Tyler County West Virginia 
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Tyler County, Virginia (now West Virginia)
Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census, 1841

Name of Pensioner for Revolutionary or Military Services Ages Names of Heads of Families With Whom Pensioners Resided
June 1, 1840
Charles Swan 86 Charles Swan
Thomas Weekley, sen. 88 Thomas Weekley, sen.
William Bennet 94 William Bennet
Sarah Wells 85Eli Wells 
Jacob Lewis85 Jacob Lewis
Philip Miller 83 Philip Miller 
Samuel Wheeler 80 Samuel Wheeler
Richard Dotson 88 James Dotson
James S. Ferrell, sen.78 James S. Ferrell, sen.
Jeremiah Williams, sen. 79 Jeremiah Williams, sen.
John Burden, sen.81John Burden, sen.
Temperance Cochran 79 Samuel Cochran

Transcribed by C. Anthony 

Transcribed for West Virginia Genealogy Trails by Robyn Greenlund
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