Middlebourne Heart Failure 89Y 10M 22D Housekeeper Widow
Kinney, Barney W M Nov. 2, 1925 Middlebourne Acute dilation of heart 57Y 9M 25D Laborer Married
Kirsch, Chas. Henry W M Sept. 30, 1925 Sistersville Pernicious Anemia 55Y 6M 1D Yard Man Married
Kehrer, William Isaac W M Sept. 1, 1926 Sistersville Euters Colitis 1Y 1M -- Single
Keitch, Robert Eugene W M Aug. 11, 1926 Sistersville Bronco. pneumonia 1Y 4M 3D -- Single
Kinney, Vivian Nell W F Nov. 29, 1926 Alma Bronco. pneumonia 5M 26D -- Single
Kester, Simon Peter W M Oct. 8, 1926 Lima Pneumonia 79Y 5M 12D Farmer Widow
Keys, Cathern W F Aug. 7, 1926 Middlebourne Perforating peptic ulcers 28Y 7M 7D Teacher Married
Kirkman, Emaline A. W F Jan. 26, 1926 Paden City Paralysis 76Y 5M -- Widow
Kearns, Elizabeth W F Mar. 29, 1927 Alma Senility 86Y 9M 13D -- Widow
Keener, Grant W M Jan. 26, 1927 Sistersville Embolism as result of appendicitis 62Y 7M 10D Stockman & Capitalist Married
Kemp, Earl W M Aug. 6, 1927 Sistersville Explosion 20Y 11M 4D Boiler Maker Married
Kemp, Infant W M July 10, 1927 Sistersville Premature birth -- --
Kemp, Nita W F July 3, 1927 Wilbur Stillbirth -- --
Kirchner, Lola Nevada W F Sept. 26, 1927 Middlebourne Spinal Sclerosis 67Y 9M 22D Housekeeper Married
Kearns, Henry W M Jan. 8, 1928 Middlebourne Cancer of Rectum 76y 6M 1D Blacksmith Married
Kelley, Michael A. W M Nov. 15, 1928 Sistersville Carcinoma 56Y 10M 14D Oil Worker Single
Kimble, James Edward W M Aug. 23, 1928 Sistersville R. D. Strangulation (not criminal) -- -- --
Kimble, James G. W M Dec. 5, 1928 Middlebourne Pneumonia Bronch. 68Y 1M 15D Farmer Married
Kirkpatrick, Francis Irene W F Mar. 13, 1928 Middlebourne Erysipilis 9M 19D -- Single
Keener, Cora J. W F April 16, 1929 Sistersville Carcinoma of Stomach 52Y 8M 28D Housekeeper Widowed
Kenney, Henry Elixes W M Feb. 1, 1929 Sistersville Arterius Sclerosis 63Y 6M 3D Hotel Man Married
Kincaid, John Mason W M Nov. 26, 1929 Sistersville Paralysis 65Y 4M 13D Insurance Married
Kirkland W F Dec. 10, 1929 Sistersville Stillborn -- -- --
Kiser W M April 14, 1929 Sistersville Stillborn -- -- --
Kearns, Mary M. W F Oct. 21, 1930 Wick Paralysis Ascending 72Y 2M 1D Housekeeper Widow
Kemp, William H. W M Dec. 3, 1930 Sistersville Multiple Abscisse 2M 15D -- Single
Kimble, Samuel I. W M March 11, 1930 Sistersville, R #1 Apoplexy 46Y 5M 17D Farmer Single
King, Maud W F March 3, 1930 Sistersville Pernians Anemia 49Y 8M Housekeeper Single
Knowlton, Verona W F Aug. 13, 1930 Sistersville Carcinoma of Uterus 40Y 3M 27D Housekeeper Married

Transcribed by C. Anthony

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