Tyler County West Virginia
Marriage Records

Ceremonies by John Ripley

John Hanlin to Mary Davis, March 13, 1834

Ceremonies by John Ripley
Robert Davis to Rebecca Ash, Nov. 26, 1835

Ceremonies by B. Sedwick
Benjamin Davis to Nancy Scott, Dec. 10, 1835

Ceremonies by George Monroe
Charles Davis to Lucretia Fordyce, November 9, 1840

Return of Marriages by George Monroe
John Lamp to Sarah Davis, June 17, 1841

Ceremonies by Samuel Archbold
Ashberry Parker?, to Phoebe Davis, June 6, 1842
(Not very legible - could be Packer or Parker or ?)

Ceremonies by William Cooper
 Joseph Duty to Christiana Davis, May 2, 1844

 Ceremonies by Joseph Allen
   Cabel Davis to Sarah Delia Steed, December 15, 1844

 Return of Marriages by George Monroe
  Absalom Davis to Sarah Holmes, September 29, 1844

Ceremonies by Samuel Archbold
Horace Hill to Margaret Davis, Dec. 10, 1845

Ceremonies by Thomas Winstanley
John G. Lowther to Sarah Davis, May 22, 1845

 Ceremonies by A. C. Gallahue
 John Gorrell to Hannah Davis, December 31, 1846

Return of Marriages by George Monroe
 John Ankrom to Hester Davis, August 13, 1847  

Ceremonies by T. T. Henderson
 John Knight to Masa Davis, June 14, 1849

  Return of Marriages by George Monroe
Lemuel Riggs to Hosea Davis, September 6, 1849

 Marriages by W. Sexsmith
 James McCann to Micha Davis, Dec. 8th  (1853)
 Robert W. Davis to Elizabeth Fordyce, Feb. 9  th (1853)
 Zadck L. Springer to Essa A. Davis, Feb. 16th (1853)

 Marriages by __________
William Williamson (of Thomas) to Sarah Ann Davis, July 24 th (1853)

 Marriages by T. T. Henderson
(Note - Husband’s age first.)

 Ehad J. Davis - Age 23 to Edith Gaper, 20.
Husband born in Harrison County and wife in Tyler County.
Man’s father - Eliaona Davis. Woman’s father - John Gaper.
Married June 7th, in Tyler County.  (1853)

Marriages by David A. McGinnis
Jacob Bradford to Nancy Davis. Ages 24 and 18.
Husband born in Pennsylvania and wife born in Tyler County.
Parents -  Jonathan and Rebecca Davis.
Married in Tyler County, March 19th.   (1854)

 Marriages by John M. Dudley
Robert Davis to Nancy Gregg, Ages 33 and 38.
 Husband born in Marion County, VA and wife born in Tyler County.
 Parents - Henry and Elizabeth Davis and George and Lurana Gregg.
 Married in Tyler, June 22  nd.  (1854)

 Marriages of 1854, 1855, and 1856

 Marriages by D. A. McGinnis
Rowland T. Hill to Harriet Davis - Ages 20 and 26.
Husband born in Marion County, and wife born in Tyler County.
 Parents Thomas and Margaret Hill and John and Rebecca Davis.
Married in Tyler, April 5 th.  (1854 or 1855 or 1856)

Marriages by Wm. Underwood
Robert Davis to Nancy Pratt - Ages 21 and 19.
  Both parties born in Tyler County.
Parents - Robert and Rebecca Davis and Wm. and Martha Pratt.
Married in Tyler County, April 16  th.  (1857)

Marriages by Daniel Sweeney
Eli Davis to Mary Vandegrift, Ages 22 and 17.
Both parties born in Pennsylvania.
Parents - Isaac and Elizabeth Davis and Samuel and Ziza Vandegrift.
Married in Tyler County, Nov. 28th.  (1858)

 Marriages by David McGinnis
Robert Davis to Mahala Keen, Ages 21 and 18.
 Husband born in Harrison County and wife born in Greene County, PA.
Parents - Henry and Elizabeth Davis and Garnet and Catherine Keen.
 Married in Tyler, Feb. 17th.  (1859)

 Marriages by _____________
Charles W. Davis to Elcy Wise, Ages 21 and 18.
 Both parties born in Tyler Co.
Parents - Robert and Rebecca Davis and George W. and Martha Wise.
Married in Tyler, Feb. 17 th.  (1859)

Nathaniel Wise to Margery Davis, Ages 21 and 20.
Both parties born in Tyler Co.
Parents - George W. and Martha Wise and Robt. and Nancy Davis.
Married in Tyler, March 3rd.  (1859)

  Marriages by Wm. Underwood
Jesse H. Cumbridge to Delilah Davis, Ages 20 and 23.
 Husband born in Pennsylvania and wife born in Tyler Co.
 Parents - Joseph and Elizabeth Cumbridge and Charles and Cassandra Davis.
Married in Tyler, March 17th.  (1859)

