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An Indian Massacre In Tyler County 

In August, 1787, five indians on their way to the Indian settlement on the Monongahela river, met two men on the Middle Island creek, Tyler County, and killed them. Taking the dead men’s horses they continued their journey until they came to the house of William Johnson, on what is now known as “Ten Mile”, and made prisoners of Mrs. Johnson and some children; plundered the house, killed part of the stock, and taking with them one of Johnson’s horses, returned toward the Ohio. When the Indians came to the house Johnson had gone to a Lick not far off, and on his return in the morning, seeing what had been done, and searching until he found the trail of the savagesand their prisoners, ran to Clarksburgh for assistance. A company of men repaired with him immediately to where he had discovered the trail, and keeping it about a mile, found four of the children lying upon the ground dead and scalped and their bodies laid in a form as to represent a cross. The dead were buried and further pursuit given over.

Source: History of Wetzel County, West Virginia, Page 167, John C. McEldowney, 1901 - Submitted by K. Torp

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