  Marriages by John Waters
Abraham Lewis to Sophia Davis, Ages 33 and 33.
Husband born in Monongahela Co. and wife born in Greene Co., PA.
 Parents - Benjamin and Elizabeth Lewis and Joseph and Elizabeth Cumbridge.
Married in Tyler, Aug. 14 th.  (1859)
  Spouse   Bride      Date  Location  Married by Whom  
Davis, Chas C.   Akeck, Minerva          7/7/1861        Tyler Co., VA          S. E. Steel
Davis, Isaac       Henthorne, Hilda      10/31/1861    Tyler Co., VA   Dank Sweeney 

  Spouse   Bride      Date  Location  Married by Whom
Freeland, Wm. L  Davis, Nancy  11/28/1862    Tyler Co.    Wm. James
Davis, Robt. Henthorne, Hilda      2/20/1862    Tyler Co.  Z. Warner  

 James A. Beaty Mary Ann Agle June 28, 1863
Felix E. Boyles  Rachel A. McCandless  Dec. 15, 1863
Samuel W. Edwards  Angela Bowen Aug. 13, 1863
David C. Garmon  Rachel A. Shriver  Nov. 12, 1863
William A. Garmon  Minerva Shriver Sep. 12, 1863
Alexander N. George Airy Hays Sep. 13, 1863
William Henderson  Eliza Carrol  Oct. 22, 1863
Robert B. F. Martin  Laura Engle Dec. 16, 1863
John W. Mayfield  Mary Beverlyn Sep. 24, 1863
Almerian D. Moore  Lydia Person Aug. 16, 1863
Jacob Patterson Mary A. Nichols Dec. 3, 1863  
Levern Wilson  Phoebe Phillips Sep. 17, 1863   

James Adams   Sarah Pasco   Nov. 3, 1864  
Isaac Brown Charity A. Dowell   Sep. 18, 1864
James Baumgarner Margaret J. Wade   Sep. 24, 1864
William J. Cunningham Catherine Ankrom Sep. 4, 1864  
William R. Cunningham Eliza C. Watkins  May 5, 1864
George W. Carder Mary E. Underwood Apr. 21, 1864
Charles Dotson Maria J. Doak Nov. 17, 1864
William M. Ferrell Dorcas Weekley Sep. 4, 1864
David Fletcher Jerusha Coon   Sep. 25, 1864
James Fordyce Mary Anderson Mar. 20, 1864  
 Olvier Gorrell  Mary Ann Morgan  Apr. 14, 1864  
Solomon A. Helmick   Rebecca Philips  Oct. 13, 1864  
George W. Henderson Clemenza H. Wells  May 15, 1864
David Heysham  Margaret J. Baker Sep. 5, 1864
 George A. Hill  Agnes Ankrom Sep. 15, 1864  
 Francis M. Jemison  Margaret A. Swan  Mar. 31, 1864  
Jasper LeMasters Mary White   Apr. 14, 1864  
William Mahana Emma E. Barker Sep. 21, 1864
 Albert Marin  Mary J. Smith Dec. 21, 1864
 William Masters  Davis, Orpha Sept. 28, 1864
 Married by:  S. E. Steele
James Mason Martha Ankrom Apr. 12, 1864
Charles A. Mather   Ruth Ann Martin June 2, 1864
John C. McMullen  Jane Sterne May 15, 1864  
Absalom Meredith Catherine Riley   Sep. 26, 1864
Marion Moore Eunice Stoneking Nov. 24, 1864
David Mussor   Francis Hanlin  Nov. 24, 1864  
 Samuel Nicklin  Martha Smith  Jan. 27, 1864  
 Richard Philips   Arthela Wilson  Feb. 25, 1864
Wiliam Rice Mary A. Wolf Aug. 14, 1864   
Wesley S. Scott  Rebecca R. Sine  Feb. 14, 1864  
Samuel S. Shrieve  Lydia J. Eddy Oct. 13, 1864   
Cornelius D. Smith  Jane Pierpoint Aug. 25, 1864
William G. Spencer Almeda Moore  Apr. 10, 1864  
Joseph Spencer Martha Smith Jul. 14, 1864
 Alpheus Stackpole Catherine Dawson Oct. 18, 1864
Edward Stoneking  Mary A. Livingston Feb. 21, 1864
Andrew Thompson Margaret Stoneking Apr. 14, 1864
 Albert Villers  Sarah A. Henry Mar. 10, 1864
James H. Watson  Maria Rice  Aug. 27, 1864
 Joshua R. Williamson  Rebecca S. Williamson Aug. 18, 1864
Jasper Wilson  Elizabeth A. Shriver  Aug. 7, 1864
 Major F. Wright   Sarah E. Moore  Mar. 16, 1864

Transcribed from the LDS Microfilm, FHL US/CAN Film 464990,
West Virginia Vital Records  


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